6.0 Release Candidate V1.0

Hey Community,

As mentioned earlier the end is near, Eleon have release the 1st version of their release candidate for 6.0

Don’t get hasty it will still be likely released earliest beginning of next week, perhaps Wednesday but expect it to go upto the end of the week.

If they can wrap up as many bugs as they can and no big show stoppers this process shouldn’t take too much longer!

See you all soon

Your HWS Team

  • Fixed: Lagshots - Please let us know if you still find use cases where it is not fixed O_o o_o o_O woooot! this is going to rock

CV’s go the same speed as SV’s for 2 patches now.

Ponder that for a bit.

CV disabled in Playfields option… Ponder that for a bit :grin:

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so far from tests only massive fps drops in first person mode (in ship is perfect for some reason) and constant dc’ing :confused: hope its fixed in next small patch

Yea this seems to have been Introduced in the latest patch as no issues in the closed testing prior to the release of this patch.

Not sure what they changed but they won’t sit back and ignore it, hopefully a fix soon :wink:

yea was perfect performance wise last patch they probably just testing something different.

Ok, so you restrict CV’s from the planet I’m on, but I need to leave the planet. I have to use a SV to do that.
Meanwhile, in space, d-bags are waiting with CV’s with max turret count.
Their CV’s can have better blocks, devices have higher hitpoints mostly, have turrets that deal massive damage, and can go the same speed as me.
Now my options are very limited beyond hiding on a planet, or open season on SV’s

Sure the devs plan to nerf CV acceleration and turning speed, once they can figure out how without major bugs.
For now though, CV’s aren’t nerfed, they are buffed even further. And this is in a release candidate. Not good.
I don’t see why they should have the same speeds until the other tweaks are made. The devs have even just said these tweaks to CV maneuverability may not come until 7.0 (but the speed is now)

Achilles - judging by the realease notes it seems end of May is more likely.

I just level 10’d from scratch in single player and it is ‘stuttery’ - a nod to the problems mentioned on the official forums. Expect a hotfix for that soon.

Heh O_O you do realize once you leave atmosphere and you see a cv you can just go back into the atmosphere and the cv can’t follow you, you can then just travel a little and then pop out somewhere else and leave? it’s easy enough, CV’s have been nerfed hard they cant use their manual firing guns on planet anymore even those they can enter so space is the place where they should be dominant, and besides how much fun would it be if you could easily out run them and laugh as they stand no chance at catching you? CV’s having same max speed should be fine as you can just turn a bit and your superior agility will make you gain distance. (and I mean agility as in 40m/s in all directions not just lots of RCS as just RCS wont make you change your momentum easily.)

In Italy when we say "half of next week again"
you can take up to 18 days

“next week” = 7 days
“half of” = 4 days
“again” it means another week so it is = + 7 days

Everything is slower in Italy thou xD the city of chill

lol did you see the scr how they tested it ?

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  • Added proper separation between large and small destroyed hull blocks. These new destroyed hull blocks can be upgraded to un-destroyed hull blocks

Does that mean no more rebuilding you ships from scrap after heavy damage?

Hi Celden - I guess we all interpret such things differently - the patch notes though specifically mention the end of May.

On a separate note - look forward to meeting up with you guys again in V6 - had some fun battles :slight_smile:

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Them saying they fixed lag shots makes me want to jump off a cliff. I can “get lag shot” every time we fight if you want. All you have to do is drive straight at the enemy, all his projectiles will go straight through your armor and smash your core. Make sure to keep all turrets targeting just core, gives you more chances of lag coring someone. GG it’s not “lag coring” and them calling it that means they have no idea to what it is. Thank you. It’s something to do with the next block not rendering, @mcprouty knows about it more than I do. It’s not “hey I lagged and my core got lag shot” … It’s random, movements make it worse… Spinning all crazy like, turning really fast… All those things effect it. The faster you fight the more your chances of getting lag shot are as well, go fight at a speed of like 20 m/s and see how much better your ship holds up on the inside compared to when you are going 115… There’s fights where my WHOLE ship looks brand new on the outside and like all kinds of stuff broke on the inside, yes I know about AOE and such things… It’s just when you’re moving that fast the server or something can’t calculate where you are at times during the fight… That leads to rockets and such getting on the inside without having to break the outside walls. If I knew more about computer tech stuff I’d be able to describe it better. It’s bad when the official forums are calling it “lag shots”…

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Official forums call it lag shots because everyone on HWS call them lag shots and the only vocal pvp players on the empyrion forums are from HWS so…

I’m not sure what we’re talking about. You just described what they said they fixed.

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Agreed, I think we are getting hung up on terminology here. It got called lag shots a long time ago, and the name stuck. To an extent, it is accurate, but not in terms of internet lag. More of a calculation lag, that misses the first collision check. BUT if they did what I think they did (and it seems to be the case if it created insane fps drop) it is the first cheap and dirty fix they can try, and a step in the right direction. It indicates that they do atleast know what we are talking about finally.

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Let’s not call it “lag shots” anymore. I prefer we call it something else.

How about “Hamburger Time”?

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I prefer “chipotle Shot”.

Because it passes right through you