Blueprints gone

Hey @Everyone,

as many noticed we had a couple Game-hotfixes tonight. They were all well intended and fixed some major exploits/exceptions. But as you can understand its a bad timing for patches too, since many are quite busy right now.

Sadly one of the patches caused all ready to spawn blueprints to disappear :frowning:. At least for all those, who logged in during that time.
The hotfix afterwards did fix that, but it did not bring back the lost Blueprints.

This is bad, REALLY bad! But it happend, its alpha, its hollyday weekend…
We understand your frustration.

You know us, we build everything to give you the best experience and even though playing this alpha game making sure you can get back whatever you lost. But Blueprints is a hard topic.

IF we would start restoring those blueprints that would mean manual contact with all those 130 players online at that time. What would that mean for us?

  • Manual contact to each player
  • Checking old blueprints (so that no one is fooling us)
  • Fast-Spawn / manual Spawn all lost blueprints for that player
  • Making sure all went well.

This would take at least 5 minutes per blueprint per player… So if every player would only have 2 blueprints this would mean 21 hours restoring blueprints… You can see where this post is going.
Sorry. We would love to, but this is impossible :frowning:

Rex and I are still discussing if there is a way to help you guys a bit (only 1 blueprint/only those who lost all through it/…). But this can’t happen tonight.

So please remember what you lost (for now create a forum support ticket, and save the blueprint files), but don’t try to fool us (whoever ask us of something he did not loose will be punished, because under this circumstances that is evil).
Then wait for further Information in this thread.

Again, we are very sorry for your loss, but nothing we could have done to prevent it…

May I suggest something, I agree you guys should NOT go around restoring things, that’s too much trouble for you. How easy is it though to refill do:bp, I care more about the hours I’d have to wait to get them ready than the resources themselves

I am good, lost 1 BP, I will survive :slight_smile:

Focus on the players who are realy impacted…

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Thanks… I made the mistake to check the blueprints… 400 BP from 70 Players. :grimacing:

I vote for some flatrate compensation… if you deny good luck discussing with 300 people who lost which blueprints… lol

wow… very nice of you… So you offer the compensation? Thats great :grin:
I hope I misunderstood your comment. If not you make our descision much easier on how much YOU will get back.
Its our good will that gives you something back… so better don’t play with that.

Guess mine are gone, nothing too valuable lost tho so all fine.

Maybe instead of replacing what’s lost (unless cases of really big loses) a flat rate of 3 do:bp to anyone who logged in that time?

LOL sure, give me admin rights and i will take care about the compensation sarcasm off.

What i suggest is, that you maybe give a goodie to all active players like a free HWS garage ship or something.

It’s a game bug. It’s not the servers fault or the admins. Things happen, it’s early access. I know some people lost a bunch and some not so much.

If some people get compensation then many more are going to want compensation. This is not fair to our admins. I feel it should just be left as is, no one compensated at all.

Everyone should just take it as a lesson to not keep so many blueprints ready to spawn.


Hi guys, I too lost my bp which was going to be my first cv but since have managed to collect resources and make another. I accept it as a loss and don’t think admins should spend that amount of time sorting this out. We should just be glad that the server wasn’t wiped and lost everything. Admins do a great job from what I’ve seen. Keep up the good work guys!!

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Or just accept it as a loss due to alpha.

This isn’t the end of the world(s).

Ah, the classic “I assume all and pass judgement post”. Please take this as constructive feedback.

In my case, I prepared a large cv. But, choose to wait to spawn it because Im out of game till next week. Why spawn a ship when there was no time to use it, put it at risk on the server, and ask faction mates to touch it to prevent server deletion.

Seemed best to leave it unspawned till I returned. But, Murphy lingers and strikes it down.

A class 7 cv that one - all the Christmas components from 2 servers gone - and a lot of combat block bought from traders, plus ores from OAM that went into it.

I understand if the admins choose to do nothing due to size of the recovery effort. But, this is a huge loss for some in time and resources. It will be some time to recover from such losses.

I lost 6 bps total, some many more and they are hurting and set back from playing.

Shame on you for being so dismissive of the loss others have experienced.

I lost a cat.

Edit: I found it.


I wasn’t dismissive at all. I was being real. IT ISN’T fair to our admins for them to spend over 24 hours of their time tracking down who lost what.

If they do it for even one person then they have to do it for everyone that speaks up. That isn’t fair for a game bug. They didn’t cause it at all.

The ONLY option they really have here is to simply not restore any of them, as they have already said.

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Exactly my point. Did I lose blueprints? Probably. I’m not gonna fret about losing them though either. As stated, this is alpha, shit is gonna break.

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