6.0 HWS Season I (S1:17) Feedback / Suggestions

Hello Adventurers!!

Please add your feedback / suggestion here so we can have a central place to review and collect your input.

Please be constructive with your feedback. If your pointing out something you don’t like, how would you improve it? If something could be better implemented, how? New idea all together? How would you like to see it implemented?

Consider things like Balance - are we improving one origin while nerfing others? And fun/story/enrichment - how does your feedback enrich and improve the player experience. Adding context and lore and other depth is great!! Making things easier without much of the other adds is not so great (unless it’s already so hard it’s game breaking, etc)

Nothing is really off limits, but keep it clean, constructive and courteous. Troll posts will be deleted - all feedback is good feedback, even if not widely supported.

Thank you for all your outstanding support in keeping HWS the best EGS destination on the interwebs.

  • Your HWS Team

Admins thanks, nice project, nice concept, nice pve/pvp ratio.
101 playfields with 59 planets, 22% pve/pvp ratio perfect - please dont increase.

I really enjoyed to play and be first on Elemental Capital City planet (ECC), and tested all EGS poi’s on ECC planet. Idea about landing on sv only is awesome, we need special parking zone for CV in space near ECC planet.
Why not to delete many platforms in space and move EGS Gas Station and NPC Traders to point, between ECC planet and warp entry from Trader Origin ?
The idea to have focal point, where people can meet each other, collaborate, view awesome creatures, refuelling at gas station and providing private services: free o2, medics, pizza, etc …


Can we get a CSW:EB? :slight_smile: The ability to send credits from an account on server to the other would be nice, and from a dev standpoint shouldnt be too intense of a creation, maybe

Best patch ever, good universe, good work yes! I also like aliens being tougher.

The weather…
I HATE the weather! I try to loot a POI, die in powered enclosed cockpit… Then I die 20x trying to get back to cockpit by weather… Temperatures going from 82 degrees to -42 just like that, no warning, poof. And meteorshowers are…

Even deep space is safer than a friendly planet with cows and grass and water and trees happily living there.

Also if you die by a bug or like me, lost an entire ship by bug… Omg… you get another 10-20 deaths for free by weather while you try to get your backpack back…

I’m hiding inside a POI (yes lol it’s safer there) from the weather until a faction members picks me up (my ship bugged out). The weather… so… deadly… Makes aliens look like a joke compared to it. Also meteor shower on me upon login so I can’t even leave POI. Sorry but I don’t find this fun. I know “git gud” but this is just overkill and no fun to me personally.

Also meteorshowers are client side? I have one, Zappe does not. We are both in the same ship now (he came to rescue me) but we got shot down. That sounds unfair. Could be desynch.

You mean “Fire Rain” not meteor showers?

Yes, i believe weather might be client side, but would need Rex to chime in on that one if he’s aware. I recall that being a topic in 5.x as well.

Well I have a fire rain now non stop since that post. While my faction members claim to have clear weather. Seems really unfair that some players die while others do not. During PVP this would be even more unfair and it should be synched.
So some players can not leave their ship for like half an hour while others can happily jump around.

If that could be looked into that would be nice :slight_smile:
We are finally leaving. The ones rescuuing me got shot down and the 2nd rescue mission also lol. But we finally managed to get out but still fire raining there for me.

Sure thing. It’s an EGS Game mechanic, not an HWS feature - so we’ll provide the feedback (feel free to do the same over on Eleon forums!). In general, the distribution of hostile weather should be even across the group… but i can certainly see your point!

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Edit: removed. sorry wrong topic

Hmm yeah it seems the weather is sometimes rendered client side :confused: have to verify somehow.
Sorry to hear that it is too heavy I tried to follow a theme per planet. If you have a list maybe where it is just too overkill I could go through each of them at once and adjust

Given how the current difficulty is on the game with POIs and weather conditions, I feel that the death penalty system is unjust. Charging players for inevitably reaching that 100 death mark is not going make fighting in any PvPvE condition enjoyable, in fact it may drive people away, especially regarding PvE, now that we must get auto miner cores from POIs to power the virtual autominers, we will be dying much more frequently due to the difficulty of the POIs plus weather conditions. I certainly don’t want to have to deal with the stress of doing the POIs in hazardous conditions while worry about paying credits for dying. Now on to my next point and forgive me for being blunt about this, but why the hell would you make virtual auto miners require cores now given the current conditions of the game? That change feels like a slap to the face of players that have dedicated the time, money, and effort to access a useful feature that is now incredibly difficult to use while being penalized for it.


