HWS 10.X changes | EB interest revert and the proper pre announcement

Hi HWS Community,

the first big heap of the new season is cooling down very slowly so I want to take more time in explaining few things and announce few other things.

First of all the season was one of the hardest one for me to prepare, because I spent almost all my time in the rework of the official Invader vs Defender II scenario.
The best thing I should have done was to postpone some of my “planned” changes to the next season. But in the rush I made the decision to include them anyways - without properly announcing it to the community, to you.

I apologize if some changes upset you or you think negative in any other form or shape about us and what we do. That is the very least we want!

Why we are here

I took the feedback from all big Surveys to my heart where you almost begged me that I accept more help from others. So I did and indeed, it’s great if I don’t need to do everything myself day and night. I really appreciate the big help from David and Hayawen.
That being said, even though it is very hard for me to do, I tried to fully concentrate on other things - spending my time to help Eleon in its root.
The steam reviews for Empyrion went down the last seasons and since I love this game a lot, I almost feel responsible for it. I wanted to help and work on a new Singleplayer Scenario “Dawn of Galaxy 2” and the big rework of Invader vs Defender 2.

In that time David made many polls and discussion rounds with you about reworking the Economy, so I thought I give some results from his hard work a try in the new season.

The EB interest was one of the result, even though a complex one.
The issue, as with other things here, is that real money is involved. And even though I could, I do not take this lightly and ignore it. My crazy idea to make my living out of Empyrion as main thing, is only possible with your help. So I want to do everything in the best interest of the community.

So the least to reflect that would be pre announcements so you can prepare or adjust planned changes based on your feedback.

I’ll promise in the future to always do announcements of any change involved directly to the Supporter Packages!

The revert and change for next season

For now, in discussion with David, we revert the whole EB interest change to the values before this new season.

The hard work from @h1myname1sdav1d and our attempt to really work on a better economy are still in place though.
The results from David should be seen as pre announcement change for the next season.

Quick Look for EB interest in the next season HWS 11

Why change EB interest at all??!??

Simple and honest: our vision of a HWS Economy is to motivate more active ways to generate ingame credits.

However some know me and I am a friend of Casual gamer (I moved from hardcore pre ESL gamer to Casual gamer myself).
So there is and will be always incentive for those who have not much time for big grinding. Look at the new Daily Loot, the Daily Vote, the fa:supply package, the repeatable PDA Mission rewards, the EB Lottery and features boosting this even more in the future.

The issue of all of this is only: balancement. Hence we appreciate your feedback in making it fun for everyone!

Last but not least we are aware that there is in general two methods available for that topic: either nerf stuff or implement other features (money sinks).
While the first one is faster than the latter, it’s more involved with negativity what we don’t want. Just have patience please so we can work only with 1-3 guys on implementing more features.


There are some alternatives around as well. Some are difficult but for the next season we will work on them.

  • take care of alt accounts. Trying our best to implement bullet proof checks and exclude them. We know there are some players who totally abuse it. Greed is a big enemy of mine!
  • implement more dynamic / logical steps in some of our features to motivate our vision of active players.
  • the goal is to not call your gameplay “grind” on HWS but fun. Rewarding this with rewards is what we want.

I hope you understand us in a better way now and we hope you never ever think we do it with any bad intentions or to actively want to harm you. The only thing we unfortunately fail from time to time is execution in what we do. Don’t want to excuse us with being totally stressed but remind to a human thing doing mistakes.

All the best and thanks for your feedback! Only that way we can and will improve!
Your HWS Team


I am totally fine with all Changes and i know that you and the HWS Team always try to find the best way for every Player.


I most appreciate your response, action taken, and time to explain. It greatly helps restore my ‘faith’ in your motives, goals and yourself, and my hope for you to achieve the greatest success possible to match your talents.

Ideas and changes towards an ever better hws is good, and necessary to stay well ahead of all competition. Effective change management is equally, perhaps more important than the actual change. It will make or break the value of the change.

Well done in recovering the dropped ball.

Also, to Dave thanks again for the time, effort and exhaustion this must have brought. Dont be discouraged, please keep at it.


Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for listening. HUGE nerfs all at once are a shock. Changes gradually are taken better and we can plan for them.


I started playing this game in pre alpha 3.4, and even though I was playing other servers when I started, I remember even then HWS was a rising star. So, you guys were my first pick when I returned with friends in alpha 4.0 and it was very fun. The day you sent that fleet of alien warships at my base on neo planet, priceless, wish I had recorded that.

I have played other survival games and remember the way things were in alot of them in there older days. To me every one of your features is a luxury that simply isn’t around in most other survival games. Usually meaning after a major patch or the server gets unstable a full wipe, loss of everything, and start over.

It saddened me when someone complained about the garage ships not respawning and putting the donations that they put towards the things they wanted as justification for you guys to have lost more sleep and food to get it fixed. I was one of the lucky few that got one of the garage ships and I even donated but, I didn’t see that as justification to have every last little thing running as long as enough is going that we can play. Its alpha and day one of a major patch if, its gonna happen it is.

