3 Year Story: Origin Name Change!?

Hi HWS Community,

almost 3 years ago HWS started the first time and it’s been a long and great road until now - with ups and downs!

Some remember HWS 5?

We had 5 Origins.

  • Guardian
  • Freelancer
  • Trader
  • Hunter
  • Pirate

Because it was too complex for the majority we reworked HWS to 3 Origins.
I merged Guardian and Trader into Alliance. Hunter and Pirates into Lawless.
Semantically quite correct.

However, at that time there were no “Alliances” in game. You couldn’t apply for an Ally. There were no Marketplace either or all the other things.
Lawless also created sometimes drama about our rules. Cause a lawless guy don’t care about rules, right?! …

So by now, I’m not really satisfied with the name “Lawless” and “Alliance”, are you?

What do you think about the Origin name “Alliance” - should we change it to…

  • Sentinel
  • Guardian
  • Keeper
  • Other name?! Comment below please!!
  • Keep it Alliance

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Lawless is for me quite easy: they will be renamed to “Pirate” again. I think that name is totally legit and represents their action nicely. Even Pirates have a codex aka rules - the HWS Codex / Rules.

Empyrion allows you as Server Owner to go absolute creative and change almost everything. The problem: it takes massive, an insane amount of time, cause everything is manual / static, inconvenient.
But with the next Season I once again want to push a Story line once more in the foreground to give you a feeling of “Hmmmm… what should I do today on HWS”? Something exiting, you know? Even if you don’t like a Story. Just a variety of decisions and gameplay elements. :slight_smile:

I hope you can follow me and help me to push this game to something awesome!

Your HWS Team


Alliance should be something like Merchant, Freelancer should stay as a Freelancer and Lawless should change to Pirate


Merchant or just “Trader” Origin, right.
The slight issue could be maybe, that a Trader becomes the biggest Killer in the Universe and is blamed for his “role play”. Or well, Commodity Trading is a hard business I’ve heard :smiley:

I don’t know. Everything better than Alliance confusions.


Alliance -> The Federation
Freelancer -> Leave alone or: Mercenary
Lawless: Outlaw/Pirate/Anarch


I’m old school I vote for Guardian


I like Rabid’s idea

Alliance > Federation
Freelancer stays
Lawless > Outlaw/Hunter


Alliance -> Vanguard, meaning: “part of an army or navy that leads an attack on an enemy.
A group of people who lead the development of new
ideas, or a leading position in the development of
something: He is in the vanguard of economic reform.”
Freelancer -> Mercenary
Lawless -> Pirate


Hi all - back from the dead for this very important topic. :wink:

Alliance > The Corporation: a Fiscally motivated intergalactic conglomerate organization (lots of story possibilities here). They mine, they build, they buy, they sell.

Lawless > Pirates: because every space opera needs pirates. They kill, steal, bribe, and influence the galaxy through scrupulous means.

Freelancer > The Academy: an interstellar mercenary group positioned between the Pirates and the Corporation, focused on exploration, gathering riches, and taking advantage of the wars between the Corporation and the Pirate factions by taking the side of the highest bidders.

Love and miss you all!

  • Hops

Awesome! Very happy to see so many nice ideas and suggestions :slight_smile:

Welcome back @hopskotch - we missed you! :heart_eyes_cat:

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maybe quardian for alliance and pirate for lawless. imho better not to use names that confuses other names in game mechanics, hws mechanics or rules, etc. like trader, merchant, alliance, federation, lawless, etc

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Alliance > Federation/Guardian
Freelancer > Mercenary
Lawless > Pirate

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i think current names are better.
maybe freelancers concept need some changes, they positioned between other two, and too close to them. they not really third side but compromise between others two.

Freelancer is good means your just a free spirit good/bad middle of the road you look after yourself and have friends if you want them.

Pirate is better too you focus on stealing/raiding and have loose alliances that change a lot but you have factions that raid anyone that comes your way

The third origin needs to off set the pirates and should be a larger group so they can hunt down the cutthroats and scum of the universe. So maybe something more structured and organised I like rabids federation, or sheriffs, or even space marines!

Alliance = Federation
Freelancer = Venturer
Lawless = Marauder

Alliance = Federation
Freelancer = Mercs (Mercenary)
Lawless = Underground/Pirates

Alliance to Merchant
Freelancer to Mercenary
Lawless to Pirate

Some of us have the same idea, I see.
alliance should be THe Federation or Union.
the other two is fine as it is.

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Thanks everyone so far! Really cool :slight_smile:

Some advice:

  1. Can it be just “Federation” or does it need to be “The Federation”?
    If the article “The” is needed, it’s not good for the tool and semantics.

  2. Freelancer is a singular and plural word. Awesome.
    What about “Pirate”? Is it “Priate” or “Pirates” Origin? What is better?

Mercenary overall would ruin many storys I created for Freelancer and story I have planned. Freelancer are more settled as “neutral”. Mercenary is leaning more towards “War” or conflict, so not that in favor.

Always been a fan of the Freelancer so no changes there

Alliance always gives the impression of good guys, plus imagine in a deep crisp voice saying ’ i fight for the Alliance’ id be like yea ok the alliance with who? :wink: Now imagine ‘I fight for the federation’ sounds kinda bad ass.

The Lawless whilst very literal, could be something a little sexier. You know, it just doesn’t sound like something id want to be… Perhaps The Outcasts, The Drifters or The Outlanders. Something that just says ’ I do what i want when i want’ but not the actual literal meaning of it :joy:.

but whatever im just happy i get to have the nostalgia trip with that beautiful artwork at the top of the post.

got to love powerpoint :blush:


Pirate is good as is, as your describing an individual’s origin it would be singular and same with Federation. would all federation be allied with each other automatically at start to create a unified body?

I think that would naturally create a good force to fight the pirates. Currently its the other way with pirates being the dominate force, i think pirate players would like being hunted down and kept to the outer fringes of space where they ambush and raid.

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