Well as for the other miner I think it needs a little change, what I will suggest is that just change the way em and it works, so instead of in terms of in my example AM gold lvl 4, I would need 4 AM cores To activate and in 3 days plus 4, in this way turns out to be unviable because I do not know the rate that this will generate me gold, however if instead of every three days I for 4 nuclei, it could work as follows; Still in my case, I put the 4 AM nuclei, to activate my AM gold lvl 4, but I will still need the drill fuel for it to extract the ore and also the fusion cell, the amount of fuel drill and also cells of Merger could be based on the consumption of an AM3 that if I am not mistaken is almost 18 hours with the full tank.

@Specter92, @Abrum13 and all the others complaining about

  • weather > dying by it a lot
  • penalty of credits and RP on dying
  • Auto Miner Cores

Now listen: this is new to everyone and we don’t ignore you. Feedback is important and we don’t want to anger you.

I understand that you pull all other stuff in the dirt too like “why I need to go to EGS / ECC as a hunter which cost me millions of pentaxid a day” but that is something I don’t think is justified cause again: every Origin has now advantages and disadvantages.
As a Hunter you have a huge other bonus > cumulative 25k per guilty kill for example.

But yes, the three mentioned points at the beginning will be addressed! Stay tuned for the update today.

Still flying in start system, so its wouldnt be so big:

  1. Start looks cool. But those monsters want to eat TOO MUCH ammo… So its hard to deal with in solo-play. As for team - all good. Only one moment make some more troubles: monsters spawn. They really spawn ON U in empty field, so u got dead before realize what happen. It must spawn in empty space, or in somerange from player. Not on the same place!!!
  2. Terrain. Its horrible :sweat_smile: Dat lava planet with snow (!!!) looks amazing, but still its hard to fly on HV there… I catch tons of stucks.
  3. Dat limits per structures in start system - madness! Make private GREEN to Faction structures/members, or rise limit proportional to ppl in dat faction. Bc right now, its broke all gameplay for team. We need push POI, but our HVs shoot each other >.< Even sometimes our BA shoot our Private ships. Another madness, which hard to be deal with.
  4. Food and so on. Didnt see any problem, except 1st point: there is to low amount of ammo for deffending and hunting.
  5. Planet info. Pls, or make it real, or just clean it out. Right now, District P2 didnt show right Temperature and Radiation. Stable Rad: 18-20. Temp goes randomly whatever it wants. And thats WITHOUT weather. If weather changes, u able got a lot of “surprises”, as 30+ Rad or +180/-140 C or else.

Little bit later (at evening?), mb make some more notes. Right now - that the most HOT Feedback.

P.S.: Make chat like its made in L2. Save my eyes pls.

After a group of five of us attempted, and failed to clear a drone base in freelancer starter last night, I have to agree the death penalty is too high. The instant respawn and OP zirax and sentries make poi busting a guarenteed die, respawn event.

Eventually, it was all we could do to just recover most of our dropped stuff and log off.

Eleon needs to look at this. Ground combat against npc and inside poi’s is a mess. No one thing will fix it - needs a complete rethink and rebuild of this game aspect from scratch, in my opinion.

Poi busting has gone from easy-peasy to nearly why-bother. Consider the changes of recent past, enhancements to npc capabilities across the board. At same time, nerfs to player abilities (think weapons kits, durability, med packs all but useless, useless personal drone, etc), and no capabilities added (armor that really isnt and has its own penalties). This adds up to a pendulum swing thats gone too far.

Combine this with non-destructible pois, and pois designed to be tough to make up for the prior npc weaknesses, and this game aspect has become no fun. With limited ability to get essential loot out of poi’s, much of the game is no longer accessible.

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Overall Patch is good. Admins have been active in game addressing issues.
My main two concerns are.

Death Penalty - A bit harsh currently. Perhaps a x10 credits per death would have been a better.
Death should sting but not break the players bank. This will severely restrict PvPvE especially as
the season goes on. IMO this will kill the server population leaving only traders to fill the server.
I tried to address the issue prior to the patch but as usual my post was troll spammed by you
know who and his friends. Not surprisingly since the systems favors them.

VAMs - They are now useless. At least allow a refund of credits to those who dropped the credits
to raise their VAMS to lvl 10. They will need those credits to pay their death penalties.

Again overall the patch is good. s the bugs are fixed I expect this to be a great patch. Having active
Admins is also really nice. Nothing like asking for an admin in Global and getting a response. I’m hoping
with a little patience and player feedback all the player concerns will be addressed.

HOWEVER, Until they are I have placed a 1 credit bounty on all admins. :sunglasses:

And you thought POIs aren’t worth the ammo you drop.

Hahah. My backpack will typically have a few seaweed and maybe a t1 drill. I may turn GM off long enough to let you loot that if you’re hard up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::kissing_heart: