Armageddon + Connection to server lost

Hi guys

Got a bit of a problem. Was leaving Armageddon and flying back to CV so I could leave system and log for the night.
When I approached my CV the label for the ship was there but not the ship, then I got a connection lost message.
I logged off and logged back in to see if that fixed problem but now I cant login at all and just get the waiting message and an occasional connection to server lost. Ive tried for the last 30 mins to get back in but not having any luck even after a hard reboot.

Thanks in advance


There is some problems in that playfield… Sorry

Whoops sorry PKA vs FST battle crashing the play field many times.

Have you tried to reset your routers and internet-connection, working fine on my end! :slight_smile: :popcorn:

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Actually it’s not FST vs PKA since we aren’t able to connect. Only one of us was able to and got disconnected… Not really fun of something should have been fun unfortunately.

WE have the same… usualy only 1-2 online… Takes 20 min to load…

Funny fact, people sometimes are able to connect but 20 later then no oxygen so died. lol

Current status of hws server, will be shined up later, no worries!


So 4 PKA connected (moving their ship) for 1 FST… Well…

Rexxus trying to work with the hamster

spent more time in loading screens lol

All back to normal for me, its seems I’m not the only one having problems then :frowning:

Woops sorry please read post:

It was still a bit laggy this morning after the wipe, but mostly when rendering the structures. 3 desynchs but it wasn’t horrible.

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