Hello everyone, I am new on this server and it is really great !

I used to play in Geek Forcené server for the back 3 years. I know that this serveur is PVP oriented but something is missing for me. I play with my friends and we love to discover and attacking POI.

But there is only a few LARGE CUSTOM GREAT POI to attack.

I am wondering if it’s possible to put some more, and maybe from the community as we used to do in my last server. I have already some to give and I can ask to have more by my friends.

I really enjoy to attack hard shielded POI with my friends using HV, SV, and passing some difficult hours to finish it.


It missed me a lot, what to you think of this idea ?


Welcome to HWS,

This server is actually PvEvP. But almost everyone does pve stuff. I’m not a PVEr, so I don’t know of any massive POIs, but I do know they exist. HWS has created hours of content that you’ll be thrilled with! I’d reach out to our local Empyrion master and HWS friend, Bob of SYNergy. He will point you and your friends in the right direction!


Welcome to HWS @Tino

Yes, this is possible. Just needs some time to check and integrate them.
You can just send the .epb file to me.

And yes, we have some big POIs. For example in Phoenix.

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Have you tried the teleporter missions in EGS HQ. Many of those will take you to big POIs (like Alien Asylum).

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Very responsive and very glad for your positive response, I think you have a lot a job for the moment, i am going to speak with my faction and my old server to give you everything ! We must translate french POI into english, you check and if you think it’s fun, playable, or something to change…

Thank you a lot !

How can i send you the EBP ? Directly in the forum ?

That are not POI, they are missions, and they are really great ! I love tomb of horror and a lot more…

But I meant that you have :

  • NO Discovery in space or planet ( exploring is a good thing in the game)
  • NO attacking these POIs with you HV or CV ( I use HV only for PVP on HWS)

For example I really enjoy to explore a random planet and see on my radar a big POI called like “the uniforgiven” and say to my friends : "-Hey what’s that ? Take your HV buddy we’ve got a new challenge…

Hello and welcome to the mayhem! Much to learn and explore here in HWS. PvE, PvP, solo all have their place here with individual trials and tribulations. We have a core universe that has been evolving 14 seasons. This season there are 7 outer solar systems with random generated & modified sectors, planets and moons. Many POIs to be found everywhere. Some indestructible, some not. Some profitable, some adventurous, some brutal beyond imagination. The one guarantee is death in every sector. Even the PvE central HUB at ECC HQ has been known to have a backpack or few laying around. The best advice to offer is dive in and see how far you can swim. Always be sure to ask questions in our discord help channel for quick help and tips. There is also an ever confusing guide that will make sense after discovering a few pitfalls :wink:

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Thank you for your response ! I will effectively learn and explore and u can count on me if you need big POI to put on this server. It was my first impression i wanted to share with you. :wink:

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