Abuse of Faction tags

It’s come to my attention that a few people are using the Trader tag and not actually, you know, acting like Traders.
Twice now, usually right before I’m able to leave the planet (which ends up taking all day…) I’ve logged off and come back to find that my base has been entirely destroyed, the first time forcing a fresh start.
If it were a lawless faction, or a hunter with a contract or another pirate I’d have no problem, but the fact that both times it’s been so called Trader factions is just, wrong.

You guys probably put a lot of time into thinking up these roles and guidelines and then implementing them, and I see people using “It’s a PvP game” to justify abusing faction tags to be them kicking dirt on your guys’ hard work.

Perhaps making these faction Guidelines into solid rules might help?

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Not to mention, I do believe one of them (Op4 from CuT) has been to other systems, and came back to the starter system I was in

The problem creating the Trader abuse is the fact that their infinite OCD in PvP space makes them essentially the best to use for PvP.

It gives them the ability to live in PvP space but keep everything of any value in the OCD.

You’ll see the trader bases on PvP worlds - and you know full well that the only stuff that you are going to get out of raiding it is garbage that they could not be bothered to put in the OCD. In short, nothing valuable.

I guess you’re going to need to post the logs.
Flying under false tags is dishonorable, but it should be noted that even though this is possibly the case, it had little if not nothing to do with how “all your hard work” was destroyed.

Any faction tag could have done so in an identical fassion and the outcome would be uniformly the same: a destryed base.

This point you ought consider when slinging accusations at anyone for flying a false tag, lest the next thing you start to claim is hacking [as is the trend].

Either way, it would have provided you no advantage if you knew.

Its fun to see that its all the time same ppl. I might be mistaken but I have such feeling i already saw these names in similar cases :smiley: Feels like real Tryhards :smiley:

Not sure how much pvp you have done but I can tell you in pvp you don’t have time to ocd anything. I know more than a few traders that found themselves in pvp and the last thing they were thinking about was ocd’ing anything.

The issue is not so much as abuse of the trader tag as the fact that this is a pvp game and sometimes pvp happens no matter what tag a person has.

I mean if I enter a planet and get blown up by a base as I enter and that base belongs to a trader does he owe me a ship / reputation ? Do I get mad and attack his base to get my loot back ?

While mining a CV flies over head and kills me and my ship.
I leave orbit and another trader leaves orbit and both our CV’s shoot at each other or my CV kills a CV while leaving orbit.

Atm there are just too many ways that pvp happens even while having the Trader tag.

PvP happens no matter your tag. People get upset and want to fight each other. We as traders don’t go looking to kill traders but again pvp happens. This is the best system we have. It’s not the letter of the Law but the spirit of the Law that really matters.

Not to mention, BA rocket turrets now fire homing seeker missiles that FUCKING HURT. So meandering around on Gold Fed in an unarmed/unarmored mining SV pod is asking to get raped by a seeker from 450m away you didn’t even know existed or could even see a faction tag.

Shit happens, expect everyone is hostile until they prove otherwise.

Also, 0 CD in PvP for trader faction needs to go, it’s the #1 abuse from my experience.

If ocd was that op you would be a trader just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me, I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally want to switch to

er… I mean…

but then we’d just be another one in the herd with an endless supply of bullets and bombs and looking for some poor target to stick them into.

You don’t seem to understand the problem.

Traders LIVE out of their OCD. They do not need to store anything in a CV that maybe found or a base that is bound to be raided.

We are pirates. Right now we have a CV in deep space with over 40k of iron. That’s literally days of mining. If someone finds that CV we lose days of our work just in that, nevermind all the other loot on the CV.

Traders do not need to do that. They can stuff all their materials in the OCD and pull them out as needed. They can live in PvP space and never risk anything. We have to risk EVERYTHING to live in PvP.

That’s not even the end of it. For us logistics are dangerous - for them they’re a joke. For example lets say pirates need to restock a base. We would need to load up a CV full of supplies, jump it into PvP space, hide it, and then make multiple trips in an SV to stock up the base. During all of that we are risking our loot.

