Alpha 8.5 Patch released and its impact on HWS (12th September full wipe)

Hey @everyone,

Alpha 8.5 got released!

While almost deserved to be Alpha 9, it’s really a big patch with quite a lot of features implemented, gameplay changes and even more bug fixes.
Please make sure to read the full changelog carefully since it has impact on your gameplay (like the changed Turret limits you can place, more about that below)

What does this mean for HWS

Unlike other servers HWS is NOT doing a full wipe today!
While it is totally recommended to do a full wipe with all the legacy / not working stuff we have since we started on 12th June, Eleon was just ~2 weeks faster than our planned 3 month season cycle — not for bad!

We can first see if the patch is compatible with our savegame overall as expected and second we can observe and test some things out with a “low” risk population before the bigger crowd is coming eventually after the full wipe on 12th September.

However Alpha 8.5 activates also a change for HWS: the new HWS Config is live!

To mention again just the most important impact for you:

  • the EWS system has almost no impact for PvE players but big impact for PvP players. Certain weapons do more damage to certain blocks / devices than other weapons. Hence you can create a kind of “shield” system with some blocks against some weapons. But this change made also Handheld weapons a lot more fun since they are not “all the same” now anymore.

  • because of that, all weapons and some blocks are now different to play with. Xeno Blocks for example have the same hitpoints as Combat Steel blocks but have only 1/4 of its weight - making it very lucrative to trade / POI hunt Xeno. Or Alien Turrets have a lot more hitpoints now to give POIs even in Multiplayer a more enjoyable role.

  • as I said above: CV turrets have now a group limit, not a single turret limit anymore. So it is your choice to place 10 pulse turrets (effective against SVs) or 10 plasma turrets (effective against other CVs). While SVs have also “Anti CV” weapons now it will create a lot more depth into your gameplay and your group coordination.

There are way more things in our HWS Config and the Alpha 8.5 patch to mention but the next 2 weeks are a great possibility for you to test them out without stress yourself.
Please make use of this time window and let me know any feedback regarding the HWS Config, so I can adjust then.

HWS 8.X is then the next season we are starting at 12th September
(as always make sure to know the full wipe procedure)

If all works out it will create another new gameplay for you combined with a new / changed universe.

HWS Maintenance / Admin / Police

Last but not least there are some things regarding that topic:

  1. After a long time in HWP for NA @JUNIPER was “ready” to leave the game “behind” as a normal player and try to help us with a Full Admin role for NA. This is a huge step and help while we are sleeping. We trust him, appreciate his neutral and calm attitude and hope it’s a great addition for the upcoming season.
    While he has almost all power we have, please don’t bomb him with supports etc. as you do with me :wink:
    After 5 full admin tries for NA we hope to have him longer on board :slight_smile:

  2. Until the 12th September I have to ignore all PMs which are addressing help or police crime stuff. We have the forum with dedicated locations for that - use it if it’s important to you.

  3. We might release a proper Police guide soon with the abilities the Police has or not has. To get rid of any rumor or confusion. We will also check new Police applications in the next season.

Thanks for your patience so far and have fun preparing for the next season!

Your HWS Team

Really looking forward to 8.X and all the good changes it will bring but I do understand you can make all of the players happy some of the time but cannot make all players happy all of the time!:sunglasses: Also a big welcome to Juniper as a new Admin! You really have your work cut out for you on the crazy mad NA Server…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Keep up the greatness of HWS everyone!

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So about that date. Could we push it to the weekend? Maybe the 14th or 15th? My request is purely for my own personal gain concerning donations to keep certain resources through the wipe and when I get paid. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Factory resources be can transferred to the OCD with a specific Support package

Please teach me the command.
Then look for Keep Blueprint.

Does it possible to add ship wreckages to multiplayer? Rebuilding and using theese ships in single player is fun.

I think with the full wipe will be added automatically by the game… is a 8.5 feature but it requires full wipe to be spawned.