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HWS Features | Elemental Galactic Services HWS Features | Economy HWS has a special Economy system where you can store your credits independently from the game.<br> HWS Features | Special In this category you will find all HWS Features which are “special”.<br> This either means they have many usage locations like the <a href="https://forum.empyrion-homeworld.net/t/alien-core/9472">Alien Core</a> (it’s a Support, HWS Garage and EGS topic) or deserve their own spot like the <a href="https://forum.empyrion-homeworld.net/t/hws-garage/4643">HWS Garage</a>, the <a href="https://forum.empyrion-homeworld.net/t/supergate/11596">HWS Supergates</a>, the <a href="https://forum.empyrion-homeworld.net/t/hws-config/9161/22">HWS Config</a> and many more. HWS Universe -tbd- HWS Support Please read carefully before <a href="https://empyrion-homeworld.net/support-us">supporting us</a> HWS Story HWS FAQ The HWS FAQ Category should help you to find general information about HWS, the gameplay or overall orientation. HWS Rules HWS Features | HWS Connect <a href="https://empyrion-homeworld.net/hws-connect">HWS Connect</a> is your seamless connection between Empyrion - the game and our exclusive web interface that allows you to interact <span class="bbcode-u">in real-time</span> with our HWS servers while outside of the game! Having dual monitors would make usage of the HWS website tools very convenient.
HWS Introduction & Philosophy [HWS FAQ] (1)
Server Administration [HWS FAQ] (1)
Server Hardware and Cost [HWS FAQ] (2)
HWS Police (HWP) [HWS Rules] (1)
1. Bugs & Exploits [HWS Rules] (1)
2. Fairplay & Gameplay [HWS Rules] (1)
3. Behavior & Chat [HWS Rules] (1)
4. Limits & Restrictions [HWS Rules] (1)
5. Examples & Tips [HWS Rules] (1)
6. Consequences & Disclaimer [HWS Rules] (1)
Universe Map [HWS Universe] (13)
The Homeworld System [HWS Universe] (1)
Elemental Capital City / System [HWS Universe] (1)
Elemental Prison [HWS Universe] (1)
The Black Hole [HWS Universe] (1)
Homeworlds of the Commodity Trader [HWS Universe] (1)
HWS Resets, Wipes & Settings [HWS FAQ] (1)
Gameplay & Origins [HWS Story] (1)
Alliance Origin [HWS Story] (1)
Lawless Origin [HWS Story] (1)
Freelancer Origin [HWS Story] (1)
HWS Reputation Points [HWS Story] (1)
Taxes [HWS Features | Economy] (1)
HWS Features [HWS FAQ] (1)
HWS Connect | Changelog ( 2 3 ) [HWS Features | HWS Connect] (59)
Structure Commander [HWS Features | HWS Connect] (1)
HWS Marketplace [HWS Features | HWS Connect] (1)
Orbital Auto Miner (OAM) [HWS Features | HWS Connect] (1)
Orbital Cargo Drone (OCD) [HWS Features | HWS Connect] (1)
HWS Skill Tree [HWS Features | HWS Connect] (1)