5.0 prep. Some big changes coming

Hey community,

Most of you should know that HWS is committed to bringing cool features and a unique experience to your empyrion experience.

A lot of work goes into ensuring this happens, we have things such as the tool, Ocd, autominer, bank accounts, reputation custom universe and some unique role play such as the factions, police and Aliens…along with so much more.

Only a small team led by Rex it takes a lot of work and feedback from the community to allow the servers to continue to develop and maintain a great gaming experience for lots of players.

Over the past few weeks we have all been working on 5.0 to try and make it the best for the players, to give you guys a fresh new experience with so much more than has been available in the past.

So much needs to be re~done or revamped and changed to progress with game.

So this brings me onto our little gripe…every day we are seeing more and more negative posts about hacking/features/role play etc

The admins are constantly being asked to get involved in things that to be honest are taking up time that could be spent making the server better…

Maybe some of this is self inflicted with the new police feature and things that were meant to be a way of deterring players from swaying away from playing unfair but has now turned into a place to report everything and anything and then have a moan about the outcomes or that things aren’t black and white enough.

We always welcome feedback, however, there seems to be a lot of none constructive stuff going around that is being posted to just express unhappiness with aspects that are either out of our control or more or less come down to that the game is in alpha, if it’s Hws related feature then offering nothing more than a moan isn’t helpful lol.

The HWS team really wants to give the players the best experience they can get from this potentially great game… It will grow as the game grows and problems will get less and less (hopefully :wink:

At the moment the admins are very unbalaced… We are trying to enhance players experience but we are being dragged into so many dramas that we shouldn’t really be getting involved in

A post I read yesterday was really well written and the gist was ‘let the players, play’

Too many times people rely on the admins to Intervinve with things that the player or community can just resolve… Yea it might mean you lose a ship, or some materials or have disconnects etc… But these are the things that occur in an alpha game.

Please just remember that… The game is alpha.

So as a result for 5. 0 we are trying to kind of disconnected the admins from the game more. Rely on us less for the small annoyances and we will get involved when we need to with important situations such as server,feature technical problems (ie Ocd down, something not working as it should) . Cheating, hacking etc we will always deal with it.

If we are around in game or online and have the time we will help with everything… But please, don’t expect this… Sometimes you might not get the outcome you want, you may lose a ship due to a game bug and not get it back. Instead of saying this is our problem accept the game is still a work in progress and take measure yourselves to be safe… Use Ocd, have back up ship, if a Faction member steals your stuff accept you always had options to store items elsewhere.

We totally appreciate that a can of worms has been opened by us… With the laws/rules and story etc we have almost asked for trouble and for players to continually question situations etc.

So just a heads up that some changes are coming that will cut out a lot of work for us that is wasted time instead of putting that time into cool stuff for you guys :slight_smile:

1.police is temporary disabled until 5.0 when it will be re-introduced in a different way.

  1. The priority is 5.0. Currently please be aware we may not be on hand to reply to players for lesser issues… We ask the community helps out here.

  2. Some topics will auto close more often to avoid people going off in rants against one another or a situation. Empyrion is a game, it’s not worth real life stress guys :wink:

Thanks for your time

Have fun out there and look forward to a new fresh experience for all in 5.0

Your HWS team


You folks are doing a stellar job on this server and if you can come up with ways to avoid being dragged into the daily drama, that can only be good for the server in the long run!

The game is so far gone and the playability is so good, it’s easy to forget sometimes that it’s still alpha and has a long way to go. I know the devs want it that way and i think it will benefit the game.

Super exited to see what the patch brings!

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You might have already thought of this but maybe the Alliance faction should be the police in game etc

Gunslinger: Alliance doesn’t have moderator access for these kind of things (which you need in many cases). You gotta cross-check a lot of logs and verify everything, you can’t give that to normal players. Not to mention the many faction abusers that ARE alliance.

[quote=“Achilles, post:1, topic:2679”]
We totally appreciate that a can of worms has been opened by us… With the laws/rules and story etc we have almost asked for trouble and for players to continually question situations etc.
[/quote]The idea was good. Sadly it takes so much time and consistency to get this right and requires constant updating and adding of rules/laws for the enormous amount of imbalances/bugs :disappointed_relieved: Maybe in the future again.

[quote=“Achilles, post:1, topic:2679”]
if a Faction member steals your stuff…
[/quote]These things are just so sad…

But we still need admins/police to help us out in some minor cases like when we get stuck inside our ship by a bug, no multitool available, and in a pvp zone (no market/ocd in 5.0 I guess). Can’t rely on a faction member to come and save you that might be 6 jumps away.

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And yes im agreed and think that you guys must focus on just the server and not on all the people crying like a baby every day.
Just ignore them!!! Dont let that people to consume you guys also I think you guys dont have to recover every single ship that is soo consuming.

Set a rule that if you lose your ship you lose it is gone. Thats why we have OCD and the factory thats corrrect. Even people can try their own to recover it i found it that with the cb get ship down command you can flip back your ship when does that or with the registry turning a vanished ship or stuck to public it shows again and you must just go inside and turn it back to faction to display again. Let people, factions and faction leaders to deal with this problems and not you guys… Also people must anderstand that this game is alpha and you guys are not our mothers

Thank you very much for all the work made on this server and please continue moving foward!!!


I never got a single ship back, ever :stuck_out_tongue: Not in version 2.x, not in 4.x. Most of the time those things are unrecoverable anyway.

