A response from the true leaders of the 5th Armada

The general purpose of this post is to give the 5th Armada’s side of what went on with the whole hacking thing and general actions as of late.

First of all, the fleet leaders of the 5th Armada are HOVA, MOTTACKA and myself, VAK. We take the full responsibility of what happened onto our shoulders. Unfortunately, certain members who have been more active since the 30th (i.e. RavenDD, Woodchuck, ect.) have had to bare the brunt of accusations when they did not have any part in these actions.

We would like to apologize to all effected by what others have done in our name lately in game. The general history of what lead up to this, was back in October, 5AT (We were traders at the time) decided to go Hunter to try out a new play style. During that period, we decided to try and put a foot hold on Gold planet again. At the time DSH was the other large faction who had bases on that planet.

Seeing that our factions seemed to have like minded goals, we decided to join forces together to form 5AP and go pirate. This would mean we would have one of the largest number of people in a faction and could more easily make a name for ourselves.

The unfortunate part of this merger was that we never quite got fleet leadership up to the standards of the 5th Armada, allowing people to get away with actions that would never be normally allowed. We faced a lot of internal drama and a rift began to grow.

Even though our faction was great in numbers, we were basically split into two. Those who felt that spending all our time on Gold Planet was the most important thing in game, and those of us who hardly ever went there, and focused more on logistics, mining and building.

The events that happened on Nov. 30th (And I am assuming had been happening before that) was never known to Hova, Mottacka or myself. If we knew this was going on, we would force the people responsible to stop it, or be banished from our fleet. We do not tolerate that sort of play style.

I am basically writing this, in hopes of delivering our side of the events and to hopefully stop the actions of a few from further ruining the 5th Armada name.

We have decided to sever from DSH and attempt to rebuild the 5th Armada into the fleet we use to be. While we probably will remain pirates, we do respect the rules of the server and love playing on this one.

To give an example of the true 5th Armada style, us holding trader space ransom for 4 million credits was us…cheating, exploiting and bullying others, is not us.

We will now work towards reforming our fleet and do everything we can to bring the 5th Armada’s name back in good standing within the server and become active participants in all the fun that is to be had on this server.

The True Leaders of The 5th Armada.

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I know Typical was very upset about the turn of events. I and by extension SFA have always maintained that it is about quality, not quantity. If you decide to go alliance, I will gladly extend an offer of friendship to you once again. It wasn’t that long ago we were allys fighting pirates together. Once you merged with DSH everything went down hill in terms of both SFA/5AT relationship and your groups reputation. Not just a knee jerk reaction to ‘zerging’ either, but because there were/are a few people who troll in chat, actively exploited game mechanics, and bullied etc etc. That is where the sinking reputation and anger came from. I sincerely hope you are able to reform the group.


Well said. Good luck.