10M PRIZE! Valley Capture the Flag - NA PVP event:Grand Prize of 9M credits and $50 in donor benefits!



RULES JUST UPDATED WITH EXAMPLE 6 TEAM ELIMINATION BRACKET – THESE ARE NOT ACTUAL ASSIGNMENTS!!! Just for example purposes only. There is no inferred or implied preference for one team over another.


Just stopped by and I think it looks pretty good. I know it may be a bit premature but here are some things I would like to see in the future. The “map” is a bit big for 4v4 without some kind of transportation IE couple of motorbikes or unarmed HVs with artificial mass blocks to slow it down and an exposed cockpit. For the layout I’d like to see a little immersion. Perhaps for the center node we partial bury a lost experimental CV in place of the tower. Id like to see HV wrecks scattered across the battlefield that double as cove(which hops has already done, thanks buddy). Have a small underground tunnel network that connects the towers and the crashed CV. Add some very basic Hops designed HVs and SVs again with weighted down frames and exposed cockpits with ALL turret targeting turned off requiring a gunner to fire them along with prohibiting certain weapons like PL cannons. VERY limited HV/SV ammo that must fought over at mirrored weapon depos on the sides of the map. With 6.0 I am sure you could do some cool shit with switches that unlocks buildings only at certain times or conditions met

EDIT: The map was actually a fine size for 4v4.


You nailed it! Super limited with what we can do today, and i threw this together when we thought we had only a week left! Love your ideas!! We can certainly do All of this kind of stuff, especially with Instancing. Keep up the suggestions. Especially diff types of events. :slight_smile:



What a great time, everyone!

If anyone got good video - please share!!!


Good game all

Watching you from the clouds or through a scope, either way you’re dead.


Gratz to all. And a big gratz to 3rd place for taking it with only TWO players!


Suggestions for next time:
Sign up phase - 1.Team Name 2. Team Members 3. Weapon Selection(maybe do as a direct message) 4. Team Color ( Everyone changes their body armor color via main menu to this pre-match)
Place a private Hops base with a large cargo box for each team with team name on LCD screen and color coded to ensure even the most clueless of players can find their teams box. Each box would have the teams weapons, ammo, medkits, and canned food. The box could be coded to ensure no shenanigans. This would make the transition between matches much quicker as well as also allowing for easier tracking of returned weapons.
MOAR SV, HV, maybe even some smaller CV wrecks!!


Had so much fun! Was great hanging out with my buddies from Lot in the spectator stand too!! Hahaha had a blast, I’m so thankful for @hopskotch putting all of that together! Glad everyone came out, felt good to see a lot of people come together!


Excellent Battle Event, Great job Hop and admins.
Congrats to the winners and well fought battle to all.
Ready for the next event. Last Man Standing or something.


Awesome event everyone! Was really nice to get to know some of you from the NA side of things. Remember to keep your eyes peeled, as we’ll be hosting an EU version of the event shortly.


Thanks guys! We’re glad it was enjoyed and, surprisingly enough, had relatively low drama!!! For all of NA’s most colorful personalities to be standing on the same platform for nearly two hours – im. incredibly impressed we only had a couple non game related deaths. :joy:

MOnty and I and the rest of he HWS staff are cooking up more ideas!!! 6.0 will make it significantly more amazing, but for now, we’ve got some good plans to keep you occupied till we wipe!

As Monty said – keep your eyes peeled!! More to come!


Hey @hopskotch is there a rudimentary kill log you guys can post for the matches>?


Will have to noodle on that one. I suppose it’s possible with the intruder log. Would take some effort but probably doable some time after the matches.


HI Hop!

Congratz to the winners! I just donated the 70Mill Donator to Centurion per your Steam message!

I look forward to seeming the vids!!!


Nah man don’t worry about it. I thought it would of been a simple copy and paste or something. Thanks though.


Thank you Obsey!!! You rock for the donation - Thank you so much!!!

If you’re not busy Saturday, come to EU! I’ve been working with @MontyPython ALL DAY LONG (not joking) to build a brand new event center for EU and we’re making it better with everything we learned last night… I’m already so excited… We’ll bring these lessons home to NA too!

Here’s a sneakl… Dont tell anyone i showed you. :wink:

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Looking awesome man. Keep up the good work.



For those of you still awaiting Combat Steel award pickups, please let me know a good time to meet. I’ll be on a bisuiness trip for a couple days, but will work to arrange your pickup. It’s sitting on a cargo vessel in EM NA.

Sorry for being scarce - Helping Monty build the next great thing! :smiley: