Big drama on NA - Big hack - big punishment!

Hey @everyone,

this day is a black day for HWS till now.
Since now we got a lot of “hack” accusations and checked every call. And till now almost every single one was a false one. It became a bit like “it’s PvP - it is buggy” etc. So we said more and more: give us evidences etc.

However this time we got evidences and we checked 100% and it is a 100% true accusation, I’m afraid.


So not everyone was obviously guilty and maybe not even know what some of their members were doing. But that doesn’t help in terms of a partially punishment. Period.

What is going on here?

We don’t go to explain how they did it but some of you maybe already know how and what was going on… if you have detailed question PM us. We won’t answer public questions regarding this hack / how it works / etc.


So some of them are obviously the leader of the hack and we know for sure who did it. Some of them are passive user of this. The punishment will address the grade of the guiltiness.

Anyways doing this is like SURELY done with fully intentions that they hacked. There is no excuse. Not even a Popcorn time in any way. Don’t try.

So in total:

  • Leader of the hack got banned
  • Everyone of 5AP lost all RP since this is a truely damaged reputation loss you did there
  • Gold Planet is instant wiped
  • All from Gold Planet got teleported to a PvP Starter World. Start again - guilty or not - this time with better intentions!

It is not like you got profit of dupes, only for yourself. No, you damaged other players fun experience. You hindered other player to get gold, had always better CV fights and abused this to a ridiculously amount of shame.
Very sad to be honest.

But we take care of this. HWS never accept hackeres. HWS never accept unfair play.
This is our philosophy.

Thanks for your understanding and hopefully the lessons are learned.

Your HWS Team

P.S.: we are sensitive to this hack now, reported it to devs and checked other big factions regarding this. This was so far the only issue.


No, just the single person was banned, if you read up.

Was this just rocket turrets or all turrets that were like this?

Also we are currently in possession of a stolen 5AP CV which we captured yesterday. I have not checked its ammo load. I can pm it’s location etc if it needs to be scrapped.

Well handled. Not sure if it was all your idea or if others decided this was the best course. Either way it was handled as it should. Great communication and pictures to back it up so we can all see what was going on. #TLM

I hope it springs from lesson to all the smarties who are using these malicious programs, I was in planet gold yesterday and I can say that I did not enjoy myself in any way, I died thousands of times every few meters a BA with the thousands of bases that He planted it was something stupid and meaningless, a real practice before sport, rexx consider banning bases on the planet gold, so this type of attitude has never been repeated.

Gold planet is intended to be very competitive. It is not a place for free money. It is a place where most people lose money.

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It’s a shame people have to resort in cheating or exploiting just to win at a game. I feel that the punishment is fair since as many times as this faction has been accused and found guilty on 2 other occasions. I wonder about their leadership im hoping they do a better job at screening new members because all this does is make the entire faction look bad. Perhaps its time for 5AP to leave GP alone and go gank people in space.


A man can dream.

I have to completely agree… I’m pretty upset by this whole thing. I know there’s a whole bunch of people that aren’t going to believe me, but I had no idea this exploit was even a thing. I have always invited people to report anything they think is sketchy with any of our stuff on Gold. I wouldn’t have been so mouthy about us following the rules and inviting people to report us if I was intentionally trying to hide some exploit. I really don’t even know what else to say other than I am glad the exploit was caught, I agree with the wiping of gold and the banning of the person who did the exploit. I sincerely apologize to everyone for this and I promise I will do my best to prevent something like this from happening in the future :sweat:


I second this sentiment, except for all the Epic weapons that lost their lives in this sad state of affairs.

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Finally I knew this will happend sooner or later. Thank you Rexxus!!!

PH: As a suggestion I will sayd that the gold planet must be wiped every week or a least a base limit on it. So it open a chance to everyone that goes there. Not just one faction having 50 bases on one planet. Plus this and saddly the continue of exploits that “some” of the 5ap have on their name already.

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From what I’ve gathered it was an exploit by two members that knew it.

In hundreds of complaints one actual fault and an ultimate fuck you for the entire faction?

