ART and TFT meeting 07.11.2016


Your member Klear told me in chat that your ships and bases were away and he thinks that this is our fault because HWS Connect says that we were there and yes we were there but that was at least more a problem for us and not for you.^^

So I tell you now the “funny” story about our yesterday evening/night in the long version.

Yesterday we (hanni(°v°), (admiral_doc, [SoD]Chrischen(°v°) and me) came back from a journey to the marketplace and the homeworlds back to xerult orbit around 10pm. Than we realized that our mainship with all the nice shit in it was stolen. This was possible because we switched the position of the core and than WE (not one of us…) forgot to change the faction back to TFT… so anyone in xerult orbit can see our ship 30000m away in space. -,-
So when we came back our tresure galleon was away and one or two of LLT traders (I think one was Chobo) fly between our small vessels, looted them and destroyed their cores. So we fought them and had a disput with the admins because we thought they had to punish LLT when they raid our ships. But since yesterday we know that faction rules are just a guideline and violation against this guidelines have to be avenged by the community, means alliance faction or bountys.
So in the meanwhile smudgybear told us that he has our ship and we can have it back for a small reward. We accepted this and warped to the trader orbit because he was on trader planet with our ship. Yeah and there we meet your ships and bases or what ever. Because after this jump the game was really buggy (as always).
So what can I tell you? I sat in the passenger seat and can’t do anything and i thought our ship does nothing. i only heard that something shooted at us. Two of us died instantly and admiral_doc and i disconnected and spawned again. admiral_doc was getting killed instantly and respawned in the clone chamber of our ship. I respawned and was standing at one of your ships in a dead angle and looked around and see our ship 12000m away from me. I jumped away from this position and was dead after 1sec and respawned in our ship, too far away from your base. Hanni did the same, only Chrischen died again and again beside your base until he wasn’t any longer in range of it.
After that we get our treasure galleon back from smugdybear, admiral_doc picked us up in space, the strong, pretty and almost goodlike achilles needs to help Hanni because she stucked at our ship and can’t move away and after that we jumped away from trader orbit and did not came back till now.

So that was our nice and funny evening yesterday but thanks to smugdybear our losses where at least not that large.

By the way I think Hanni wants a child from you, Achilles. XD But smugdybear will be really unhappy because he wants to merry her. :confused:
Ach we live in modern times. Shoudn’t be a problem.

We found some unpowered ships and wrecks, one ship had his core removed, we put a new one, my SV suddenly get hit by an unkown bugged ship (no tag, no core, player standing 50 m away from ship), it was impossible to destroy even though we saw a lot of explosions, I flee then I’m hit by another SV with a TFT tag, for a moment I believed TFT was defending from the bugged ship. What I’m supposed to do?

  • no tag anywhere
  • unknown bugged ship shooting at you
  • TFT ship shooting at you

Sorry if I try to defend myself.

I’m willing to believe you, chobo. But this was not the first time we met LLT. And as before we flooded the chat with messages, which called on you to stop firing and asked you to leave the place. But you turned again and again. And it is also not true, that there was no ship left with a TFT tag. So please watch out the chat next time…

your unpowered ships weren’t showing any tag and so was my agressor, then a TFT shows up and shoots me, I stop shooting when you ask it but I still get hit by your bugged ship, I defend myself.
Without unpowered ship tags not showing and your bugged ship, we wouldn’t have fought.

Good evening, I allow myself to react to this discussion fesant integral part of the story. We have seen with my friends Chobo several vessels without abandoning core in orbit Jaggal. Even then we had to get the team TFT starts to fight back with bug vessels began to explode on contact our response missiles without taking shame.
The question is not who is right or who is wrong in this story alor that we are ALL in a PvP environment. When was the integriter our team compared to yours its happen here: Trader attack trader.
Which accuses it of you lie?

PS: excuse my broken English.

I think this thread was originally not made to attack LLT or now LLH, but to explain the situation to ART, who still think we destroyed their base…
But with regard to the situation between LLH and TFT I hope the new improvements coming from patch 4.3 will make the situation clearer in the future.

From the new patchnotes for 4.3:

  • Adapted distance at which HUD tags are shown: planet 350m (instead of 250m) and space 1500m (instead of 1000m)
  • Name + faction info appears at 300m (planet) and 1250m (space) - before: 200m / 500m
  • Changed: unpowered structures are again showing their name in HUD

So at least I can believe that Chobo didn’t knows who he is attacking because our svs weren’t powered, but we don’t know that faction tags were not showen when the ship has no power. At least there was still one ship where our tag was written to his hull, but maybe you didn’t see it…

OK,N7 … so you are saying that the warp in point has sudenly got bugged and changed to one of our bases and CVs?

Yeah that’s a part of the things I’m saying more or less.Because after the warp our ship than bugged away to the original warppoint and leave us between your ships and bases until we died and respawned at the ships clonechamber.