A Real Low Blow

Some idiot named Kogami (faction JBA) built a base loaded with turrets next to my base and CV. So when I logged on and OP shut down, It started blasting away. As long as I stayed logged off I was ok. I’m all for the survival and PVP aspect of the game but this was a real low blow and boarder line cheating as far as I’m concerned. A very unfair fight. Other servers I’v played on don’t allow bases to be built within range of another. Luckily I had 3 CV’s at my base and was able to eventually get to one of them and take this thing out. But everything else got destroyed. And the idiot had the balls to write “suprise” on this base. This should not be allowed and Kogami should be banned.

That’s actually funny as fuck :laughing:

Sorry you lost a base though mate, but holy fuck, that is some spicy fucking memes there :laughing:

5.7 Do NOT build stuff near enemy Offline Protection base to kill them as soon as they come online

We just added that to the rules. Kogami gets a warning, since we did not make it clear before.
But its like using a “bug” (OP could be called a “bug” or? :slight_smile: ) which is not a thing how the game should work.

If you lost a lot let us know.

I understand, I was under the impression that it was fine, when BCL did the exact same thing to Thranir and Thranir complained it was said to him that it was a valid tactic. But at the same time when you cant get a fight with someone becuase they log as soon as you get close and stay logged off, how else are you suposed to kill their base. KAR faction is not an inocent faction I have heard many stories of them wiping out beginers, a faction should not live perfectly safe on a pvp world with their offline protection and then when they are online pick off the beginers and then when someone comes to avenge them they log off again… to clarify it was a CV not a base but same thing i guess.

Yeah both have their legit points and for me OP is more and more a fail.

Maybe it is time for a poll if we should deactivate this piece of bug for HWS 3.0 completely!?!
With ocd + a lot of pve it should be healthy. No drama about combat logging. Not this drama and no trust in something broken. Only in broken turrets like in good old days. Hell yeah x)

Its worth considering Rex. OP causes more problems that is solves.

For the record I don’t know who did that to Thran. I’m the only really active player in BCL for almost a week now. Must have been one of the guys who is isn’t on much and didn’t know Thran was helping us. If I’d known about I would have told him not to do it.

But also, if you don’t know any better and you log in and see a Thran CV parked next to your base what would you do lol?! Reputation precedes you.

Haha that is very true resto, I love the idea of no offline protection but then loosing a base shouldnt be such a huge blow to new players, for us older guys its not a prob.


New player don’t know how to use it anyways btw. They running around with private stuff and wondering why it is not working

Kogami, your a lying dick. (And a soft one at that). I don’t kill noobs. I’ve given away ships and supplies to noobs. I keep to my self. That’s why my faction has one member. I build on a PVP planet to avoid the wipes. I enjoy a good fight but not with a coward prick like you. (And a soft one at that). And speaking of wipes, I know what you look like. I saw your face this morning on my toilet paper.

I read global all the time numb nut, it was awhile ago sure but i remember someone complaining that they had nothing after you attacked them…

I totally agree, get rid of OP it definitely causes more problems than its solves, tbh I don’t even bother using it, and it just causes problems like this post…

There 3 thing you can do to protect your stuff

  1. Build on PVE
  2. Build deep in space
  3. Use your OCD

in all honestly in my eye’s the kill was valid because either the base was build where people could find it or the base was inadequately defended had it been all that would need to be done is turn on the power to active the turrets to defend it off. I dont even think OP was abused because this is how OP works (which is why we should get rid). The platform setup on this server doesn’t need OP and since been on this server I’ve heard this story a few times and the admins always get dragged into the middle of it.

But on a side note Kogami is correct when he said that people just log off, even I admit to doing this but at the same time I don’t use OP and the PVPer’s reward is they take my ship or base which is fine because this is a PVP server and OP goes against that.

Personally ever kill CV or Base destroyed is valid as long as its not been done using glitches or bugs or harassment ( that means been killed over and over this is in the rules). I don’t even think you should make it part of the rules that you cant build a base close to another because your (the admins) are just asking for trouble in policing it, if someone wants to build on a PVP world for all to see they should accept the consequences that come with it and this is coming from a care bear player who doesn’t do a lot of PVP.

At least I have a pair of nuts to get numb coward. Keep lying. CYA soon.

At least I have a pair of nuts to get numb coward. Keep lying. CYA soon.

Well if you really did not attack beginers then I oppologise for accusing you for that.

This sounds bad for both sides, logging in with an trap next door isn’t fun, but not able to "Kill’ or “Wipe” and hostile faction or
a faction you are in war with should not be possible though.

Isn’t there a way that if players log out while been in combat within… let’s say an hour that OP does not activate for like … an hour or so ? A sort of cooldown for OP ? or that the cooldown activates whenever someone comes online ?
Probably this is something for the devs of Empy and not for HWS :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, only the game devs can change how op works :/, a delay would be great and would work well. I think the biggest problem we have atm is that people are too afraid to loose their base, what if we had a mix of pve planets and pvp planets in the same solar system everyone builds their main base on the pve planet and then has a small outpost on the pvp planet that they dont mind loosing, and as long as they have that pvp base they are allowed to travel further from that point and do raids on other peoples bases. The traders who like to live on pve planets could then only need a sv to come defend their allies pvp bases and would not be risking much and they themselves would be able to get a taste of pvp and then maybe transition into a different type of faction that joins in the attack. With this type of setup offline protection would not be needed, and raiding would perform a purpose at the same time as the enemies would have to rebuild their base before being able to attack.

Agreed! Would be a cool setup like that. Would like to see it, i would like it to have an ‘outpost’ on a pvp planet and on the pve planet my ‘backup’ base for resource storing etc…
Would be fun if only the pvp planets have a lot of resources so there would be a fight over it. And that you need to gather resources with friends or allies / faction members, otherwise the risk is to great to lose all you’re ‘just gathered’ resources.

Are the admins not talking about having Space as PVE and Planets PVP in 3.0? would this not have the same effect?, I’m not sure what the plans are if all space is going to be PVE or just certain solar systems would be boring if all space was PVE, even as a PVE’er I enjoy the risk of warping in to a PVP solar system knowing I might get caught by pirates

Not sure about pve orbits never tried that before, what do you think of pirates having some pve aswell, look hows things have gone currently. People have raided pirates so much that there has been hardly any pirate activity, alliance are swaping to lawless to get some pvp traders are attacking alliance xD i think the pirates need some sort of safety aswell jsut so they don’t get overwelmed.