Big Pre HWS 8 Polls

Hey @everyone,

by now I hope everyone tried the EXP version and saw how some things work or not.
While I’m heavily into creating the universe at the moment there are tons of possibilities and decisions to make.
I can’t share all of it all the time or make it into a community driven thing because too many have too many opinions (not knowing all the details) yet but I try to reflect the last 2 years of course and trying to make the best out of what we got — no matter what, it will be an iteration process for couple of seasons again until we find the “perfect” one ~“again”~…

However I just want to feel some “vibes” from you for certain questions so please go ahead and poll and / or discuss.
I’ll read everything but only taking part if I must.

Have fun — and as always please constructive! Any toxic “pointing to the past” posts will be deleted.
Thank you!

What Class Size should PvP planets have?

  • PvP = Class 2 (current size and lowest)
  • PvP = Class 3
  • PvP = Class 4
  • PvP = Class 5 (highest)

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What Class Size should PvE planets have?

  • PvE = Class 2
  • PvE = Class 3
  • PvE = Class 4
  • PvE = Class 5

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What Planets should have NO Anti Grief Zone at all?

This basically means Chaos — good and bad. Depending on the question further down (Elite Builder League) this means you can spawn structures right in the face of other enemies or drill below them for surprise attacks with all the glitches the game has for you (tunnels requires tons of performance for everyone, reducing the PvP fun)

  • Golden Globe
  • Homeworld
  • All PvP Planets
  • None, see below

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What Planets should work with a Anti Grief Zone device?

As long as your base has this Device built in, you have the AG zone around you (nobody can drill, build, etc. — this device ONLY works above the terrain). As soon as this device got destroyed you lose your land protection and everyone can build / drill around you. If someone built a tower near your base you can’t build yourself anymore because their AG zone is now dominating your base. All or nothing.

  • Golden Globe
  • Homeworld
  • All PvP Planets
  • None

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Do you want to see more Space or more Planet fights?

No matter if PvE or PvP. PvE = POIs + Drones. PvP = more valuable resources

  • Space
  • Planet

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What do you prefer for mining?

SSOR = the new resource rocks you need a Ore Scanner for them. They also have IDs and the more IDs a planet has, the slower it is.

  • Voxel Deposits
  • SSOR Deposits

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What planets should have the feature “Elite Builder League”?

A name I came up with; just means that you can’t spawn bases out from your pocket anymore but must start with placing a Block Starter and build your base from scratch by hand, block by block. Alone or in a team. This requires a high skill of coordination and makes big and small factions who want to settle on the planet vulnerable.

  • Golden Globe
  • Homeworld
  • All PvP planets
  • Some PvE planets even? (please leave a comment)
  • None

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Cookies or Aliens?

Everything is a lie.

  • Cookies
  • Aliens

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Your HWS Team

Base building restriction: Would like to see restriction on both gg and hw.

Prefer not to have all pvp restricted — as this will leave no place to spawn any pvp type base bp’s.


here we go

Would really like to see the large planets in action but only if they fix the rendering system and it actually makes sense instead of just spreading the same amout of cores around. That could fix the overpopulation problem we have at some points without inflating the number of playfields.

For PVP planets and especially hotspots I stand by what I said earlier: enlarging them takes the hotspot out of it. No need to play hide and seek! I’m a little more open to that on secondary PVP planets but the hotspots should be something you fight for. I for one enjoyed our large scale battles with the russian speaking factions this season, this would just not happen if there was enough space for everyone. There isn’t and that what makes it a hotspot!

There is one issue not brought up in the polls and that is prime time. It worked really well on EU and focussed the combat into a certain time window which greatly reduced the benefit of people being up all night. This wasn’t really the case for NA since prime time is almost half the day over there. Maybe it would be beneficial to shuffle the NA restart times around a bit to better match with their time zones, I think that could be worth a shot!

Current thoughts, most planets in current server build have issues with a large amount of base builds that are too close together, and too densely populated. Needs to be some adjustment with planets to correct this (though I’m sure larger planets will help some. Perhaps game rule adjustments to encourage settling other planets would help.
Resources seemed to be frequently mined out and difficult to acquire unless you are on the starting planets. Orbital Miners do help a bit, but still not as good as having access to resources on planets or in asteroid belts.

