PVP planet´s

I have asked the admins for a new type of pvp planet…

I want a planet thats only pvp from 17:00 to 23:00.

That way you dont need to guard 24/7 but we still can get some fun pvp…

Who thinks this is a good idea ???


What time zone? And you understand that that narrow of a time would only benefit people in YOUR time zone right? Also pvp/pve swaps can only be done on server restarts.

True! N1 idea.

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17:00 CET and 23:00 CET are server restarts…

Its getting to much when you need to defend or attack for 10-12 hours straight…

So one option is to add a black hole planet with this given feature or you want your planet to do this?

So every day 6 hours pvp?

Mb better some other system? New rule for one of HW planets? BH is pretty lagy…

The best choice for everyone. U didnt need to use OP, u didnt need to watch exploit-siege. And ofc, Devs could visit such planet, and check everything by themself.

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yes 6 hours of pvp / day. That will make it more fun so people can go to sleep and dont have to be awake 24/7

If nothing else we can use my planet. BH is to lagge as it is. Maybe in the space that is empy close to EM.

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Sierra lebula is an empty playfield. if that helps.

Agree with it.
Maybe we can have also Planets that switch pvp in other timezones for ppls from distant countryes, but i think the 17-23 time is the morst populated timeframe.

For donator planet it may be a choice of the owner the time lapse of pvp

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If it is to make a schedule it has to be in a zero spindle, using Greenwich would be ideal, but if it is to be per server then it has to be for NA -5 from Greenwich …

I play NA for that.

Nice idea, and yea would be cool to have some other planets with different 6 hour period and people would naturally migrate to the time zones they like, although needing the server to restart more than twice a day I guess is not possible or logical xD

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