5.0 Experimental is out

  • server no longer sends updates via network to all clients but only to one client and only if registered (during the time the Constructor window is open)

Lol… No wonder BA’s with lots of constructors drained performance… It was horrible in 4.x because their code was just placeholder code…

  1. Major network optimization
  2. Major performance optimization for playfield servers: Structures are now disabled when no players are close

Finally :slight_smile: Let’s hope it will be better now.

  • Fixed: Problem with inaccurate weapon range. Now all weapons will fire exactly as far as indicated in “Effective Range”

This is like the 3rd time I read that fix… Perhaps it actually works now.

  • You can now form alliances between factions

Here we go :slight_smile:


Oh and no turret targetting fix. So that means that the current PVP problems will carry over into 5.0. But they fixed sniping (for the 3rd time).

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Send me a blueprint please where the turrets won’t target / hit properly. Only then it will be fixed

PM sent. I’m surprised though that the devs are unaware of this. It’s being used as a ‘valid tactic’ for quite some time now by various players. Any remotely serious PVP player knows this tactic and Achilles also knows about it.

Devs said and you said that it was meant to be fixed.
Devs are no pvp gamers at all. And pvp gamers + exploit using are not the most frequent bug reporter after all.
Will check it and talk with them.

We already gave video with such ship, and even here was Thread with BP on it.

(As I know, dat video also was send to devs).

So its very interesting…

They fixed it after that video. But maybe fixed only partially.

Yes it was meant to be fixed.
Remember that PM I sent you regarding those homing missiles that would never hit? Well that exploit was actually more severe than we thought because it also affects turrets and aliens as I found out later. But they fixed the homing ones a few days later in a patch (but that didn’t fix it, not sure what they did fix perhaps they fixed another exploit I didn’t know about). And you couldn’t reproduce it on top of it (was my fault).

You could also see this in the big PKA vs SWP fight. I saw several cases where homing missiles were still bugging out. I may even have a screenshot of it somewhere (not accusing SWP).
And because the police gave explicit permission to use this (too hard to enforce) I was 100% sure that you guys + the devs knew about this. See: Is this ship allowed?
Perhaps miscommunication. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough.

Yes there have been several threads about it on this forum as well. I believe I even PM-ed about it a while ago (not 100% sure).
And I’m not 100% sure if the turrets are also still bugged out by it or if they are fixed now. Didn’t see a patch note though that said they fixed it so I assume the worst.

And that ship in that topic, that blueprint (docked on our christmas tree :slight_smile: ) should in theory also cause that same bug.

Yep. And I didnt see any result of dat fix. MSL-H still flying around, if blue ball outside the ship. The same moment with AI-turrets on CV… WetWak “construction” still working, and turrets still didnt see such Ships…

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Well, here we have the confirmation regarding turrets, turrets also still bug out according to SWP and it seems that the fix didn’t fix it. And because (like Achilles already said) this is really hard to enforce it+ this exploit will occur naturally for the really big ships (happened in the fight vs SWP) it’s very very hard to make a rule against it without limiting ships to like 1500 blocks max… The devs must fix this and I was hoping it would be in 5.0 and now I hear they didn’t even know about it…

But again perhaps it was just bad communication. Fault might also be on my and SWP’s side.

Dat thread: Request ship inspection

Still the same. And Im not sure if it fixed in 5.0. Talk to them (there was video with tests vs dat ship)

Ah I almost forgot about that ship:


That is basically the stealth version of that tactic. You fill up the center with random garbage blocks, move the core, then the enemy turrets/missiles blow up the center (which you want them to do) and then their turrets+missiles stop working. This gives you a massive advantage in terms of firepower and makes it nearly impossible to take down really large ships (takes hours).
And this tactic was already widely used before I even posted that, and later it got allowed and that’s the point where I spawned 2 of such ships myself.

And a quote from someone in one of those topics somewhere (I forgot where it was):

I rather have my turrets fire at random blocks than this crap. Even that would be better than the mechanics we have now.

Alpha 5.0? Huh. They do nothing new. HV drill :joy: (do you watch video - how does it works ? devs hands still not straight) uhahah) Where is the CV structural damage ? Where is the real new feature? Only stupid offline game improvements like a character customization and new bodies (we are not playing in the SIMs), fixed old (“new” again) bugs and finally - handsome candy wrapper but shit inside. Need take a half year break again

Watch this:
Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Problem with inaccurate weapon range. Now all weapons will fire exactly as far as indicated in “Effective Range”
  • Fixed: Splash damage is traveling through blocks + Fix for explosion damage going into adjacent diagonal blocks
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I mean structural damage like at bases, when the pieces fall off. And these bugfixes are likely again to single player. Damage through 3-5 layers still be here. Just start creative mode and fly into ship with godmode command… You will sell how the armor blocks counting by the game ) And i don’t belive that the devs make new calculations for the block. In pre alpha every block calculation as separate part.

And where the CV collision model? Internal one-dead-shoot still be here.

Omg I forgot about that one… Well… RIP PVP in 5.0. I at least hope that the lag-shots are truly fixed because otherwise with the 20k block limit combined with all other problems + perhaps the new drill lag it’s gonna be the same nightmare we had in 4.x, if not worse.

And depending on the rules the new drills will lag out the server. I really hope Rex will check it out and verify that this is not the case, and if it is, add a limit to it:

But no idea how he can test that for so many players he needs a lot of testers. But looking at 7 days to die and space engineers I can conclude that this WILL be the most performance draining element in the game. But even if not, who needs autominers when you can afk-drill an entire desposit in a few minutes, so broken without limits.

If turret targeting remains the way it is I don’t see the point of turrets anymore. It would be interesting if the number of front fire weapons on CV’s could be increased for a tradeoff on number of turrets.

Otherwise CV fights are going to be very long.

Fingers crossed they do something about turret targeting.

The path of development of the game reminds me of the SE (for a year and a half the game is just died - and all because it developers made new models and textures and did not improve the engine and total optimization - now it is unplayable).

Well they implemented some features that we really needed: faction alliances, no more lag shots (if it works), drills on HV’s (wanted them on SV/CV but okay better than nothing). And they also seem to implement a lot of things that the HWS server already implemented or at least they seem to look at it quite a lot, which is good.

The bad: Sometimes I wonder if the devs even play their own game. Some of the things they do sometimes… Takes me less than 10 seconds to find the exploit/imbalance. Or perhaps they know but they don’t care because “early access”. But either way sometimes I want to facepalm into the keyboard when I see patches.

I find 5.0 a big step in the right direction, but it’s not what I was hoping for and so far it is letting me down about as much as I expected it would. But overall I rather have 5.0 than 4.0, just wanted it to be a bit better.

Many players don’t play multiplayer.

Of the ones that do, very few PvP.

The broken turret mechanics are a huge problem for us because we have factions actually pvping against each other but how many others servers have that? This is a very niche problem. A huge and game breaking problem, yes, but very niche.

I really hope they fix it or that fixed weapon limits on CVs are increased.