Pls push CV fight! there should be resources ( Like Nedodynium or Magnesius) that you only can harvest in Space and only in one system!!! all other things makes absolutley no sense! Who harvest Gold in BH when you cant harvest 10 times faster gold on GG or Prof Void??? I dont understand that…

This mist will completely destroy the PVP on the planet. It is already as good as dead. It can be completely forgotten. EDITED BLA BLA If you have to build towers to attack now you can also let it be direct. In it I see the beginning of the sinking of the planet pvp. This will cost HWS a lot of players! The smaller alliances and faction cuts off the eggs! Anyone who knows me knows that I’m doing enough PVP, so it makes no sense for me to attack planets anymore. In addition, the number of players you then need to attack these ridiculous mass bases can not afford a playfield at all! Take a look at Armageddon. You can throw away the playfield! That was the biggest fall in the history of HWS. Who wants to do something else? And now come measures that reinforce this garbage … Senseless there even to try to attack. If that’s what you want to accomplish then you’re on the perfect way!


Thanks for the feedback so far! :slight_smile:

The setting is available per playfield. The poll should just reflect the common sense.
We will see where it fits, in combination with the AG topic. The meta Bases vs Base has to stop completely.

Bad news regarding that topic :frowning: at least not for Alpha 8 release but for 8.X they really promised me to do it. (it takes 1+ week to develop this. No time atm anymore)

You are an EU player and maybe I can get dedicated NA feedback on that.
Just for obvious understanding: we have set 11PM and 9AM because we can manage the servers at that time still. If we would set 3AM in the night, which is maybe good for NA, we get big problems when something happens. Then the NA guys would have no server for 6 hours… compromises…

Due the bigger planets I plan to have the same AG for PvE and PvP. Killing a big rule for Armageddon…

I stopped reading after that sentence :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback nevertheless.

Would be your problem :yum:

I like to see 2 PVP Hotspots for gold for 8.0
in 5.0 we have the options of the black hole for CV PVP and Armageddon for BA SV/HV PVP
so hopefully in 8.0 you can find a way to balance the gold yields for space battles and planet battles
building a base from scratches is like most Survival PVP games anyways we’ll just have to see how the land claim device works
I don’t play experimental because I like to be surprised when the new updates come out I just like reading about them

can hv with admin core have 3x speed on planet surface ?
huge planet take hours of biking :slight_smile:

Here we are again… cleaned up some blabla

Keep in mind:


Idea: Instead of gold asteroids have automated mining stations in BH. If a player stays near such a station for lets say 120 seconds a public container is filled with a certain amount of ore - less than you could get on GG (bigger risk, more logistics involved) but more than the tiny amounts that current asteroids yield. After that the station needs to recharge or something for 10 minutes. Values obviously up for balancing. That way you could increase the amount of gold in Black Hole without changing much of the current dynamics. Added bonus: can be subject to primetime aswell (more gold during primetime, stations down or giving little reward outside of prime time). Since an automatic process leaves more time for looking around it makes sneaking up on miners a bit harder giving an advantage to smaller pirate ships instead of just having the largest ship = largest dong in black hole.

Could be realized through chat commands, too, where you need to manually start the process and get the ores in your inventory after a certain amount of time of staying near that station.

  1. PVP Planet size - As much as i love the idea of a huge planet filled with life and battles at every turn…the reality is solo Simon flying for 30 mins to find…nothing. Class 3 for me!

  2. PVE planet size, fill that beauty with POI and other cool things. The one who is willing to explore every mountain range and underground tunnel can reap the glorious rewards! will open up hopefully some real ‘exploration’ that doesn’t quite exist at the moment.

  3. Anti grief zone should be applied to all PVP playfields for continuity for all players to understand over time.

  4. Planet v Space fights! This is personal preference, i always prefer playfield fights in ships but it brings its own problems when tanky bases are around so space battles can most often be more fun. 50/50 split seems logical

  5. Mining - SSOR deposits seems great…for single player. I don’t think they offer the same purpose in MP and i think the good old Voxel wins the decision here.