As for the economy, etc again, you guys have so many extras, that honestly its golden we can take anything into the next season “AT ALL!” I know alot are mad at the short notice but, I just started planning accordingly. We were told there would be economic changes, OH leadership was even posting forum posts in our discord. It might not have been the final draft but, it was sorta a preannouncement.

I thank you for giving us a second chance at recycling and putting stuff into our ocds. I thank you and the team, literally giving us half or more of your day trying to get things setup and fix everything you could. I am very appreciative of what you guys do, have done, and more than likely will continue doing. I am very proud to have donated this season and upgraded myself up from freeloader! I hope you guys have a great season as well! o/


I’m a little upset, “free” money again. But in General, all well done! Sorry for translation)

No doubt, it will get ‘there’. Better to take a little more time than leave wreckage across the roadway.

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"If you boil the pan slowly, the frog doesn’t jump out. "

There’s a pattern of kneejerk responses to problems, often pushing too far the other way.
Small gradual changes is key if you’re wanting balance.

The sv changes are debilitating, hard to adjust to.

The changes to the class limits make HV drop ships a no go. :frowning:
But at least some of the old 150block ships won’t go to waste :slight_smile:

The no shields while docked make a lot of the interesting contraptions, research and development wasted, and forces people to use hangers to transport sv and hv.
Double edged.

The economic changes are brutal, but it needed to be done, was way too easy to make coin WITHOUT doing much work.
I’d strongly recommend putting in high buy limit perishables buyers out in pvp and pve space, maybe in the radcom bar area?

The ability to sell a foods and crops enmass wouldn’t be game breaking as people have to work hard to farm and cook then store in perminantly powered fridges-
To balance this you could remove the ability to put perishable items in ocd or hws trader packages.

I’d set the buy amounts around a full stack each and the prices around 5-25 for the ingredients. 20-500 for the finished goods.
You could also do special things here🤔
Like change the recipes for wine to include gold bars(like then, and have the trader buy them in at around 500-1000 credits a bottle.
This would be the kind of thing that appeals to industrial and trader players. Something that’s tricky to make, creates sub industries(big sellers will want to buy grapes not farm them, new sellers will be able to sell grapes to get started up)

Could be applied to more than just wine and expanded on to be a major feature that’s currently a minor novelty > farming, cooking, refidgerated transport<
The perish timer on items is a great money skink out of the economy too. :+1:

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I love how people keep calling it free money , Depending on the way you got to EB 10 . It wasnt free to get there . The Buying levels came from somewhere . Either you mined the gold , sold stuff , someone loaned it to you the list can go on . My self personally I got out there and Mined gold and sold Items . Building credits over time to eventually be able to upgrade to EB10 . The reward . Yes free credits through the interest of EB 10. But wait we also have to have the credits in there for the interest to work . So it maybe interest or free as you say it . But I do not agree with the statement we arent doing anything for it , because clearly we had to , to get to the level of EB we waited .


I agree planning and communication are to key to Change

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I am also fine with the changes . My opinion on the matter is communication will go along way . When a change idea comes along . Talk to the community about it , vote and slowly work it into the newer season’s . Thanks @RexXxuS for hearing our calls and concerns .
Thanks @h1myname1sdav1d for communicating with the community and being our middle man to work things out


Ill be honest, I was so hyped for this season, but when I got on there were so many changes it was disappointing. Not only to old members but to new. Im always completely set up within a week as far as having a base location picked out and having a few ships started, miners and such. But this season I didn’t even make it out of the starter station before I just turned the game off. People plan certain things for months ahead of time for the next season and then bam you guys just pull the rug out from under us, and that’s from a casual, hardcore, and patron perspective. Drastic changes are never good. Secondly they completely throw off the balance you are trying to achieve in the first place. I mean can you imagine how many new people came and saw all the complaining and raging in chat and decided to play something else ? I would, anyways Im glad you guys are really trying to be fair though, but please don’t make such drastic changes…For example if you want to lower the eb interest why completely decimate it ? lol adjusting something and making it completely worthless are not coherent. Please just use increments. For example if you changed the interest about half of what you did you wouldn’t have seen near the outrage. Sorry the lengthy note, but its the first time Ive had a chance this week. As always tho, thanx for the hard work, I speak for many when I say that I enjoy HWS and would prefer to never go elsewhere.


I agree with this 100%

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Funny thing is as I go each day I keep finding new things that have been changed that noone knew about or was warned. For example the adjustment to autominers…haven’t heard anyone say anything about em but they went from 1 core fueling 3 days to only fueling 1…why not go down to 2 days instead of once again just completely ruining a feature ? and ok its drastic to say it ruins the feature, but if I bust ass all all last season and max my auto miners and max my mates autominers and then we come in and its impossible to now keep them fueled, then it was indeed pointless. and if we were warned before the new season we wouldn’t have wasted the creds on maxing them out…just a very frustrating season.