Base bamage on Trader planet after 4.1


Not after support as such, but more to let Admins know. We were on the moon when the 4.1 update happened. Had been at base on the Trader planet just prior.

When we came back our base was damaged by what looked like weapon fire. We didn’t loose anything of value, just an ATM and some blocks. But concerned this happened on a PVE planet.

Have screen shots etc if wanted.



Hey Bennie,

thanks for letting us know.
Well I am sure it is because of this:

So the Drones / POI are also back in the game and want to have some fun.
Nothing I could influence this time. But next time we have a new feature to only reset the Deposits :slight_smile:


A drone makes perfect sence!

Thank you RexXxus

two miniguns installed. :slight_smile:

For the first time ever… I built my entire base inside the side of a mountain.

Took days to dig it out…

Not sure what I’ll do from here…


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Well… x)