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I did not mean server controls/reports etc. I mean as gameplay in game police. Alliance patrols a planet, systems etc. or Alliance gets a major mission against aliens/pirates. Gain more RP if in alien space or PVP planets/systems. Perhaps 0 rp per hour if on home planet or in PVE.

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That has already been discussed into detail in other topics. Top reasons so far not to do it:

  • Game can’t even support that yet (this basically ends it already unless it changed in 5.0)
  • Still requires a lot of admin/moderator time (which is the reason for this topic…)

Other new reasons:

  • We will just AFK in deep space in alien world to farm RP and it’s unfair to the players who remain on the PVE planet for repairing PVP ships and what not.
  • Offenders may just be 100% PVE anyway and the alliance can’t even punish them. Like how do you punish someone stealing resources from faction who lives on PVE non-stop?

And there is a whole list of reasons if you can find the original topics. But if we get faction alliances, then the chances for alliance might be better. Hopefully Pirates won’t ally as well then.

On-topic again:
I wonder… no police, no rules regarding these things anymore in 5.0… We could just spawn 3 BA’s each on a warppoint somewhere since it’s no longer being punished and it’s not cheating/hacking. I wonder how this will be balanced or wether or not these things will go under rule #1 then. Unless they finally changed the warping and added protection or make the spots random and etc. Oh wait, let’s build a cage around the warppoint :smiley: . Okay you get the point.
It’s not like the alliance will do anything about it.

How do you know about PROJECT WARP MAZE?!


OMG I just realized that we can now farm in the starter planets with autominers. It’s a law not a rule. +93 deposits a day including sathium&neo!

But then a faction member told me: “if YOU do it Tiny, you probably get banned even though they said they don’t enforce it anymore”… And he is probably right… I’m gonna be the only one being punished if I do it now that there is no police haha.

If its possible as suggestion…

Add the planet rotation to faction planets too!!! It will be interesting and lot of more action also it can reduce the amount of structures on each of those planets while they get destroyed and rebuilded. Also limites on it like you guys have been plaining.

Maybe by the week every tuesday for example all faction planets goes pvp. Someting like that and it will push people to just play the game, to lose the feeling of be afraid and start to play more with the others. Same as for example all the alliance factions can work together to fight the invasors in the planet. Same as another day for trader planet and the alliance can flight there to help the traders…and soo on…

Thanks for all the awesome work you guys are doing on this server.

No police but Santa is watching you…

There it is again; Everyone should be FORCED to play this game MY WAY, the PVP WAY !!

You don’t see it, do you? This is NOT a pure PVP game, it’s PVE AND PVP. it was a standalone PVE game for a long time before it became multi player and got PVP elements. Just because you don’t like to play this game as a PVE game, doesn’t mean others shouldn’t be able to. If you want 100% PVP, there are other servers dedicated to that.

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You realize they made this server for PVP right? They want to allow everyone to play, but everything they do is to support PVP… So you have it wrong actually. They’ve said repeated times they want mostly PVP. If you want to play on a PVE server, maybe you should find other servers dedicated to that.

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PVP was so much fun in 4.0:

  • exploits left and right.
  • unargetable ships (2 ways to do this).
  • ships that shoot BA’s out of range.
  • BA’s that don’t shoot at other private BA’s.
  • DC’s, lag-shots and even worse bugs during PVP on a constant basis.
  • 250000+ block ships vs ships with <10k.
  • Always raiding bases when their owners are sleeping.
  • Lag & FPS performance = gone in even somewhat bigger battles. Hardly any optimization.

If PVP were actually playable and somewhat balanced perhaps yes. But until it is: PVE-FTW. It was so bad this patch even made SWP quit. And what are most players on this server: PVE


Most of that list is due to alpha game. Other stuff on that list is just the nature of pvp. Fights aren’t always fair and people will raid your base when you’re offline. Maybe some people just aren’t cut out for hardcore pvp in which case they should probably find a server not so harsh.

Yes very fun when you are sleeping and you wake up, only to hear from someone else that they used exploits to kill your base… Much fun this PVP… I’m not cut out for that… Who is? The 1%?

[quote=“nauttdog, post:17, topic:2679”]
Fights aren’t always fair
[/quote]“aren’t always fair” actually means: whomever can exploit the most without getting caught and can push the limits the furthest wins. Take one of mordgiers (or my blueprint) ships, multiply size by 10 and use it to fight the average (PVP) EU faction… You would win hands down and lag most of them out anyway.

Also I never heard an admin say: “this server is meant for hardcore PVP”. Because if it were, everything would be 100% perma pvp. What they probably want is a balance between PVE and PVP.
Also making everying PVP won’t solve the core limit. In fact in 4.0 I would probably have spawned 100 BA’s around my parked ships to delay enemies and made them insanely huge. It would only be worse for the cores. And players would just live 500000meter out. So you also need rules about this to enforce pvp.

Players would just kill themselves over and over again to find the location of your bases using the medbay exploit on an alt account.

And there are more serious problems with your “hardcore pvp” regarding autominers, big factions and other cheese tactics that would soon turn up, thrust me on that. I mean, the first thing that comes to my mind: spawn cores on every playfield just in case. Server will die… Server + game do NOT support hardcore at all.

Yes it’s alpha and especially because it is, PVE is a good alternative for those whom don’t want to get killed over and over again by players who push the limits further.

Nah, you all got it wrong.

They gonna change the space from black to pink, we all get “my little ponys” for CV and we circle around gold planet and sing cumbaya. :wink:


All our characters look like the Gummy Bears