Armageddon modifications announcement discussion

Hello community,
After the newest announcment i’ve seen (understandably) some discussion and turmoil, mostly within factions involved in the fighting for armagedon (or soon heading for it, but just waiting for it to stabilize).

I’ve found it could be usefull to bring it here, so admins could sit at the discussion table with the community.

My point of view, that i think is shared by some other people around is as follow:
While i understand RexXxus first objective with Armaggedon was to create a planet for SV fighting, i believe we are past this point…
Armeggedon became a beacon of hope not only for people wishing for SV fight, but for ground warfare in general. Fighting with tanks is fun too, and actually takes skill now that there’s no CV to take them down! :slight_smile:

I’ve been one of the first to talk about limiting HV/SV cores on arma, and even though FDM is in the lead when it comes to the number of cores on Arma, i’m still 200% for the idea of limiting it.
Sadly i have the feeling that the new incomming limits are not adequate to the actual state of armageddon.

First lets start with the SVs - we’re fighting with SVs, lots of them, but 100 limit is overkill. Even a big faction could easly make it with 20.
100 SVs will just allow for wrongly minded faction to spam core in order to reblock the planet, jsut as when U-P was dropping HV “cubes” (cores with a few blocks) from orbit over ours and PKA’s bases. We do not need such a limit.
FDM is actually having 8 SVs, with 2 that got shot down during todays fighting.

Second that would require more discussion are the HVs. We’ll all agree the actual lag and server load is not the way. Limiting should be done, but then, as i said - most people regard Armageddon as a ground fighting planet, not an SV-only one, and 7 is to restrictive in my opinion.
We’re not talking about passive defense SVs, as the limit is aimed directly at them, but it will make bigger factions unable to get a tank for each of its member. It will also make atacker unable to actually have a HV reserve, instaed having to just spawn them on the go, losing momentum on the potential attack.
Another thing is that if there’s suposed to be war, there should be stakes for it (i’ll write another suggestion about it a bit later) - and one of the biggest possible bounties are bases. Bases that are by no mean able to be taken by SV alone, and from experience i know that alot of tanks can be lost in the fight for a base (hi NOD!).

Those many reasons are why i’m petinioning, and i hopefuly will get support to limit HVs to 15 and SVs to 20 per faction, i belive it is the best balance for the sake of having good fights on Armaggeddon. While i understand the fact HVs turrets can increase the load, would the server be ok with those limitation for HV (getting down to 12 if not - thats the minimum i think should be for good ground warfare)?

As for the private limits - won’t it get hit by the same bug the CVs are?
As long i have a CV even for a few seconds i get multiple warning, amking so that even 2 CVs make me reach the cap, with each next CV beeing taken over very fast. Same thing with HVs/CV would be quite annoying.

As for the suggestion for the stakes - if there were more gold asteorid spawns during PvP, it would raise the odds and the will to fight for them?


Agreed, i’d say 30 sv limit per faction and about a 20 hv limit per faction. Especially when you consider armageddon is for HV fighting/mining as well as sv fighting!

Furthermore the tactics we deployed on Arma were directly inherited from UP and Co’s tactics on Iceworld.

Also to increase chances of combat on Arma could you make it so gold meteorites only drop during PVP times? Otherwise it reduces the value of gold and discourages people from coming to mine gold on PVP if they can safely do it PVE time.

If that’s impossible then i recommend reversing the tax system, by giving cash to factions with a base on Arma as a kind of reward.

I agree I love fighting in HV’s infact for me its made HV’s worth while. Where as before I made maybe 2 HV’S in 8 months.

I have a better Idea. Why not have a SV planet and a HV planet?

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Right, gotta also consider that there’s mining HVs that aren’t relly fighting (and SVs too!) around. Tho, SVs don’t seem to be the problem.

This is a brilliant idea actually. While passive cash for people on armageddon isn’t the way, as it would be too easy to just drop a core when the tax system kicks in (especially its during the PvE time), painting a big loot target on every base can be something.

Maybe a new item, or using an existing one as a “flag” for capture the flag, rules could be as follow:

A faction could procure itself with a “flag” for its planetside base, having the flag would reward the faction on a daily basis after PvP. If another faction, that wasn’t ally with the “falgged” faction during the last week (to avoid ally abuses some individuals would no doubt do) would capture the said flag - they could sell it for round sum.
To increase the stakes for the ones taking the flag - there could be a top payment needed to lease the flag, so it has to stay over a day to pay itself back.

Now i guess the flag wouldn’t be easy to introduce, but it could very well just be i tiny admin cored SV, set to public you’d have to hide in your base. If someone gets the SV - he gets the flag.

Now, as for the "flag’s"mechanics and rewards: assuming the SV would be a public admin cored SV, the faction holding the flag could receive a daily ammount of gold spawning in the SV, could receive a bonus to the daily 1% benefits or the SV could be a cosy driller SV to be used by the said faction to mine on armageddon - the SV would be made indestrucitible by the admin core, but the cockpit can be exposed for the pilot to be killed.
Another variation could include large guns on the SV, that give it an edge over other SVs, adding to it the thrill that you can take your flag into battle.
The flag owners of course couldn’t make the flag leave armaggedon, or it would be lost to them. As for the rewards for capturing the flag - there could either be a limited ammounts of flag on armaggeddon - whoever haves the flag after PvP keep it and its benefits, or there could be a reward for selling a faction’s flag.

I think thats totally missing the point to be honest, its shouldn’t be “HV fighting” or “SV fighting”, there’s not really one without the other unless you just wanna make SV sparings, its ground warfare, and both element are needed (and its extremly enjoyable not to have CVs mess with it,as they are not balanced for ground fighting).
2 planets would split the PvP community.

