Bank intrest

Is there a patron level that gets automatic interest collection?

loot is mentioned at Elite level but I see no mention of bank interest.

it still says " * If you are a Patron Pro or above, you get the convenience benefit to get your Interest without typing a command or visit the Bank Zone"

I am a patron Pro and have yet to receive interest.

Hey, it is indeed a feature.
You just need to enable it. See here:

it says I can not use that feature yet

I have not had to turn it on except the first time I activated it several years ago

perhaps I am still doing something incorrectly

Did you link your HWS Connect and Patreon?
If yes, please do it again, then try again.

info says it is active

my name showed in the Patreon list before and discord had me in the correct category.

I reconnected and still show on the Patreon list and am in the correct category on discord.

tried turning on interest with co:on:auto bank interest it still says can not use that feature yet even though co:info says it is available but off

I just rechecked the Patreon perks list, which was recently changed, as announced in discord and the forum.

From now on, only HWS Master or above gain free daily interest:

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thank you
I figured it must be there.

So no more dialy for elite?