BR Feedback

Here a short feedback on BR.

  • Meteorites didnt worked
  • Deconstructors were linked to constructors so what we constructed was immediately deconstructed
  • I think we need some special boxes with already inside blocks for HV (inside the containers we can find only big blocks.) Add all kind of small blocks also to loot table. (so we can focus on building turrets ammo and devices)
  • There are some turrets that looks up that are really difficult to shoot from down cause they are protected by admin core blocks.
    This is my impression for now.

Thanks and was fun to watch you capturing the Pyramid last night.

Can’t fix.
Only with more Cities and more Houses. Check.
Deposits would consume too much space, so POIs can’t spawn. But if really needed, I could use fixed deposits…


I think this would be too easy / fast.
So either I do that and reduce 2 hour event to 1 hour or we keep 2 hours and I just added bit more Houses / Cities for more loot.
It is a good sub goal to raid those cities where you started to craft things.

That is intentional. That you can snipe most of them out with Artillery is already a big deal :wink:

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BR feedback from yesterday.

I think that only rare resources should drop from the sky + prometium.
Pentaxid - Erestrum - Zascosium - Magnesium - Promethium.

I want to ask if is possible to switch Eton and BR time. Or rotate them daily. I always will lose Battle royale event during the week and i think that is more fun than Eton (eton is also 3 or 4 season event).
Also Eton event can be joined when its already started whilist BR not thas why i purpose the switch. I want freshness.

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About joining Eton even after it started and flip the times, makes sense to me.

See the updated times here:

Note: I made the Battle Royale Event 30 minutes shorter now to make it even more action paced :slight_smile: (I saw that with doubled cities yesterday you can even more loot faster now)

Thanks for the event time switch.
Instead I am a bit worried about the 30 minutes less since i did yesterday as solo player and i finished the hv when 5 minutes countdown started. (i was struggling finding pentaxid and magnesium meteorites) but i will test today anyway.