Bank Interest Adjustment

Hello Again,

I’ve spent a lot of time listening to you guys over the last couple of days. Thanks to everyone who has been giving feedback and reaching out. I appreciate it.

By far the biggest change to the economy is the HWS Traders and I’m excited to watch how that system works and implement the rest of it. Additionally, reworking mission loot tables will be another way we boost a part of the game economy. As those things take effect, We will want less passive money in the economy for a variety of reasons.

However, many of you have been very vocal about the bank interest cut and while I knew it wouldn’t be popular and hoped we could give it a shot for a while to see how it really worked a few really good points were made that I will take into account as we keep going.

  1. Not all of my boosts to the economy are implemented yet to make up for the passive cut.
  2. The change could have been previewed to give people time to understand it.
  3. My assumptions about what will happen can be tested with less of a change.

So we’re going to dial it back a bit and raise the daily max interest rates at the bank for the time being. I want you all to know this is DIRECTLY related to your feedback. We are listening, we do care, we are taking your ideas into account. As we continue to rework the economy I hope you’ll all be open to what we’re trying to do to make the gameplay more fun and rewarding and as I’ve said many times over the last two days: None of this is final, no changes are permanent, if things break we’ll fix them. :+1:

With that, here are the updated levels:


Excellent! Massive props to you for doing this. It’ll be greatly appreciated! It’s great to see someone such as yourself taking such time to work on the economy AND to bring people with you along the way, this is a good example of that! :slight_smile:

Best regards and thanks for this! (Even though it doesn’t benefit me as I am no longer active, but I believe it’ll benefit many others!)

Best regards,
Wise. :slight_smile:


Dialing back is good.

However, does not address fact it still is a nerf (not even acknowlodging the grandfathering/compensation issues so many expressed – and I repeated was my big issue in voice several times with you) from what many prepared and contributed for the new season.

Of that, I am still disappointed and struggling with the absence of apparent understanding how this impacts individual players.

Still a “rug” pulled out from under, just a little less abruptly.

To go with Wise’s links in the other thread, here is the ocd thread I refered to:

The lesson of importance of grandfathering or compensating for nerf still is unlearned. Your success will be much greater if you take this lesson to heart and employ it.

It was in middle of the afformentioned thread I uninstalled egs and withdrew from all things hws related, planning to never reinstall. Sat out season 9, decided to tentatively return in 10. Gave no support for 1st 2 months to assess whether or not issues were improved. Only recent, in 3rd month of season began contributing again, including eb carryover on both servers…

My point is this — 1) this is no threat, just information for you to ponder, 2) you are no longer just technical gamers, you are business 1st — for greatest success, when you make changes, pay attention to including ways to minimize the negative impact on your customers.

Negative impacts on current customers will ALWAYS hurt your bottom line.

Not all customers are created equal, don’t hurt those who arent creating the problems you are trying to solve.

Final thought, you have the fortunate circumstance of centuries of collective experience and wisdom on this server, from around the world, given for free. Suggest you consider and act on it more closely. You’ll be more successful.

Ignore it at your own cost.

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For those that may have “borrowed” money to upgrade features like the OCD, it really buggers them when they were counting on the bank interest to help pay back that money :frowning: The loan sharks are gonna be out for blood ROFL.

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I appreciate the response to the feedback you received! While I completely support rebalancing the economy to make it more engaging, I also think those changes should come with more warning or notice next time!

Additionally, too many changes at once can cause people to lose sight of what’s actually affecting the economy. Too many independent variable changes at once and you lose track of what exactly is giving you the effect you want or don’t.

I still do feel a little ripped off, like @SwissSteel1 mentions. When you have a certain expectation, PAY to carry that over, and have it altered immediately after, it leaves a foul taste. These changes are a step in the right direction but it is only meeting partway. If you absolutely must decrease interest, something else needs to go up or be added to balance the bank rather that outright nerf it.


