EGS Recycle Structures

Much of the galaxy remembers when deconstructing ships, bases and pretty much everything else was enough to give you space tremors for life. Thanks to the geniuses at EGS, we now have the ability to recycle your vessels with the power of Science!

Depending on your upgrade level for EGS Recycle, you will be able to recycle vessels and get up to 90% of your materials (in form of blocks and devices) back, and perform recycles at a number of locations, and possibly anywhere, if your EGS Recycle level is high enough.

EGS Recycle Commands

Visit or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type egs:? for all available commands.

(The EGS Recylce HQ in ECC Sector)

EGS Recycle Upgrade Levels

EGS Recycle Zone

Most of the times you need to be inside an Recycle Zone to be able to recycle your structures. Such Zones are invisible for now and have different sizes from location to location.


The most popular EGS Recycle Zone location is at the EGS Recycle HQ in the Homeworld PvE System > ECC Sector.

Your Own EGS Recycle Zone

We also offer a convenience Support Package , where you can automatically create your own EGS Recycle Zone around your own Base Structure.

Once bought, you go to your desired Base that should have the Recycle Zone around it and type:

do:recz:id (id = your Base ID, found in HWS Connect > Structure Commander or with console command: “di”)


  • if the base is removed, your Recycle Zone is removed too
  • the zone area is about 50x50x50 around your Core
  • you can buy unlimited Recycle Zones and stash them until usage
  • every player can use this Recycle Zone, you can’t limit the usage to you or your faction
  • the Recycle Zone can only be created in a PvE playfield
  • the zone can’t overlap with other zones such as an OCD Zone for example

General Info

  • The main EGS Recycle Zone is in ECC System above the ECC Planet.
  • The Outpost EGS Recycle Zone is in Homeworld System.
  • egs:upgrade:recycle is the command to upgrade your Recycle Level
  • Your EGS Recycle upgrade levels get reset after every season!
  • devices not fitting in your Backback and all blocks will be put into the OCD, if there is enough space for them.

You can retain your EGS Recycle level through a full wipe with a support.

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