To hell with you. And you Achilles for your vindictiveness, and you too Rexxus for finally buying in and punishing all of the rest of us for the fault of one or two.

Was Typical one of the people? This morning him and Masago took out one of my harvester cv. I had thought nothing of it but I did core and bp his ship and I just spawned it in creative and the arty turret alone has 492 chambered rounds.

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It was probably something Masago spawned and he didn’t even think to check the ammo on his cv turrets.

It was two prior to this one. I understand some of 5AP frustration on being punished for the actions of one or two that was involved but it should not just be the leaders job but its members also to report anyone especially someone in your own faction because even that one or two people still represents your faction and do you really want to play with cheaters?. It’s just like the army if one person messes up in the squad that one person dosn’t pay, the whole squad pays for it.

I don’t think they would have been banned if they would have reported it but to try and hide or purposely exploit well then it is what it is and they got what they deserved.

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The hack may have been introduced by only a few members, the issue is that so many of 5ap were either knowingly or unknowing using this exploit in cv/ba that had been passed on.

The outcome is that almost all bases was hacked along with a lot of CV. The effect isn’t that just these members benefitted… You all as a Faction we’re unbeatable on gold planet and as they are under Faction its an overall Faction effect. If members from the Faction had reported others for this before we stumbled on it…maybe the outcome is different.

To say I am vindictive is total unprecedented and in honesty nothing more than rage from you. In what world do you think I would be spiteful or seeking some kind of retribution toward 5ap… I don’t play the game, I’ve never had any dealings with you other than as admin…like any large Faction 5ap has got a lot of really cool guys that just want to have fun and play by the rules, some members like in other factions also are just toxic. This isn’t a fault with factions it’s a problem with individual people.

I care not for personal feelings towards these types of players…such as in life, I just ignore them… They are not worth my time, revenge and spite would take too much effort on my part.There are more important things in life than holding grudges. It’s not my nature.


Take the fair punishment and move on. The faction as a whole benefited greatly from the hack as it made 5AP bases/cv much more defensible and hard to wipe out.

For a large 65 member faction, you gladly take the benefits (outnumber anyone in battle) but do not expect to take the negatives?

If leaders of 5AP want to run a large faction they need to take more leadership and responsibility for their members. Maybe this will make 5AP vet their members some.

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As I have already stated I completely agree with the punishment. The reason for this is as Achilles stated, regardless of who knew about it, it’s an obvious big advantage. It becomes difficult in a situation like that to determine what has been legitimately gained, so I completely understand the wipe everything approach.

However, I disagree with all of these sentiments like this about leadership. We do vet people. Should we get to know people for a few years before we let them join perhaps? I’m really curious to know what this magical test is that people are suggesting exists that we can use to determine if someone will ever do something like this. Please share it with me. I know a lot of other people who would also be interested in such a thing.

TL;DR yeah, some people fucked up - no need to be a dick to the entire faction about it. We do our best to try to keep it civil and if you see people in 5AP not keeping it civil, please report them.

Edit: And I just wanted to add that while I can’t say I agree with Raven’s approach, I can definitely appreciate where has was coming from. A lot of us had no idea this was going on and were completely blindsided by this. The frustration of having your time and hard work taken away by the actions of others, others that are on your team no less, it’s not a fun time. Nor is fighting against a base/CV that has an advantage over you because of an exploit. It’s just an extremely shitty situation all around. We’re going to take the punishment and move on, but especially when it comes to people like Raven who spent very little time on Gold in the first place, there are going to be some extremely high levels of frustration.

Well it is very simple to know who is guilty or not, just check who has been online in the last two weeks on the planet gold, because this superiority started well after 15 days ago, in the meantime this exploit was done at some point and everyone who was In the gold in this period in one way or another obtained benefits of this hack, however the girls who were not in gold or were logged off during all this time, certainly did not take part in this and should not pay for the crime of others in the media 5AP had on Line between 20 and 30 members in these last two weeks, it is very naive to say that those who were in the gold in these two weeks were not aware of what was happening …

Even think the penalty for hacking was soft, you should be banned from serving indefinitely …