Bank Interest Adjustment

TL, read some.

My main point of irritation is the use of multiple accounts accruing interest. Should be 1 account period, one for EU and one for NA, not 4, not 12, etc. Not sure how Rexx could go about this, but I am sure he has access to see the transfers of credits between accounts and can view the total time played per account to make some positive determinations on what is probably an alt and what is a main character.


It has? I didn’t read that anywhere. Maybe i missed it. hmm…

Yeah if it has been removed i don’t know how that decision has anything to do with balancing the economy. The keep bank credits is like an ocd for money. So if they removed that then might as well follow that same “faulty logic” and remove OCD as well! And then i say bye bye to this server.

I don’t get why they would remove that. I also payed my real money to increase the amount of credits i can keep. Thats totally wrong and unacceptable if they did that.

Some things to consider next time:

  1. Announce potential changes that affect donations/significant in-game investment WELL in advance
  2. If nerfing something with no intent to rebalance some other aspect of it, consider grandfathering players in OR offering refunds for RP/Credits/RL $$
  3. Consider alternative or niche problem areas before jumping to widespread changes and gauge the impact. For example, alternate/family share accounts should not be able to take full advantage of OCD/EB
  4. Changes that are tied to monetary donations should be CAREFULLY reviewed before being rolled out
  5. Involve the community before making sweeping changes. This one and others are obviously dividing the community in a white-hot debate far too early in the season.

Going over all these post Seems like many people have posted in some way shape or form a disagreement on the change some how . And it seems all have agreed that when it comes to a change of this size the Community should have a say in it .

If it wasnt for the Community , Donations from the Community , Advertisement from the Community , Voting from the Community . ( The list goes on ) The HWS Server would not have lasted this long . So at the end of the day I am personally happy that there was a change to somewhat meet The Community in the middle . Thanks @h1myname1sdav1d for listening to us . Being a middle man for a Server of this size is hard .

But as a Community we also deserve to hear from you @RexXxuS about this . Leaving @h1myname1sdav1d to deal with hundreds of people complaints is not right . This issue was not just about a EB Bank level reset . This was also about the Communities real money being messed with which we deserve to hear from you @RexXxuS. When people start to feel unsafe with what their money is doing then you will start to lose money for the Server .

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It was removed as an option but people who had it were grandfathered in after heavily negative feedback.


I agree with all points you stated 100%


Israel, it costs 474.2 million credits to get to EB 10, not counting the cost of the RP (it costs, either in time logging, working the market, running POIs, or straight up buying AC’s). With typical AC costs at 50k per RP point, it’s 762.8 million credits. That’s a significant investment. Any you thing they should get 1.5 mil interest/day for that? Even real-world investments have a better yield.

You must have not read my last comment on that.

Well Lower the Bank interest is not the solution, Nor was it the problem. All your doing by that is causing a big span form the avg person to the rich dicks, Like i state earlier 175 mill + 1700 credits, Will take the avg person Good first 30 days of the season Most longer, And that’s doing the vote count everyday and all the max rp gains u can think to get, The problem is Allowing People to Keep that Bank 10+ that 400 mill carry over, Which allows them to never have to earn it again, Reducing the Amounts Hurts your adv Person who Doesn’t pay to xfer, like my self, and who Grinds it out ever season, On avg i normally make about an extra 45mill a season, That’s including my rp payment after wipe> not the little over you make your forced to spend or loose it, due to only allowed to carry a 100 mill over to the new season. BUT now lets look at it from HWS side, Removing the Functions would hurt the game, That’s is what allows Hws Servers to run. SO that is not an option either. so allow to rich to get rich, Because they got money and RL and can afford to throw it at a object ever season. So U end up in this Never ending Loop. TO where u either Hurt your avg joe/new guys, Now If you look at trying to rebalance the bank That the normal Player has to grind out to get like i do ever season, Lowering that cost, To where you barley break even Depeing how long into the Season before u even make the rp requirement alone, there like an 85% you will loose money now, so your forced to grind out bank 10 with the first 30 days, Or risk loosing your money. SO now your expanding the gap even either. Causing mass Capitalism. because if something like that happens again and they keep like that the Avg person would never get and Eb lvl cus they would literally throwing their money down the drain,Yet the Rich guys just Pay to xfer again Still not having to grind the RP, Still benefiting from it, Driving a wedge threw that gap and spreading her like a Old pair of rotten curtains.

Don’t worry, you personally got grandfathered in and have it permanently.

1 lower bank level increases cost.
2 make max daily interest income same across all levels.
3 higher bank levels yield higher percentage and higher carryover amount.
4 keep extra credit carryover packages.

1 makes it easier to upgrade, 2 levels the playing field of rich vs poor interest manipulation. 3 lets u keep less in the bank and more in circulation. 4 allows extra amounts past bank level carryover. at a glance seems to favor the more active player. actual amounts/percentages can be tweaked to adjust for less actives as time progresses.

Wait, wait. Back that up a minute, @Israel_T-C . You’re one of the people that was grandfathered in on the ‘keep bank credits’, so you have a LARGE reserve of money at the beginning of each season, and yet you want to nerf interest? You don’t even need to worry about carrying enough to re-earn your previous level, or ‘working your money’ because you would still get to keep a large reserve. It sounds like you don’t want others catching up to you. I don’t begrudge you the large starting balance, but please stop shooting the rest of us in the foot!

Hmm… clearly you just want to argue so i won’t be responding to you at this time. Its a waste of my precious time. :slight_smile:

Maybe your just envies of my awesomeness… So i’ll let the haters be hating!.. :shushing_face: :joy:

Actually, I was responding as I was reading through the thread, these are replies to specific comments. And the last wasn’t arguing, it was a plea to please stop trying to get the interest rate dropped further. I see since I wrote that that you have seen the numbers and understand what you are saying now. Thank you for reading.

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I understand and share many folks’ frustrations here, but I also don’t want to scare poor ole’ David off! It’s really great that the economy is getting a good hard look and potential overhaul, and as @Bob said (this is the first time I’ve agreed with Bob I think :slight_smile: ) it’s appreciated that David is sacrificing his game time to work on this.

That said, this isn’t me trying to ignore anybodies frustrations, I’ve read all the comments on this thread and it’s good to see a wider response from a larger section of the community.

I’m very glad that David has responded to our feedback as shown with this post’s existence and I wish him and us all continued success in getting the HWS that we all want and are able to live with.

This is a magical server, and a lot of the passion here is coming from us knowing what a special thing we have on HWS and wanting to be sure that we don’t break the precious equilibrium of our HWS universe! :slight_smile:

Best regards

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Of course.

Have you seen how much OCD 7 costs? Can you raise that much money in a season… Not unless you work your buns off for 2-3 seasons. I try and go up 1 new level and bank per season. You have to rebuy the bank levels every time a new season starts, the only thing that stays is the OCD, and higher levels are ridiculously expensive, like $700 Million.

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