HWS 6.0 | Community feedback and update

Hey @everyone,

so the start was mixed with some feelings and where we appreciate positive feedback (even if it is natural less than negative) we want to hear you out and fix it!

Weather / Gravity / Degredation is too hard!

Background: we thought of making it insane hard… the result: too hard for you. Now maybe I go ahead and make a super crazy insane SP scenario but we don’t want to screw you guys.

So after the latest update restart what we got is:

  • weather difficulty in dedicated.yaml set to: Normal → before was set to Hard. Also duration of some deadly weather effects reduced
  • Degredation (Durability) in dedicated.yaml set to: Normal → before was set to Hard
  • Gravity on some planets reduced (Homeworld)

Donator planet indestructible terrain. Wtf?!

The idea was discussed on over 150 comments → [POLL] What do you think about... performance and moles

Performance it was all about. Especially on PvE restricted planets we set it to indestructible because, why not? You have auto miner and you can build there in peace, you have a whole planet to seek flat land.
But well, we are not stubborn and changed it for some people already to destructible.

If you want YOUR donator planet to destructible terrain write me a PM!

Loosing Credits AND Reputation on death? Kidding me?!?

Well, again an old topic and initially because of ammo draining implemented. We still think dying should not be your normal gameplay or easy Plan B but we also see that all the survival aspects causes now more deaths so we changed it:

You lose NO credits anymore when you die

You lose 1 RP every 10 deaths now (before on every death)

Auto Miner Cores are harder too find than my car keys!

We kind of promised you that with the OAM fuel change to Auto Miner Cores there will be plenty. Though a bit dependend on luck you get them in POIs. Now what is new and could break it is the POI difficulty with super high tech advanced super turrets. So the risk = reward might not be properly.

There are currently also few PDA missions which give you AM Cores as a reward but

New dedicated Auto Miner Core Missions will be implemented on each planet in the Homeworld system!

This will include both PDA and Portal missions.

The Mission Portal cooldown won’t be too high, no worry. But there you get ported to a world rich on AM Cores but still with a realistic threat.

Last but not least check out the market. Both Blackmarket and the normal Marketplace.
There might be now and then good AM Core deals.

The rest of complains are under observation. A lot of cries are regarding Origin differences. For example Hunter need to fly a long way till ECC but Trader are straight near it.
But we told you each Origin has advantages and disadvantages. You made your choice.

However there are some special portals planned from “south” to “north” etc.

Everything is new guys and we worked HARD on setting everything up. Bare with us if we didn’t think everything through perfectly. But we listen and are able to adjust.
Hopefully you don’t forget this in your rage rain.

Alright, I hope you enjoy HWS 6 a lot more now and thanks for all the (rare) positive feedback so far!
Motivates us to continue! :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team




Sorry caps. Lmao

Thanks as always. We all know the start would have some bumps, and it did. So much has changed (the game and HWS). It will take a few days or weeks to get all the kinks out… And you can never satisfy everybody… Do what you think is best, worked so far :slight_smile:

I’m so happy after reading Rexx post haha :sweat_smile: Was literally just about to cry on here about all of this stuff.

Any thoughts on resources? After running a circuit it looks like all the origin planets have one resource per planet and you can only use Auto Miners, no meteorites. It looks like Homeworld is the only planet that has multiple resources, and I don’t even think it has everything.

I think I read that this was essentially the plan and that we may have to planet hop to find resources, but this seems like an extreme. I haven’t checked the donator world’s, but I’m hoping they aren’t much better off because then it would feel like a massive paywall.

Why don’t the origin planets all have basic resources? They are PvP and open to all origins on the weekends now, so they’re no longer a safe haven, but without resources there’s not a whole lot of incentive to setup a base there. We felt like we left the starter planet too early once we saw what origin was like, but we wanted to get off starter because there was no water so we had to use small O2 bottles and couldn’t grow planets because we couldn’t oxygenate our base.

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Thanks for the feedback.

The intention behind that is especially because of weekend open for everyone that each Origin has their “main” resource and each origin should protect / attack the other one for gaining it.

A bit more roleplay here too.

Not only the Homeworld system with a daily PvE rotation on its planets but also more playfields out there with all of the resources.

Roleplay and Exploration were additional focus in HWS 6.

But maybe we can add common meteorites on the origin planets

The two things not addressed is the extreme cost of the auto miner and having to travel to capital city for interest. Its around 400 pentaxic round trip from a donator planet for the interest. The only source of blue crystal is the auto miner. so 40k to get enough blue crystals to get the 1% interest, to pay for using the auto miner…that you NEED to fly anywhere. No blue crystals are found on the Donators. And thats all dependent on finding enough cores to power your auto miner. If its one per resource, every three days, then 12 are needed to keep it pumping. Thats 120 per month.

And ive been to Capital city, please tell me where you can use the Auto miner there for free, because i havent found it.

Cant live in Capital city space, the taxes will kill ya as i just found out.

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Just started up again after taking a couple of months off and I enjoy the new intro, story line and game play so far. Good job and thanks to all of you who made it possible.

Thank you very much! That weather was really annoying me. Aside from that it’s all a very good patch and with the new changes it should be an excellent 6.0 now!

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On Helios you have also Blue Crystals in the water.

And about Auto Miner Cores read again 3 important points please:





Hi @RexXxuS and team. I am loving it just gutted that first 24hrs was lost to big bug. But these things happen. So one for your rare collection. Well Done.

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My bad, ill dig in the water DAILY for 400 crystals, problem solved! You’re the best!

If only there was some kind of autominer available via chat bot commands that would mine pentaxid for you.


I don’t understand why we don’t have the ability to flag a BA blueprint to automatically remove terrain when it is placed. If people could at the very least, lay a foundation that would auto flatten into the terrain then a non destructible surface wouldn’t be such a PITA.

I talked about that with Eleon but it wasn’t easy to do till the release.
Also the specifications are a bit more complex than you think.

What about disallowing (by Eleon) other players (not in your faction) to loot your backpack for 3 minutes if you die in a PVE zone? I find backpack stealing kinda bad especially when it’s done to new players on the starter planet who then have to survive with literally nothing.


I’t already sort of works double left click on your blue print in f2 menu, its 90% rotated to the side but meh still works fine.

Mmm I also find drilling ores (with T2 drill) EXTREMELY slow. Mainly also because you have to constantly jump in&out of the ship to get your temperature normal again. Maybe I should build a tiny BA with a furnace next to every meteoroid or something?
On top of that drill nerfs from 5.0 are still active + all the bugs from previous patches (drill clipping through meteorite without drilling it in 3rd person view and such)