10M PRIZE! Valley Capture the Flag - NA PVP event:Grand Prize of 9M credits and $50 in donor benefits!



WOW! SOrry i missed that one while i was writing … Good goin guiys! Updating now!


anyway we can do 6PM PST?


Why isn’t this a temporary banner!!!


@MontyPython? Can you make this happen?

Rex got us covered :smiley:



ATTENTION – AN ANONYMOUS DONOR has just increased the prizes for 2nd and 3rd place to 4M and 2M respectively!!



Couple questions I don’t see any mention of consumables. Can we bring whatever in that regard and if we can, can you add a cargo bin in the HQ to store some of it during the fights?


No items brought in will be allowed – However there will be limited Medpacks provided at the HQ, and limited O2, so use them sparingly. This is not a seige, its an occupation. :smiley:

The idea is that this is a level playing field. No one team will have an advantage over another except for their sheer skill. Each match will be using the same weapons, same health capacity, same o2 capacity. The only reason someone will lose, is because the other team was better.


6PM should be fine. No issues with me anyhow.


Well there goes my strategy of popping those stam pill and sprinting to victory


Teamwork!! Strategy! Start thinking about it now. :wink:


What weapons will be provided? Mix? Selection of options? How much ammo? :slight_smile:


good questions!

At this point, we’re going with NON-SPLASH weapons. We have some time to discuss – We have options:

  • Random Class Matches (i.e a random weapon is chosen and distributed prior to the match, pistol, laser rifle, etc.)
  • LImited Mix (i.e 2 of each weapon available to the team, 2 pistols, 2 snipers, 2 lasers, etc.)
  • Players Choice ( as its sound, Pick one non-splash weapon)

Right now its looking like we may have 4 teams shaping up, so we can do an elimination and mix those styles between matches also.

Ammo will be provided for the weapon type at the HQ <~ logistically, the fewer the types per match, the more room for that type of ammo.


I like the mix one or players choice, allows people play to their playstyle strengths


We have 4-5 people who will be on our team depending on when this happens. Technically 2 factions, PIS and SC1 but would go under team name of OFF. would like at least a day to let everyone know to be on


Can you sign into the Team Signup post to get your team added please?

Going to be Saturday (Tomorrow) at 6pm Pacific,


Ok 1. I am upping the ante,
And donating 4million credits to the gp.
Admins give me your account number I will send the money.
2. I am registering team MRC - mercenaries
Me, shkm, feddy, fred, and echo.
I am away for the weekend, so if we can please schedule this for next mon/tues/wed, or maybe even a Friday night er something, or sat, that would be great for me, thanks.


Doc – Why dont we host another one next weekend and you can add the 4M to that one? We;'re at 10M already (HUGE) and since you cant attend, we can plan the next one next Sat night.

What you think of that?


Hops when is competition?


6pm Pacific time.