Big Pre HWS 8 Polls



And still there is a “prime time” visible from a statistical point of view.

But as you see these times would be in times where we sleep. If the server would crash you would have a very bad prime time…

It depends on the faction size / Alliance of course but I don’t think GG for example will turn into a Battle Royale gamestyle, if you know what I mean.

See the poll above: Voxel are clearly in favor and I support that. Voxel Deposits can’t be seen underground etc.
But sure, Gold Deposits on GG is in general not that needed…

That is indeed a sore point and always troubles me.
In the end I realize that it just depends on numbers. During HWS 7.X we just had 130 players all the time and it was contested. But at the end of the season or now it just isn’t.
But scaling the universe dynamically to the population is overkill.
If we have 130 people a Golden Crust is needed to generate this big pvp hotspot. But with 20 players it’s too much.
Very tricky man…

All I can do in the future is scaling our features at least to generate a need to farm. HWS Garage Ships, Upgrades, etc.
How exactly not known yet (except the hack bait). It really bothers me if I see player have “nothing to do anymore”. It’s human nature that they celebrate OCD lvl 7 first and then… get bored and leave. This must be prevented somehow…


Don’t know if i trust those claims without proof…I got to OCD7 this season however that was after already having about 200-300 mil already in the OCD and then spending EB money to buy another 100-150 mil with the rest of my faction and me taking about two-three weeks to mine the rest. (and i still Owe roughly 100 mil to Zappe my faction lead!)

I’d ask those people who claim it for proof if i was you, as i’ve been back-to-back mining during GG prime-time and it has still taken ages!

But with deposits would it be better to have them Voxel based as that way it takes longer to mine? (I mean to say i’ FOR voxel deposits, or no deposits at all if the surface remains mineable!) :slight_smile:

Hell we could even go-back to ole’ school GG where the deposits are the ONLY source of gold on planet (but i don’t know how that’d do in the current META with lots of people having lots of gold.)

**On another topic, i don’t like this OAM space idea. ** Instead of fundamentally changing a much-loved feature such as the OAM by requiring it to be accessed in a particular part of space i’d rather we either expand upon the feature (such as a more powerful ‘rares’ autominer that needed more cores/could only be accessed from PVP space.


Move professor void off of GG, as right now professor Void is a very good source of Gold, Erestrum, and Zascosium. Having it on GG provides too much of a monopoly to those on GG as they have access to gold outside of prime-time whilst on GG as well as Erestrum and Zascosium. Maybe a professor Void in PVP space that could somehow move about or change location regularly inside that space…Not sure how that could work…

Best regards, just some quick ideas.


You have to understand:

  1. mining lasers were buffed since last season
  2. garage mining SV 'Raider' has more drills than ever
  3. Gold Rush instance was broken for quite a while allowing some players to mine it continually
  4. PvP has been sporadic allowing for unchallenged mining


Was the full quote :slight_smile:

I understand all of them. But i’ll simply repeat that i believe we should say to those folks ‘proof or it didn’t happen’. Kind of attitude about it. You’re correct on all four points, nontheless it doesn’t mean that those stating they having OCD 7 Actually have OCD 7.

Anyways i’m off for the night. G’night.
Best regards
Wise. :slight_smile:


It took me this and last season to accrue enough to get OCD7, and the painful part starts tonight… converting 2,800,000 ingots into coins using 1000 constructor base. Season 6 I was able to get OCD6 by endless painful gold meteorite chasing on Homeworld. Same with OCD 5 in version 5…

My only point is, this has taken up so much time, it’s insane to think of nothing but mining for me here; no trading, no multiple accounts using EB5 interest, just hours of endless mining, using the same raider I initially bought, same one Grizzly shot the cockpit out of, missing a couple thrusters… It has its dangers being on planet but it’s also a painful constant grinding. It can’t be for nothing, I just wasted x amount of hours because I need OCD7. I have a hoarding problem. And with that I will continue to play.


Same here, nothing but Gold ingots which bought me to OCD 7, no multiple accounts or exploity stuff (wanted OCD 7 to be an honest win, as with all things in HWS). , it’s one hell of a grind which is why i’m curious those who ‘claim’ to have OCD 7 in one season come-forward, because for me it has taken an insane amount of time and effort, (which is what it should do as it’s end-game content practically.)

But i had the entire GMC faction helping me, as well as numerous alliance partners being generous enough to assist also. Therefore if someone on NA (not you as i trust your claim to OCD 7 ) has claimed to have Soloed OCD7 on GG this season then i wanna know who and i wanna see screenshot proof. In spite of all the improvements that Grizzly correctly listed.

Best regards, see you folks after work.


To be fair, on EU as my memory serves me GG has almost always been universally contested, the only time we gave the Russian factions ’ a break’ was back during the end of 6 or 7. Whereas this time around it’s been us that has been given a break by the Russians; i’d say both faction alliances. Our alliance and the Russian alliance has earned the right to some gold mining (no matter the player count) on GG if we manage to gain complete supremacy over the planet. Everyone else is still welcome to come and harass us/our miners.

If all of a sudden when one faction takes the planet the gold crust was to be nerfed or disappear then it’d ruin the PVP-centric ‘pull’ factor of the planet and there’d prob be less of that intense, awesome, and brilliant PVP that we see between our two alliances. :slight_smile:

I have no doubt that our Russian fighters will return to give us epic battles in 8.0, and until then we’ll continue to do our best to grow stronger as a reward for wrestling the planet off of the Russian alliance. :slight_smile: . I’ve already seen a few SWP logging in and out :slight_smile:

Best regards


Now that we can limit size class by blocks can we allow small CV on planet class .8 or something with 100 blocks ?


You mean even during the prime time?
Spawning: no. Flying + building: yes.


Forgotten Requested Features for PvP

  • Allow players to set turret targeting priority by weapon groups
  • Save turret targeting information with blueprint
(Okay, not mentioned in a while, lol)


Not forgotten and on the list.
But only time can tell when the lead Dev will fix this.

Trust me… the EGS Star has over 60 turrets and with every start of a season I have to go through all of them to only target turrets (so SVs can enter).
That on the NA and EU server. I pushed this ticket already to its limits…
Stay t-u-n-e-d


That would be nice to have targeting already done.

Also if we could save codes in blueprints for doors, cargo boxes, etc. that would be very helpful.


worlds smallest fiddle award



I found what is more painful than loading all those ingots into 1000 constructors.

That is putting each stack into the damn ATM. Eleon really needs a hold shift-click to move it to ATM. Carpel tunnel here we come!


just make a macro




but then hes still got to move all the coins to his inventory and go to the elemental bank to avoid tax


There is no tax on eb:cointocr


Yes. Being able to spawn a CV on planet during prime time


ah, just assumed that cointocr was the same tax as eb:payin off planet

weird that it isnt.

hey, rex something you can tax :smile: