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HWS Features | Elemental Galactic Services HWS Story HWS FAQ The HWS FAQ Category should help you to find general information about HWS, the gameplay or overall orientation. HWS Rules HWS Donation Please read carefully before <a href="https://empyrion-homeworld.net/donation">donating</a> HWS Universe -tbd- HWS Features | Economy HWS has a special Economy system where you can store your credits independently from the game.<br> HWS Features | HWS Connect <a href="https://empyrion-homeworld.net/hws-connect">HWS Connect</a> is your seamless connection between Empyrion - the game and our exclusive web interface that allows you to interact <span class="bbcode-u">in real-time</span> with our HWS servers while outside of the game! Having dual monitors would make usage of the HWS website tools very convenient. HWS Features | Special In this category you will find all HWS Features which are “special”.<br> This either means they have many usage locations like the <a href="https://forum.empyrion-homeworld.net/t/alien-core/9472">Alien Core</a> (it’s a Donation, HWS Garage and EGS topic) or deserve their own spot like the <a href="https://forum.empyrion-homeworld.net/t/hws-garage/4643">HWS Garage</a>.
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Server Administration [HWS FAQ] (1)
Server Hardware and Cost [HWS FAQ] (1)
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1. Bugs & Exploits [HWS Rules] (1)
2. Fairplay & Gameplay [HWS Rules] (1)
3. Behavior & Chat [HWS Rules] (1)
4. Limits & Restrictions [HWS Rules] (1)
5. Miscellaneous & Disclaimer [HWS Rules] (1)
6. Examples & Tips [HWS Rules] (1)
7. Consequences [HWS Rules] (1)
Universe Map [HWS Universe] (1)
Homeworld Sector [HWS Universe] (1)
Elemental Capital City / Orbit [HWS Universe] (1)
Elemental Prison [HWS Universe] (1)
The Black Hole [HWS Universe] (1)
The Peace Keepers [HWS Universe] (1)
HWS Resets, Wipes & Settings [HWS FAQ] (1)
Gameplay & Origins [HWS Story] (1)
Alliance Origin [HWS Story] (1)
Lawless Origin [HWS Story] (1)
Freelancer Origin [HWS Story] (1)
Reputation Points [HWS Story] (1)
Taxes [HWS Features | Economy] (1)
HWS Features [HWS FAQ] (1)
Changelog ( 2 ) [HWS Features | HWS Connect] (39)
Structure Commander [HWS Features | HWS Connect] (1)
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