Big Pre HWS 8 Polls



I thought the whole point was it is auto and you can’t break it. I immagined the server closing origins at a certain number and adding more as the population grows. Players would have to restart at same time and pick same origin to guarantee being allies. Maybe have 5 active starters at any one time. When one gets to 20 or 30 it closes and a new one starts. If your origin dies you can restart in a new one…

That gives the server control over alliance numbers and alows players to still choose their allies.


Sounds like it could be a lot of overhead though; it would break being a specific role (couldn’t do pirate, freelancer or guardian). If you could get some more thoughts on your direction ill entertain the idea though. I didn’t care for the auto alliances though, it made it too easy to scout your supposed ally and start blasting their turrets away before they noticed you and unallied.


I support the idea of smaller (less blocks) idea for everything (ba, cv, sv, hv) to replace the current brick-busting-till-one-retreats by skill based PVP.

Suggestion :
BA: size one without block limit, strengthen instant hit firepower
HV : 800 blocks
SV : 500 blocks
CV: size one, no block limit, strengthen firepower


With these kinda numbers – might as well suggest removing all building from game.

Just no.


We shall be limited to no more than the basics. Blocks not allowed. Core, gen, tank, seat, rcs and thrust only. No guns. Collision damage only.

Or we go the star shitizen route; no modifications and can only use bought vessels. But sooner or later, he will cry foul, and we get a cockpit and a thruster.


Combats end too quickly right now. If you build a ship that isn’t a brick. You can take one good hit and completely implode. When a weapon hits for 700 damage and your armor is 200 per block. It can blow through your armor and take out most of the internals before you get a chance to fight.

If a build a brick with 5 layers of armor between the edge of the ship and the generator. At least I can take 1 hit.


At least on GG people that come in to attack are using 10k block SVs. Due to the HWS warning timer being broken, you can have a oversized ship on the planet for more than 35min at a time.


Well if you change the main turrets (all except the cannon and minigun) to 5X range and 1/5 fire rate, and then the cannons and miniguns at normal or higher rate for point defense I’m in.


And that stems from homing turrets. Maybe if we went back to vanilla and then made smaller SVs and HVs plausible as they could dodge fire from most turrets instead of having to tank it all or hill hop.
It seems the steps to make bases more powerful has led to the problems people complain about now, from damage sponges to flying bricks.

Would it not be a good idea to revert back to vanilla settings and adjust from there?


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