Bugs that "everyone knows about" in 5.0

If anyone has a bug they know will completely break the game, or can be used to harm another player or create items, forward them directly to Eleon or @RexXxuS. DO NOT POST HERE

Ok guys, I JUST came to the realization that perhaps the devs are not aware of the bugs we all are aware of, and the only bug thread we have is the one posted by Fenra a long time ago, and there is no indication whether a bug is resolved. So I will list the major issue I am aware of here, feel free to add to the list in a comment, and if I can reproduce them I will amend this post.

  1. FREE XP Bugs:
    1a: Atmo travel xp. If you take a sv in and out of atmosphere, it gives you infinite easy xp.
    1b: Mobs at render range. If you take a sv and find an animal, and get to the render range for animals ( the point where if they are dead they pop back up and show death animation again) and then kill them, then KEEP SHOOTING you will keep getting xp. I got to lvl 20 in less than ten minutes with this While testing if it was replicable.

  2. Graphics glitches/bugs:
    2a: Ship Clone. During combat, if you scrape another ship, pieces of it will appear on your ship. Relogging removes this, and the pieces are not physically there.
    2b: Atmo Burn. If you warp with the atmo burn visualization on your cv, it will stay there until you log off. This can also randomly get stuck on entry to planets.
    2c: Shots from nowhere. During extended combat, you will see shots that were supposed to be from your own forward firing guns, coming from way off to the side of your ship. Impact seems to actually follow this as well, so it is not just a render error. I believe this is due to a weapons being damaged or destroyed while being used.
    2d: Base Attack False reports. When a base is being fired on anywhere on the planet you are on, but not rendered, shots will appear to come from nowhere and towards YOUR base. These shots do no damage, but do coincide with the shots made out of render range.
    2e: Voxel Render issues. There are a variety of these, and generally occur when you load into an area. They can present as follows:
    -Dug ground not being visible until you are directly next to it
    -Ground that was removed previously remaining on a particular clients session on load. You can even get out and walk around on it, and it will look to others like you are floating
    2f: Warping with an inventory open will freeze the contents of that inventory. For example if you have someone in pent tank refueling when you warp, on other side it will look like you used no pent. This can lead to the issue where you are not even able to load pent at all, or pent disappearing. It is also possible you can get a free warp out of it.
    2g: Manual turrets moving on their own. If a player is controlling a turret in a laggy playfield, sometimes another player can also control the same turret, or automatic control will resume. This also seems to occur more directly after warp
    2h: Manually controlled turrets backwards. Noticed mostly on artiller turrets, if a passenger is controlling a turret on the cv you are flying and pointed forwards, it will frequently look like he is pointing directly behind you instead.
    2i: Radar Glitches. On a regular basis but for no particular cause that I have found, either the planet map or the space radar will bug out and show a faction cv or sv that is being piloted in a completely separate location from the pilot. In most cases, it puts the pilot marker many km away from the ship, and not indicating anything.
    2j: Disappearing water: This one is a bit more than graphical as it does affect hydro generators. I oobserved it in 4.0, and testing to see if it still exists in 5.0. If you have a row of hydrogen generators in very shallow water, the water beneath them may disappear in a large square. It then treats this area as open air, stopping the generators and allowing you to breath normally.
    2k: Waypoints not disappearing on faction reassignment. If you own a structure, and have it waypointed, and then it gets recored to another faction, your waypoint remains. This allows you to track stolen or decoy ships easily
    2l: Scroll bars in menus Part 1. If you are in the factions menus, and scroll down to look at the bottom of a long list of players, then look at a smaller faction, you are stuck looking at a blank screen, and the scrollbar disappears so you cannot go back up to the top
    2m: Scroll bars in menus part 2: If you are in the market menu, and a new posting arrives, or one is filled, it pops you back to top of list. This also happens in chat sometimes, except that it will not scroll all the way down, just the amount of space that that message took.
    2n: Scroll bars in menus part 3: In chat, if you scroll up through global to try and read older messages, the typing timeout still applies, and eventually if you keep the left click down, you will pop out of chat, and multitool your precious and full constructor with no warning.
    2o: Chat timeout. Without a dedicated chat box, the timeout feature on typing is erratic enough that everyone who plays the game has atleast once been typing ty into chat, and turned off both the power and the lights in their ship/base by accident. There is no indication that you have stopped typing in chat.
    2p: White box on mining lasers: If you are controlling a mining laser turret, you have a good chance of seeing a large white square that blocks out the screen, instead of the blue laser that is supposed to be there. I have also noticed that it is likely that when this happens, the textures for multitools are also gone.
    2q: Dead mobs not showing dead. There is a chance that a mob that is killed will never play the death animation, and will instead stand there, eating bullets.
    2r: SV Xray Vision. In an SV in third person view you can press Pg Down over and over while landed on the ground until your camera is underground and you are then able to see all underground tunnels and bases. [reported by Mordgier]
    2s: Sniper vision. Zooming in with (at least the) sniper rifle then removing the black overlay. It makes a neat zoom-in camera effect. Useless, but fun. Zoom in with rifle, press B, let go of zoom, press B again. [reported by Mujahaderp]
    2t: Bad Speed Intel. When you are a passenger in a ship, or are powered off, the speed indication does not reflect the actual speed of your ship. As a passenger it sticks at zero, and if you power off it stays at the last seen value.
    2u: Seater Player issues. Players seated in passenger seats hold their guns, and lean awkwardly. This becomes an issue in some cockpits, and always in closed passenger seats as the equipment pokes through the wall. Have also observed Pilots doing jumping jacks while flying open cockpits, and wierd contortions of seated players.
    [Reported by N7Imperatot]

