Armageddon - The blunder - Discussion

Alright - I hope it’s the last Armageddon feedback we get because by now it’s getting redundant.

To make it quick:
It began with that topic and some other messages PVP planet´s

So gold wasn’t really mentioned but it is all the time the same: people want something but don’t have the details in mind.
So you wanted a pvp planet? Wtf go to homeworld. That what was the real hot spot idea. The planets there have gold, custom pois and even custom biomes.
But it was not cool enough for you. Or to big?! Well but hey, some guys complain that hws is a too small universe you know.

Anyways people need obviously a real reason and as mentioned is gold the most important reason.
Now you go ahead and complain even about the fact that gold can be mined at all. Especially the big factions complaining which have billions of gold. Not thinking of the small ones who are happy to catch up a bit.
So again complains complains everywhere.

If there would be a way to control resource contribution we would do it since the beginning. We are not stupid. But reading in 1 week like 20 times that gold shouldn’t be available during pve is just Wtf.

I can understand your boredom and/or frustration because of the long wait till 6.0 and problems naturally grow over time but this won’t help.

Because you always need to have in mind that what is cool for you is not cool for others.

Feedback is good and all but if the same faction request a planet AND complain about it at the same time then either the faction has problems or other things went wrong.
And not to forget that especially zappe is a fan of good pvp no lag and my thought was “ok, this guy want pvp action so much, let’s do it and trust him to sort it out”. What happened? PKA had millions of structures, 100% knowing that the good pvp no lag is just a fake and even ruined it.

It is no finger pointing but the honest question: What do you expect from this alpha game? Or other question: is your faction so big that you have multiple directions not matching in one at all?
Think about it, especially for 6.0 when it is needed to know what you are doing as a Team and not an organization.

Limits are needed. It got proofed once again. Check.
Gold is horded by people complaining about gold but on the other hand don’t know what to spent their gold for. (this will change in the future. Where credits become really important!) check.
We remove gold from Armageddon but implement a lot in Black Hole. Check (then we will see what you define as a pvp planet).

Huh. Wasn’t quick, was it? Damn. I should shut down my smart phone while I’m in vacation…