Bring back Comet 7

I kind of miss faction community on origin restricted pvp planets like Comet 7 back in 5.0.
Those allowed newbies to learn pvp on low level. Do you miss those as well ?

I revisited this topic in detail and it is not so easy as just “miss”.

The real reason this whole Origin-weekend-PvP-rotation thing worked was: in HWS 5 there was basically NO other PvE planets out there!
Yes, they learned it the hard way, I would say.
And of course the reason why I removed it in HWS 6 — PvE player left HWS (more than PvP player smiled about victims).

So in HWS 7.X.X (at the moment) we have the exact same System! WHAT, you say?! Strange, hm? But yes, the Avendore Galaxy has the same system.
“But why are they 100% empty and nobody gives a heck about them?”
Because there are other PvE planets they can just live for free.

I wanted to improve it and make the Origin planets like this in HWS 8 but realized it would be the total same. IF there are alternative PvE planets, (PvE) player will always choose them.
WHY should they bother with this complicated week-weekend stuff.
Even though Avendore Galaxy has rare resources on the planets, it doesn’t matter.

This idea I had there is cool, yes. But only works on a main PvP server.
If you have a mixed PvPvE server as we do have now, then this idea is just a waste of performance and time — unfortunately.

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