Back to the roots with Block limitation | PvP improvement



Just “spitballing” here with this thought. Along with even lower block limits on sv and hv. Buff thrusters and especially rcs. Fewer thruster and rcs used — possibly less lag? Buff hover motors?


ROFLMAO - the block limit seems to have had a secondary effect: All the Russians left screaming various obscenities and accusations as they went. More drama? Oh I think so!

Now, if only there were someone unbiased, non-judgemental and not ruled by their emotions so much that they can’t see clearly to admin the server and arbitrate this mess…

So funny the Russians chose today to leave and make noises about ‘cheats’ - anyone else seeing a connection here??


Well that sucks actually… I liked the Russian players, they were actually really good opponents the few time I fought against them.


Yes, right up to the point you beat them then it’s “lag hack”, “aimbot”, “view cheat”, “build cheat”, etc, etc, etc.

I swear my world would implode if I ever saw a Russian player lose and go “gg matey - good fight”.

It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad.


Have you never fought a garage ship before? We have been fighting garage ships in sub 3000 block standard SVs since last season. We are able to fight for 15 minutes or more even when outnumbered. They are not as overpowered as people claim. Speed and I PvP every day and could easily afford garage ships, yet we have not needed to.


I have not taken a stance as far as Garage ships go as of yet and have merely stated to Israel that it sounds to me that things are the same as they were before. Garage ships were tough before there was a block limit because people would purchase garage ships then just armor them up so they were even more powerful. Now they just can’t armor them up as much as before due to the block limit so they are still powerful but without the extra armor pre-limit.

Sounds like no change to me personally in balance of power, they are supposed to be superior in some ways but not overly so and from what you say it sounds like my assessment was correct. When I finally have more time to go face to face with them I will get to actually weigh in more heavily on that subject. For now it sounds to me that this block limit doesn’t really make the server favor the Garage ships any more than it did prior to the block limit. That is all I can really say.


Yeah, our SV was already under the 3000 block limit. One thing that garage ships face is the fear of losing its extra weapons or CV armour blocks. Most will retreat under heavy assault, so we go straight for them.


Yeah I like that idea, awhile back someone else mentioned doing away with third person view. Imagine dog fighting only in first person view. The ships couldn’t be just big blocks cubes anymore. Yeah those two changes and the battles would change completely,


my thoughts on this subject are limits on pvp fields is good but for capital ships that people like me use as mobile bases its a definite no go please keep the size 7 limits for non-combat areas .


your right about not making fancy ships because too hard to fix I am hoping like crazy that the repair to Blueprint fixes that issue >< <- crossed fingers