Alien Core unable to determine last owner

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What happened: Placed structure and switched it to an Alien Core waited a few minutes to do command and got error message" Cannot determine the last owner please contact an admin"
Player(s) with issue: ICE
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 5:45 MST
Playfield: Donor Planet Stella
Structure Name(s): TAW Condo (but there is 2 so careful please one is occupied the one in question is not.
Structure ID(s): 5744580
How can we help you now: Either get the core back to my possession or recycle and refund parts and Alien Core

You need to wait a few minutes after you spawn the structure for the tool to recognize the owner, then remove the core and replace it, wait again, and finally use the command.
If you don’t wait long enough with the normal core then it can’t determine the owner.

“You want to place it in your structure and get the ID of that structure BEFORE placing / replacing the core. Also make sure this structure is not new created. Otherwise wait at least 2 minutes before you proceed.”

An admin may be able to help you. Next time just wait longer before removing the core.

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This is fixed.

@RexXxuS I do owe Ice one alien core that I destroyed to fix this.

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I thought I waited a but but apparently not long enough noted for next time. Thanks for assist

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