5.0 Experimental is out

Agree… I played 4 hour in experimental. Nothing new. Bug fixes big patch. Go to new SE beta )))))

For turret Tracking, closest fuel tank would be the best option as you cannot cheese by putting huge amounts as “armor” in heavy defended area, as one would chain react the rest and the turret priority would swap to the next area quicker than any other targeting option.

Agreed. Apparently the HVs drills do not work on meteorites. Just actual ore deposits. WTF…

So we are going to have to hand mine meteorites and autominers will be a pain to get.

Looks like the resource grind is back and I really did not miss it.


@RexXxus was this info you got from Eelon directly, and if so, can you request they add this into the full 5.0 release patch notes. This is a HUGE MP Gameplay change (lessor of two evils vs mid-ship targeting IMHO) but dont see it mentioned other than here.

Same. I’d like to hear this from Eelon.

I’d also like to hear about the HV mining meteorites stacked on top the T2 miner and meteorites not showing on radar nerfs from 4.0 it’s going to really really suck mining unless we start surface wiping.

According to this post:

90% of what I said is not true so that must mean that there are some hidden patch notes or things (like a constantly wiping universe) coming up that we have no been made aware of yet (unless I missed them). He tells me to just see so that must mean that they have a solution already or at least in the make. So we don’t have to worry about the drills anymore.

I see that more players are drawing the same conclusions I did and I know that some factions were hoping for Rex/devs to not see this problem (the ones that see it would be epicly mega rich then).

But it is not great for us that we see new features and we only get half the picture. So we draw the wrong conclusions. The drills apparently are not an imbalance and probably get some more changes between now and 5.0 or another ‘fix’.

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Yeah keeping us in the dark and telling us to calm down at the same time isn’t really going to work out…

I don’t like that either. I dislike all the secrecy and things they don’t want to spoil for us. It makes testing the experimental for me useless.

But if Rex says it’s fine, then it’s fine. I thrust him with that. Aside from 1 drama we had Rex didn’t let me down ever.

Rex sure - Eleon? Eh not so much when it comes to keeping multiplayer and pvp in mind when they make their changes.

Like it or not we are the minority when it comes to Empyrion. Most are playing solo and the rest on tiny carebear servers with a handful of friends PvEing - and a few of us are here pushing the game well beyond what the devs expect.


As I said I showed the devs some videos / blueprints again and created a ticket. They are working on it. Nothing confirmed yet. The deadline is also knocking on their door. But it will be improved that is for sure.

What I meant with this is that we take care of it even if the first iteration of some features are again not as good as concepted. That the AMD is in conflict with the HV drill for example. So the universe, the resource distributions, regular surface wipes, HWS Auto Miner etc. can come into play.

Maybe we talking soon a bit more about Eleon and our relationship but right now we are both too busy with stuff.
I can just guarantee you that problems are seen and tackled. It is just a matter of time some people have or don’t have.

And yes if you think a bit outside the box you see that Empyrion tries to make everyone happy. Singleplayer, Multiplayer, PvE, PvP. For some of us it is sure to get rid of SP but since MP can cause some frustration it is for now as it is.
But who knows… with that what we plan for 5.0 it will maybe shift in another direction…

Narf, sorry to speak not 100% clear and always mix things up with surprises, secrets, etc. A lot is right now in a kind of transformation phase and if you read this lines again in few month you will understand - maybe.

So long thanks everyone for the patience and feedback.


I think a good conference call with some of the more involved players - Mord, Tiny etc… would solve a lot of issues before they even happen.

For example - HV drilling and AM scarcity making Auto Miners pointless. In a perfect world you’d just keep travelling to new planets and strip mining them, but the game’s not there yet.

But that could have been avoided with a “Hey guys did you think of this?”

The Devs as you said aren’t really pvpers themselves, so it seems like they could benefit from someone with a good understanding of what good pvp is, and how to avoid making a broken or easy to abuse system. - Mordiger perhaps?


Thank you

Love it.

No thanks - I’d rather not turn this game into a job for myself. Once you’re building ships to QA rather than to play…it’s over.

Really what they should do is run a permanent parallel experimental branch and let us know what is coming weeks ahead. Give us a road map!

This whole idea of “SURPRISE! LOOK AN HV DRILL” and it’s coming next week is bullshit. Why couldn’t 5.0 have been in experimental for weeks now no matter how broken it was?

Why do they feel the need to keep us in the dark about the actual roadmap? Why did we have to guess what 5.0 would bring?

I really don’t want to see a mining vehicle that can’t mine the primary source of endgame resources. It’s garbage.

I don’t want to hear “Here’s an experimental patch - check it out, ps we’re pushing it to production next week regardless.”

I can’t even…


Infiltrate the production team Mordgier… and try and find the road map…and then you’ll have all of your wishes come true :wink:

You can be our inside guy.

Except for the whole paying my morgage wish I suspect.

Changed: Turret not targeting against Center of Structure anymore -> now turrets aim for Core

There you go :wink:
(but it still needs work)


  • Added limit to HV drills: now max 6 mechanical drills can be attached (and 4 drill turrets)

Thanks. I dunno why I bother posting on the official forums. It seems pestering you is the way to get stuff done without having to explain how PvP actually works.


This is what we announce soon regarding the relationship between Eleon and HWS :wink: