Bank has 0 credits

I just logged in since the crash yesturday and my bank has 0 credits in it. It was just over 600k when the crash happened.
When you get a chance can you please take a look into it.

Na Server
ingame name Typical


edit: I just would liek to add that my ocd has been put to level 1 aswell even though im a donator and it was lvl 5. I also got a welcome message to the hws server as if i was a new player. I lost my rp aswell but i did just leave my faction so that doesn’t matter. Just mentioning it incase this helps you find the issue.

Also got my bank wiped a week or 2 ago contacted Jasha Rexxus but no answer. :frowning:

it was wiped again almost 1 mill down :cry:

Cause I don’t know why.
Jascha is stressed out but he is on it…

Hey the raven. can it be that you forgot that there is a tax?
When was your last wipe of credits? Today?

Hi Jascha i checked last week i was at 0 so a put about 300 to 400k in there. Normally i have about that 300 to 400k it got wiped twice. Can’t tell exactly when because i don’t check my balance often And we don’t pay taxes never have .

If you can’t deal with this now i understand…

p.s you are a wizard with that ocd :slight_smile: love it

Hey just curious how the fix is working out? kinda stuck in the donator space because i was cleaning up my stuff and put it in the ocd that i cant currently get to. I seem to have lost my donator package so the instant blueprints and the resource packages aswell.

hm sorry raven. if its so long ago i cant check it anmyore. We keep a backup for 4 days. in these dasys i could not see any credits on your account.

Hey. sorry that was a bug one of the last days. I set your donations back and gave you the whole amount again.
Thanks for letting us know

Thank you Jascha