What do traders do? They fly those garbage jump pads that have nothing but a warp drive with a garbage SV on it. Drop that scrap heap right on top of their base in PvP, walk into their base and pull all they need out of the OCD. They do not need to overstock the base. They just need to put in enough ammo and fuel for the night.

Same goes for mining. For example, last patch I had spent ~6 hours mining on Saturn. I had ~3k gold and 6k iron and ~2k Prometium and plenty of other crap in my SV. I got attacked and killed and lost it all. If I was a trader - all that would have been in my OCD and I’d have lost nothing but an SV.

I am not upset that I lost things. I am upset that I have to risk my resources in PvP while traders do not have to.

This is why there are sooooo many tRaiders. This is why Gold planet is littered with tRaider bases. This is why there are so few Pirates.

It’s totally messed up that Pirates and Lawless spend more time hauling their stuff around than Traders do.

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Well if everyone was a Pirate or / lawless then there would no pvp.

And why can’t you use ocd ? Everyone can use the ocd, Easy to land on a pve planet use the ocd , fly back to pvp space. There is 0 cool down for everyone in pve space. I don’t think you really understand how this works. Learn the game mechanics I am not going to tell you how to play but if I were a pirate or any other faction I would still use the OCD to store my goods :slight_smile:

There’s no cooldown in pvp on ocd:puts for anyone, just BTW.

I agree, I dont really understand the need to have the OCD (get) cooldowns to be different among all the factions. But, I am not sure which cool down time would work best shared among all factions. I assume there was a poll given back in the day when they set this all up. Maybe a new poll could be offered? But I do love this server, I cant imagine ever playing on any other server without having OCD, AM, and HWS Connect. The OCD is absolutly perfect for an Alpha game to offset the losses due to bugs and server wipes due to new content in the game.

Even a 10 minute cooldown would solve a large portion of the problem. Still convenient, not nearly as OP.

(*Edit: For traders in PvP)

Just to clear up a few facts , We had a 2 hour or so battle yesterday , was awesome. Think everyone lost at least one ship and a few guys died a few times. Even had more than one loose 500 gold / lots of iron. pvp ships and almost lost a pvp cv . Was a lot of fun. In this fight had a few guys loose lots of gold / iron because it is very easy to kill someone before they can ocd anything. They also lost most of the rep they had which means they now have to pay a lot more to keep anything on the faction planet.

And tbh I really don’t see anyone offering up any sort of advice only how op traders are.

Last forum poll showed that 80+ % of the people that play the game and use the forums mostly wanted pve things fixed .

More pve’ers play Empyrion than pvp’ers is the reason why you see more traders.

Not everyone is going to play your way or your style. Again if if Traders are so OP , switch

You realize, that per the intra-faction ROE there’s no fighting between traders. They aren’t supposed to attack/retaliate/loot/raid/rape/pillage/lament some women/pelvis thrus another trader faction for any reason. So if everyone is a trader, nobody shoots another bullet in PvP? Screw that.

Whoa there buddy - where do you get off telling me to learn the game when you don’t even understand engagement rules? Pirates can attack ANYONE including other pirates. Same with lawless.

I don’t care about PvE. Yes I can go to PvE space and unload my OCD. Big whoop.

My point is strictly about living in PvP space and PvP space logistics. I get to use my OCD ONCE a day in PvP. Oh and if I leave anything in PvE space I get NO reputation.

If I need to get anything else out, I have to pay 50 pentaxit to do it. I have to go into PvE space and back to PvP space - then go harvest another 50 pentaxit. tRaiders don’t need to do any of that.

I understand perfectly how the OCD works which is why I think it’s horribly broken and turns tRaiders into Easy Mode.

Traders should risk as much in PvP as other factions.

As a trader if you attack me or have a base that kills me or my ship on a pvp planet. I will try my best to kill you and your ships and loot it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on your side, believe me. I was just stating that you had ocd:put available to secure your valuables you mined in case you were NOOBZORZLAWL, not that it didn’t still cost round-trip crystal just to pull it out.