HWS Events

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On HWS you can play many Events to get new inspirations and gameplay outside the box.
Some of them are automated and handled via Chat commands, some are manually hosted.
Check this Guide out from time to time to see all available Events and their conditions.

SV / HV / CV Deathmatch Events

Deathmatch Event Info

These three events are pure PvP - 1 vs 1 - every 2 hours running.
Both players get the same ship and loadout to be able to fight 20 minutes against each other.

To be declared as the winner, in the end, it is required to activate the Loot Crate in the Center of the Arena. After you triggered the Motion Sensor by foot, the Loot box will unlock after 5 minutes (plan ahead).
Inside there is a Bomb Drone item, you need to keep in your inventory before the event ends. (do not drop it - you can’t pick it up anymore)

Deathmatch Event Prize

  • 100k credits
  • 7 HWS Reputation Points

Tower Jumper Event

Tower Jumper Event Info

Every Sunday you have the chance to win a lot of credits and HWS RP in this PvE event in 15 minutes.
All you have to do is to skill your Jetpack very smartly from Tower to Tower.
You will find a lot of resources along the way too.
Only if you reach the last Tower, you will be declared as the winner.

Tower Jumper Event Prize

  • 7 million credits
  • 100 HWS RP
  • 7000 Xeno Blocks

Quake Arena Event (FPS)

Quake Arena Event Info

In this First Person Shooter event, you have to kill as many players as possible until the time runs out. Whoever has the most kills by then wins the Event!

Quake Arena Event Prize

  • 1 million credits
  • 50 HWS RP
  • 50k credits per kill
  • Epic Armor

HL2 Arena Event (FPS)

HL2 Arena Event Info

In this First Person Shooter event, you have to kill as fast as possible 20 players within 15 minutes to win. Whoever has the most kills by then wins the Event!

HL2 Arena Event Prize

  • 500k credits
  • 70 HWS RP
  • 25k credits per kill
  • Epic Armor

Eton Capture the Base Event

Capture the Base Event Info

Find the 4 Lever to get to the Core Room!

  • Every day on EU at 7PM - 8:30PM | NA at 0AM - 1AM
  • You can join the event any time during that span but make sure to let the tool know you participate with the ev:start:ctb command.
  • No CVs allowed on Eton
  • Solve the puzzle mentioned above
  • You have to check your surrounding carefully and use all legit options to conquer the Metropolis
  • Protect the Core Room from intruders
  • Stay in the Core Room until the end to be the Winner
  • Everyone who is not in the faction which captured the base will then immediately warped out of Eton. Winner stay
  • The winner has now access to Eton for 20 hours and can farm the deposits of all resources
  • At 5PM (EU) | 11PM (NA) EVERYTHING on the planet will be wiped to prepare for the next run.
  • The planet can’t be entered by anyone again

Capture the Base Event Prize

  • 1 million credits
  • 100 HWS RP
  • 250k credits per kill
  • Access to the planet which contains all resources as Deposit

Battle Royale Event

Capture the Base Event Info

  • PvP Event with First Person Shooter and building HVs from scratch as focus
  • Loot and gather over 200 POI Houses along the way as quickly as possible but especially: survive!
  • No blueprint spawning allowed. You can only build an HV via Elite Builders League (by hand) - boosted by non-stop falling Meteorites and the POI Loot.
  • Up to 100 Players will get teleported randomly on the planet with the barest survival loot as start
  • The goal is to reach and contest the “Battle Royale Pyramid” (activate the levers outside to get inside)
  • Stay in the marked red area at the very end to count as winner and defend this Pyramid with your life!
  • The event is running daily and you have 2 hours - from 7:30PM to 9PM EU and 1:30PM to 3AM NA.

Capture the Base Event Prize

  • 1 million credits
  • 250k credits per player kill
  • 100 HWS RP