  6. Elite Builder League™ - Naturally being on the side of hardcore PVP this is music to my ears. In theory it should create a lot of tactical base building that is a lot smaller. Also it makes it fun looking for people on the ground building. It could become somewhat difficult for a small one man faction to settle on one of the hospots as half way through building a fleet of ships come and ruins his day, but also it makes for more chances of weaknesses in bases. No time to pre-plan and create master bases in creative.

I think people will have a good ol cry if it was every PVP planet…

it really would help to embrace that world ‘survival’ which seems all but forgotten.

Aliens over cookies all day :wink:


I like it. Public orbital auto miner seems like a solid way to establish a secondary PvP zone in space. Arriving at a place and then waiting out a warmup time before a chat command works is an already implemented mechanic. Shouldn’t be too hard to adapt for this purpose.
Plus actually visiting an auto miner in space to empty it would be cool imho and be a good opportunity to design something visually impressive (even if it’s only later on due to time constraints, maybe player designed).

And now something completely different: I would not increase planet sizes at all save for a few experimental planets to see how well they work and if players actually like them in practice.


Has Eleon addressed the issue of too many turrets firing =extreme lag? I’m ok with doing CV fights, but planet fights are more entertaining IMO, requires more than the game shooting for you.

As far as prime time, it is a good thought, but makes the play field essentially worthless until this magical window of time opens to allow resources to be gathered. The non- prime hours could essentially be just PvE in that case.

You mentioned it would take a week for Eleon to implement, but they don’t have time. Does this mean we have less than a week til they drop 8 on us?

No, longer than that. EXP4 is coming in the next few days and we’ll have at least one RC (release candidate) before they push 8 to stable, realistically I’d say we have at least two weeks and most likely we will have much more time than that, probably more like three to four weeks.

What Rexxxus meant wasn’t that it would just take them one week but one additional week (plus testing) that would be added to development time of A8.

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Damn, I guess they still have a lot of major bugs going on then.

I talked about that as well as about the local rendering.
Good … awesome news: he said he could boost the performance by more than 5 times than now, making it dramatically better.
This would mean a change in the overall damage model calculation.
The real reason you all are crying is: if turrets are shooting this is going over the server and needs to be updated on both, server and client. And this only for one turret AND one block. Now if we have 10 vs 10 fights. With XX turrets and one XX turret does YY damage to ZZ many blocks you can’t imagine how much performance this consumes on the client and server.
In the future we want to change it… not 100% sure yet how but most likely in combination with shields where the shell has hitpoints and not each single block.
We will see…

SirKnum answered very good about the release.
But the local rendering is coming in 8.X for sure! I will push this…

This was one of the biggest change from the “successful” HWS 7.X season and for now I don’t see that super effect about it. At least not on NA.
The reason is obvious: people who dominates the planet can AFK farm day and night, getting billionaires over night.
Allowing this only during prime time is better but the limits ruined this purpose.
So it is a quite bigger topic where many many factors play together.

You just have to keep in mind: starting with HWS 8 we start more or less at zero again. It’s a new gameplay and we have to iterate over a lot of things again until we find the “best” one again.


I vote for no primetime at all. NA has 4 time zones and most gamers have odd job hours. It just doesn’t work here in my opinion.

I agree with this on hotspot planets. I think it is best acheived with NO anti grief zone at all combined with NO elite builder league on GG. Gold mining should be all out PvP chaos, not the permanent base clusters and underground hiding of the last 2 seasons.
I am worried that building bases block by block will make for only 1 good fight, the winner will be entrenched the rest of the season.

I second that.



Can we do away with deposits on GG? As it is players can just glitch mine them during off hours, even with indestructible terrain. Surface only with no bottom layer for hiding would promote PvP instead of mining simulator. As it stands there is way too much gold available. Nobody should be able to go from start to OCD 7 in one season as several claim to have done this season in only a month and a half.