I do hear you guys on the suddenness of changes can contribute to bad feelings. That is loud and clear. Where I can, I will work on making sure to do preview posts ahead of time so changes can be better digested. I hope you guys all know its never my intention to upset anyone, I want you guys to be happy!

I am totally prepared to handle you guys being upset at first before things have had had a chance to play out but will try to minimize that with previews. At the same time, please everyone remember I’m still diving in and trying to work to make things better in the long run. My request back to the community as I learn and develop here is to work with me by trying some of these changes out for a bit to see how they really end up impacting things. We need to see how the flow of money and resources really affects the amount of fun people have. (Not just assume or guess, actually try and see) My general request: Give things a shot for a while, let me know how they feel. If something absolutely broke, we’ll change it.

I’m here with you guys. Giving my time and thought into making the game better. I’m listening and will keep doing my best.


Good call david!


Now you have to go mine money to pay money, not just sit on your behind waiting to do eb:interest and all is payed for. Its clear to me that some people have just been so spoiled these past seasons that now being spoiled is a norm for them, and not being spoiled is abnormal for them.


The interest is getting tweaked to a slightly better level… But this still does not solve the main issue that I, along with many others, have. This change was implemented without community support, and without proper awareness to those who had spent money on getting their EB level carried over. It seems to me like this was a planned decision, and a “Cash Grab” played onto the community.


I do hear you on that. It wasn’t an intentional misleading, more about us running out of time but this has been heard loud and clear and is something I will work on.

H1myname1sdav1d, sorry, but for me you are not very convincing in their posts. You go on about a dozen writers, although famous. But for large Affairs, change, the right hardness! Leave the first option, and no one not listen to! With all due respect) Sorry for the translation.

There was an extensive conversation on the bank interest topic and how it significantly contributed to the inflation in the market, and how easy it was to get money out of nothing by just putting in a command.

In the end of the day its Rexxus’s decision and he made the right one for the sake of a more balanced economy. But like i said before alot of people have been so spoiled last season that they think being spoiled is like the norm now. Well its not @Chaotic.

But even an @ everyone post in the announcements channel would have been better. There was nothing, not even a hint that is was coming. That, compounded with Rex’s decision to implement a big sale?

I’ll hold my prior point on the matter.

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Bullshit, you can’t tell me that our economy is more balanced now than it was last season. Have you looked at the market? Have you looked at the NPC Traders? That is the polar opposite from balanced.

The fact that ya’ll are so worried about inflation is comical. I started out 9 months ago, so 3 seasons, with a group of friends who no longer play, and then eventually joined Farmers Union. Ever since I’ve been in this faction, I have worked my ass off, for the faction and for myself. I’ve went from OCD 5 when joining to OCD 8 before the end of last season. That has been gold mined, some from that Carbon block fiasco from last season, and from paying constant attention to the market. The fact that now, I have to do all of that over to be able to support my Garage Ship habit, not even going for an OCD upgrade this season, is stupid. I should be able to use whatever money I have to do whatever I want to with it. Late phase gameplay is now 10x worse than it was last season.

Wait so someone will get 4 million every day by doing nothing? Are you kidding me!? :o…

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Edit: Stuff above was TLDR btw.
After having worked hard to buy EB 10, and spent a lot of time on that. It’s called an investment :wink:


Do i detect saltiness that your spoiled self ain’t getting easy cheap NPC trader packages? xD hahaha


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@Israel_T-C @Chaotic Enough on this back and forth please. Or at least be respectful. <3

Jesus you just don’t get it. With NPC Traders, it doesn’t affect late game players. I have enough fuel/T2 Gens/Combat Steel/XL Thrusters in my OCD right now to use for 4 seasons without worrying about replenishing my stock. This change does not affect me in that regard at all, so I could care less. I’m just gettin my last few words in before I go buy gold to carry my money, ain’t buying anymore packages for a “Keep” level.

Eb 10 shouldn’t give you 4 million free and out of nothing. It should be more like 1 to 1.5 million. Going above that is just rediculas!