Ammo drainer?

Looks like Castille been hard at work draining my ammo?
if this is counted as ammo draining i would like compensation for all my towers lost in this process thanks.

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wow. just wow. This is why RP penalties dont work for ammo draining unfortunately. The type of person who ammo drains, is the type of person who has no RP to be removed. I think a debt of 1k credits should be applied per death, personally.

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yeah sad to see this kind of people ruining the fun of others… i was hoping to defend another round against pka this evening…

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from 69 to 154 deaths… wow that is insane ammo draining, he is going to get a shock thou, as each death takes gold and each death costs more gold and each death looses more rp which reduces death cost so he must have huge debt after that…but then again maybe credits and RP mean nothing to him…

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Ya… I tested that the other day. I saw no credits removed on deaths when I was clearing a POI.

This is ammo draining, As for punishment the player has reset themselves anyway so the punishment we would give is kind of done for us already.

He has been sent a warning message and if another occasion like this occurs it will be a greater punishment.


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I have too ammo drainers. from 20 to 72 death. And drill underground massive tunels.

26 17:51 ungamax BTB 20 ******
26 19:26 ungamax BTB 71 ******
and another two faction members

And for someone it is a normal to digg and try kill empty (only defence) base for hours. And they wanted to spit on rules and respect other players and honesty. Be a man - not a hiccuping donkey. Sit in CV and fight try to take the base in a fair fight. Yes it can be more dangerous but now game have opportunity to take base with one CV without online protectors but it need more time and solid ship.

He was also sent to prison for the rest of the week.

RP loss due to death is active… and also the loss of credits. But he did have not much anyhow.

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PS: Thats the second time he done that the last couple of days. Next time will be much harder.

The game needs a progressive cooldown on death, every time killed while in the cooldown doubles it, no more ammo draining, and we also need an always available spawning location in starter planet orbit.

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Unfortunately people will just use their drone then, since drone death cant be tracked while people are offline and drone death doesn’t show up on logs.

Then the drone has to be a consumable item.

Fresh start set you on starter planet in 4. I’d that not available any longer?

I would prefer spawning in some sort of space hub made by admins like a trading station rather than a planet, I could buy a new ship, find a taxi, ect…


While the ammo draining is obviously against the rules and has been dealt with accordingly, drilling under bases is entirely acceptable.

assuming their bases havnt prepared for diggers :]

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