Your right having both would be good but better if equal numbers for SV’s and HV’s 15 each or even 10 each.

There can be more SVs. they don’t load the server as much and they go down quicker.

Yes gold meteors falling during pvp and iron during pve. Also there should be immortal Drone base to put some pressure during pve. Maybe some alien troop transports?

Interesting idea, from what you have said i think it could work like this…

We have an Admin core SV, That has the cockpit 0000 but set to HWS

so anyone can fly it

The faction that has the SV in their base by a set time at the end of the week has effectively captured the flag…

So they would have to withstand attacks and assaults

the reward…well i dont want o give away too much yet until we can figure out all situations but how does this sound?

also guys im glad with all that is being said, let just say A LOT of time has gone into the development of 6.0 and a lot that is being mentioned has been considered or is possible…plus…a lot more cool stuff

We are looking forward to unleashing her on you guys, when the illusive 6.0 finally drops haha


I though about it being public for a simple reason - visibility. As vessels its only visible from up close, if public, it shows to everyone who got the flag.

Exept for that, sounds good, but i think it might be hard to avoid someone flying it into orbit when i think of it… Maybe without docking pads? This way it can’t leave the planet.
And also the harvest box should be with 000 code too (need to be drills on the HV so it can be dug out in case someone burries the treasure).

Weekly rewarding might be too little to motivate. Everyone will only fight ont he last day.
Maybe a small daily reward and a big one for those who help the last/the longest?

Well, i’m happy you like us discussing it. I like how you guys listen to the community and don’t leave the ideas go to waste :slight_smile:

.Any toughts ont he limit, or that’s more something Rex need to take care of?

I thought if any structure had admin core it showed on their maps…regardless of faction? The issue with public is that someone can control menu it and change it too their faction.

In regards to leaving the orbit, it will always be a possibility but would state in the rules it is not allowed…will be able to figure that one out :wink:

Issue is that it requires Human interation, IE Me or Rex or Jachua to reward as a system could not detect who has the flag…of course we cannot be sure that we can jump in daily but weekly for sure not issue. Worst case The winning faction screenshots and sends to us, we can check the tool to see who last interected with the SV incase of any ‘dispute’

For the remaining 5.0 this is down to Rex, We talk but in honesty we are facing more issues than limits currently, The 5.0 lifecycle has gone on too long and the way in which the universe doesnt make things easy for us so this is something Rex with all his experience in Server running needs to figure out the best action to keep things as smooth as possible.

Lets just say we are really looking forward to 6.0 lol

HWS 6.0 development has been my main duty for the past few months but we havent decided on the final limits, We are still waiting for perhaps Jascha to make some ideas a reality with his awesome coding which would then point us in the direction of limits.

One thing all should know is that we all talk very regularly and we listen, we read and we discuss what the community is saying and try to think about all situation :slight_smile:

an announcement is coming soon from our HWS Team relating to 6.0 which for the first time can mean that we can avoid possible issues prior release, change, add and listen even more to what YOU the players think :smiley:


This capture the Sv idea seems great it will add some really interesting competition!

Interesting talks about HVs… Except dat moment, that almost 90% of HVs used like mini-BA, and 9% like diggers and mb 1% as personal fighter…

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Let me see, I should have about 24 spiders winch are sentry guns, 6 or 7 Archer defensive tanks. 7 or 8 standard assault tanks and two ladybugs one upgraded with basic armor and weapons. 16 to 24 ratio or so. BTW Ilya destroyed much bigger defense in 7h on comet7 by himself. Taking numbers from head but should be more or less correct.

we have 2000 defence
2000 moles
3000 tanks
now that’s an army
Only joking

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Sorry if this seems fragmented, im on my phone.
I love the idea of this capture the flag.
But can it be a poi with an admin core? That we can ‘claim’ for our faction in somea way?
This way it wont move, cant be tunneled into nor can it be destroyed.
Maybe have the cargo boxed auto restock everyday. To give mega incentive.
You could also put it above a deposit with mutiple autominers.
Maybe another system, I dont know what tools you have at your disposal toto tweak the game.

Also if at least one of these was on each world there would be a reason to go there, less cheap tunnelling tactics. ( maybe not for this discussion but other pvp planets are dead, no bases, nobody to invade, no pois just mining).
a capture the flag system for all pvp planets with some reward for doing so would be epic!
Pvp would come alive and spread out.
If traders got a larger bonus for holding these pois, then they truly get a role in pvp, trading their excess items

If decked out with poi turrets then ammo draining would not be an issue either.
Hopefully it would be less effort for the admins to check on and create, than a special sv.

Admin run topic, faction controlling the flag give a screenshot with date and hour right after the restart, distribution of the rewards at the end of the week.
This way you don’t have to jump in daily, but there’s daily rewards.

Thats why the limit is needed. 12-15 will make it too little to waste slots on static “turrets”.

What about nearest factioned core? Or intruder log at time closest to the deadline?

Sounds good if possible to implement. Also - BA core only.[quote=“mcprouty, post:18, topic:4818”]
Or intruder log at time closest to the deadline?

Intruder log is too buggy in my opinion.

Random thought time:

What if we twisted the concept a bit and instead of “capture the flag” it was “king of the hill”.

One base. Period. It’s gets taken, faction flipped during PVP hours. Whoever owns that live core when it goes PVE owns it for that period and can build whatever defenses they can for 12 hours. Then it’s king of the hill again. Rinse repeat.

Would introduce some interesting tactics too.

Solves a lot of problems. Maybe introduces some more.

As for reward, perhaps that one only existing player base core can generate some reward: RP, credits to owning faction etc…


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Yes, as I tried to say before ( but badly cause I was excited lol)
A king of the hill base on each world would be epic and spread pvp big time.
I don’t think they can implement it yet tho

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