6.0 Teasers

Hey Community

As we have to wait some more time for 6.0 but we have created so much cool stuff already and still so much more will be coming we have decided to start a forum post where we will release teasers for 6.0…

Some part so you can think about and prepare perhaps what kind of play styles and journey you wish to take in 6.0…more so just to build some excitement :grin:

This post will be updated in the coming weeks :wink:

Your HWS Team


Just to calm maybe some fears…

Thee who takes the greatest risk, will reap some of the greatest rewards

Origin is your blood, your belief and your honor, which ever path you choose from a humble, thoughtful trader or an elite, specialist hunter…be proud of your origin and know that one way or another you may have achieved greatness where others have failed.


Hmm what to choose

What is gonna make Hunter so hard? They pledge allegiance to no one

Honestly until they make like a tracking dart or some sort of extended range scan for hunters only, I dont see a lot of actual bounty hunting happening. At the moment 90% of the bounty hunter origin is just in for indiscriminate pvp, (which is fine, but let’s not pretend they are filling a contract) and the hits I have placed in the past, despite being hefty sums of money for various jobs, have all gone unfilled. Only thing I have ever gotten out of hunters is extra muscle when I feel like it might be entertaining or dont want to be distracted, and clearing a landing space on iceworld so we didnt show up on zc’s intruder log (back when h86 was a respectable faction)

We got that covered :wink:

If our origin has soaked so much into us, is there any chance of freelancers becomming a faction with the same rights as others?
I like being freelancer - i feel its still filling a role that isn’t covered by other factions in my opinion. All those rogue traders that not always follow the rules, those merceneries with a code, etc…
While i guess the closest to what i see the freelancers to be are the hunters, if i were to compare - hunters are Boba Fett, while freelancers are Han Solo.

Sadly the fact we’re having way less option with game mechanics due to RP becomming a myth for us i kinda breaking the experience for us. PvP only-presence isn’t atainable due to the ammount of trading we do, or even the fact we’re settled on Armageddon, and the price for buying RP just isn’t worth it.
And sadly warping with our faction epic ewapon, that seem to be the plasma canon, do not procure us with RP.

I won’t mention the fact we’re way more limited that other factions when it come to time/ammount gates (OCD lvl 7 usable once per 24h, 2 packages daily vs 7+ for others,…)

And yet, FDM is fighting for the faction to survive, as there seem to be more newbies joining FL than any other faction.

I think this is the reason why noobs join

‘You love freedom and going your own way no matter what others do? Well start your journey here and see which side you prefer later on. Just make sure to not make to many enemies!’

Im afraid that not everyone wants to role play and some players just want to do there own thing so originally freelancer was way the player could choose not to be apart of the roles if they didn’t want, No guidelines, no code…just play the game as it was intended and choose HWS features etc if you want to.

If we turn freelancer into a complete functioning origin what we need to think about is, will player choose any other origin?

if the benefits are still there but we say…do what you want…i know which id choose :wink:

every origin in 6.0 will have very special advantage and disadvantages, some origins by default are tailored towards PVE (trader) and others full PVP (Pirates,Hunters) then the players that want both PVE and PVP (Guardians) and the ones that don’t know yet (freelancers)

The plan is really for the players to have to make purposeful choices when it comes to Origins dependent on really what they want from the game/server…Rogue traders has always been issues…well 6.0 it is an option but if your a trader wanting only PVP then your going to be at a disadvantage against hunters/pirates :wink:

Freelancer is a mix of all and will always be a ‘freedom’ origin, It will have its pro’s and con’s like any other.

Isee alot of cons, while having very little pro’s. One that wants freedom could easly go another origin, and just ignore roleplay.
While i understand the purpose, the name freelancer might be missleading for those not reading, i think.

I’m freelancer not because i’m not decided, but because any other option does not suit me.

What if i’m looking towards both PvP and PvE, but are looking for more of a merceneary role, not bound by guards code of honor? :stuck_out_tongue:

Freelancer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Like i said, The players will need to make decisions…not one Origin will be the stand out ‘Go to’

The word’s etymology derives from the medieval term for a mercenary, a “free lance,” which literally described a knight who was not attached to any particular lord, and could be hired for a given task.

Seeing the HWS universe / features as a “lord” this is it basically.
Remember before they were called “Lawless”. They are just a very specific but strong origin.
As you said: playing a role other don’t can or want. That is totally fine.
Because of that they are great balanced already but will be even more in 6.0.

And again as soon as we have more API endpoints role play will be new defined on HWS.

I disagree on this point. Lack of AP is still quite painfull, epecially for newcommers.

you mean RP?

That is with full intention. RP is nothing everyone should have for free. And especially Freelancer should known better.

Yes, RP, sorry.
I don’t say it should come free, but the “cost” for freelancers is just out of proportion, and throws any FL into great disadvantage when compraed to others. Especially when it comes to NPC packages.

Any faction can have 7 just by warping daily, getting 7 dayli for a freelancer means a cost of over 500k assuming there’s no other money on the account.

Not counting non-PvE RPs, as this is almost impossible to get due to area with PvE being key places (armageddon, EM).

I have no idea what i was typing… was so tired lol :x

Lancers gain RP by living 100% in PVP - you dont ONLY have to buy it. Unless that changed again?

So its not quite as dimal as you may think… Not as easy as other factions, absolutely, but EGS is not the only place lancers gain RP.

Freedom has a cost, so they say. :slight_smile:

Can’t even visit PvE.
Armageddon is PvE at times. Market is PvE.


Yeah, thats true - just gotta do all that in one day of the week if you can manage. But you CAN get it from free. :slight_smile:

I love being a Freelancer but I have completely given up on RP. I will never get to see what the epic scan does or visit Gabriel. If you buy a restricted planet and base on it, no RP, if you base on Arma to play with others no RP, if your faction member buys a penthouse no RP. The trader packages aren’t worth the cost of gold and the gold cost of the RP. Rex see’s us as sell swords. I see us more romantically as wandering rouges and vagrant bards.