Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 10.5: Optimizations

Hey @everyone
here we go! Alpha 10.5 Experimental got released!

This is a big patch, maybe bigger as some major ones. Not because Planets look shiny in space now but because

  1. The plan is to start the new HWS 10.X Season together with Alpha 10.5 release. 10.5 will probably be in EXP testing phase for few weeks. In worst case it will be released a bit earlier than our planned 17th September full wipe.
  2. Alpha 10.5 changed few internal yaml and POI properties I have to adapt to the Universe, which only works with a full wipe.
  3. 10.5 claims to improve the performance significantly! You remember the muzzle flash discussion? The reason we decreased the ROF of Minigun Turrets because this caused lags? They are now send in a different network channel without influencing the main important one. Rubber banding improvements as well.

That said please
A) Please test the Alpha 10.5 EXP very good and let me know your experiences! I will probably announce a new dedicated “HWS EXP Test Event” for it soon.
B) Prepare slowly for the full wipe and please, if you have time, I would value dedicated “HWS 10 season feedback” topics in the forum. I’m not sure I will have time for a big HWS Survey again. A lot is going on right now.
What was good, what was bad, what can be improved, etc.

Thanks a lot in advance! :bow:
Your HWS Team


I am skeptical about any new patches anymore, just seems their going rate breaks more than they fix. The major reason for my lack of playing lately is the rubber banding disconnects we’re getting too frequent; mining an asteroid in Phoenix and getting disconnected, then finding yourself 2k away from your ship that’s still at the asteroid is disheartening at best, major reason why I didn’t participate in any PvP this season.

Good Morning,

Alpha 10.5 EXP RC got released. We are looking good for the 17th September.

However, since I reworked the whole Invader vs Defender Scenario for the Official Eleon Servers, I am not able to give you cool Teasers for HWS 10.X.
There are some changes coming though!
My plan is to release a full pre announcement of the changes on the weekend.
In addition I also plan to have a 20% Sale on the Weekend in favor of the new coming season. FYI.

Anyways, with that RC our Voting become reality by coincidence :slight_smile:

HVs can dock to SVs now!

This is a 4 year requested feature and I will make use of it in the new season!
A stress test for all the network / PvP improvements is planned for sunday. To be announced.

I’m excited to see you in HWS 10.X soon. Thanks!