5.1 - PvP Combat Testing - Saturday 8pm EST

@Vandruis @Ranzeth @TinyDewDrop @AlexAKM @nauttdog @Kustom

It’s an odd list - but you know why you’re in it.

We have an opportunity here to test a release using “free” ships. Let’s use this chance to see if lagshots still happen, if lag is better or worse and so on.

LBP has been doing it on our own server but we’ve never had the number of people to recreate a real engagement or reliably replicate a lag shot.

So lets see if we can have some friendly fights and see what 5.1 made better - or what they made worse.

Only 1 rule. No recoring of enemy ships. You can recore your own ship - but don’t recore ships from a different faction. This should NOT be seen as an opportunity to get an insight into other faction ships - but to help fix bugs.

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I talk with my guys, but as for me - Im sure we in. And ofc we accept this rule.



No reason not to get ZC in on this.

Edit: i’m so dumb, that was the first person you tagged


Already tested in a 4v4 on 5.1 using both my own designs and LBP designs.

Lagshots still happening. Losing blocks and components inside ship.

I’ll spread the word though. I’ll be there, sure Steel will, as well as a few others.

Agreed on the coring enemy ships bit though… let’s not get into that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just fly giant shite bird workshop ships you will get clipping confirmations in mere seconds :smiley:

Actually this is a valid point. Each and every one of y’alls designs are made to counter shot clipping. If you REALLY want to test and see if it is fixed, you should use the workshop ships of people who have never heard of it

I think if you strip out the whitespacing around the core it should be a sufficient test.

I’m going to make a variant of my current design that has no whitespacing to bring to the fight.

I just left the new server, I think rexx reset it, and I can say, I took internal damage to fuel tank that was in the middle of the ship, and it was about POI attack, externally I did not lose any part because my tanks almost exploded, either Say three of them and was not even out of the core of the ship, I went through two POIs and both shoot well on the ship that barely scratched on the outside but I took consderavei damages in these tanks and it still had space between it to the external walls 3 or 4 layers Of blocks.

I also want to participate in this pvp for testing can count on me, of course depending on the schedule on the weekend would be more viable …

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Can someone give me a call if it starts?
Or in case I am away please screencast this please.


I have a few specific test cases in mind - all will be recorded.

  1. Regular fight of ~10 ships in combat.

  2. Same as above - minguns, sentry, cannons and flak disabled.

  3. Class 2 ship fight of ~10 people.

  4. 10 class 3 CVs just flying around with turrets off.

  5. Cube Ship battle. Regular blocks only.

Goal is to figure out exactly what it is that causes lag - is it ship size or turrets. If you have ideas or suggestions let me know.

@RexXxuS if you want to be there and there is a time that works better for you, let us know.


Ill try and be there as well if it helps

I’m already on a class 3 combat vessel, 7k combat packs, I think this is enough if we really eliminate the damage in deep layers in shields, I realized that this damage that goes through layers is usually on power weapons, usually projectile weapons Not cause this.

I’m going to see if I have a class 2 decent to produce, I have a reasonable more accurate modification …

Other thing what the schedule of these tests, we will set a good schedule for all …

The medium of communication will be the discord of the server … I ask this because English is not my language and I do not dominate to talk about it, so maybe for me it will be a bit difficult … but we will see how it will be.

That would be incredibly helpful.
You know that the better we tackle this problem the faster and better we get a solution.
If you say HV needs to drills meteorites, easy, you get it.

But here we need really a lot of usecases, reproducable stuff like ping, blueprint, playfield, time, people involved, what turret, how many turrets, what weapon…


I will be recording the fight. Is there any overlay (outside of di menu) that would help you troubleshoot issues?

Also, would you please increase the CV size limit on nova to size 6 so we can test the ships we currently fly on the test server?

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maybe clear your log folder or remember when you start and zip all of these logs afterwards. Other than that no, di activated during screencast is all for now.

I didn’t want class 6 because this never or at least till full release an option for us. I want to stick to realistic sizes and use cases so this can be tackled for all production servers out there.
Class 5 would be awesome enough, hm?!

The problem is that, at least for ZC and LBP, all of our combat designs are class 6 now.

I realize that this is something you may not want to push live but we have a very good benchmark for how our current ships lag and a repeat of those fights would give a definitive result of lag changes between 5.0 and 5.1. We have smaller ships and we plan on testing them too but a full spectrum would be nice.

I will prepare my cores and ninja cv to take as many good designs i can :wink: will be nice additions to my collection ;D

Well I can do this but this would not be representable. And try to separate these ships from the rest in a different playfield

Class sizes have changed with 5.1 the 20k block limit and 500 devices is now a class 6.

Even building a giant cube using 20k blocks and just using cube blocks is now seen as class 6 in 5.1

I also wonder what will happen when 5.1 goes live and we all have class size 6 ships already spawned in?

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well why? Because of the 4 round-block connector and the whole free room / triangle hack?!
Someone already posted it but again: unity or let’s say the whole 3D rendering stuff is not good in taking spheres / n-polygons into account. This causes a lot of lagg to render. Even if you can’t see this triangle block inside of your ship, the game still renders it.

So one guy also said it is because of the rate of fire of turrets? Wrong. I asked and they didn’t change the rate of fire of turrets. But what they changed? Yeah… the new awesome hundred different block shapes.

This brings me to the task for you guys: get rid of your current ship designs with these fancy block tricks.

Can you please do a battle with just beautiful solid 6 faces hull block cubes and then a battle with these fancy n-polygon ships? I think this is the solution.

Depending on the result we’ll think about the production server outcome