3: Gameplay
3a: “you need a warp drive…” Warning persistantly pops up that you need a warp drive to travel when in deep space. Seriously, we know. We need a way to turn it off.
3b: Allied ships set to private still get shot at by turrets. No damage is done, it just drains ammo and gives heartattacks
3c: Need a way to see who owns private ships, miners, bases, etc. even within a faction if nothing else
3d: PHASING SHOTS. This one is HUGE and I really really hope they know about it. Shots will occasionally ignore the first impact with the ship they are fired at, and keep travelling until they hit the next surface they see. This results in a lot of frustration in pvp, along with needlessly complex designs for ships that drain performance and make pvp less enjoyable.
3e: Keeping p menu open when core is destroyed allows you to set the structure to faction, and it will remain that way even with no core. Prevents salvage, and keeps faction tag on structure.
3f: Reloading bug. Trying to find a way to replicate 100% of the time, but it is expensive. Near as I can figure, if you enter a playfield and then get into a ship that has less than full ammo on a forward firing weapon, and reload, it will make sound, drain ammo from ship, but not refill the weapon itself. You can do this repeatedly and it will never refill.
3g: Pentaxid loading bug. This one is a little complex and difficult to replicate. But presents as you shift clicking pentaxid into a tank, typically after a warp, and it not showing up in the tank inventory after removing it from yours.
3h: Drone Ghosting. You can use the f5 drone to push yourself into a corner and through walls sometimes.
3i: Splash through walls. Devices on the other side of a single block thick wall can be damaged and destroyed by splash weapons hitting the outside of the wall. For example Sentry turrets inside of invincible POI’s. :wink:
3j: Broken 3rd person reload. Changing the view to third person mid reload will fail the reload and make you lose ammo [reported by mujahaderp]
3k: OCD Get inventory ghost spaces. This one is particular to our server, with the ocd manipulating your inventory, but the issue itself lies in the core game. If you use ocd get of a slot, and as it is filling, rapidly shift click to move it into a box, eventually one of the spaces will show blank and the ocd get will not fil into it like the others. Is very replicable, just rapid shift click on a spot as it fills. Relogging fixes it, the space actually has something in it, but it cant be manipulated before the relog
3l: Docking issues. Most of the time when someone tries to dock and they cant it is due to factioning issues, or dockign pad not present / in wrong place. The rest of the time however everything seems fine, but they cannot get it to clamp. Haven’t found a way to force it into this state, but have tested other players getting into same ship, will dock automatically. Also will dock after relog.
3m: Front Thrusters off coasting. If Front thrusters are off, a ship may travel indefinitely without burning fuel, however if ALL thrusters are turned off, the ship stops. Please make it consistent so we can power off all thrusters and take advantage of this. Possibly with a hotkey :slight_smile: [reported by Mujahaderp]
3n: Food Perishing. Food no longer perishes in food processors or constructors that are powered on.[reported by Mujahaderp]
3o: Breathing through your knees. If you are in water, you start to get warnings for o2, and suffocate way too shallow. Frequently my entire upper half can be out of water, and still suffocate.
3p: Faction Alliances part 1. Alliance requests do not remain in pending if sent to factions with no online members. This makes it impossible to ally with people in different time zones with different play times.
3q: Faction Alliances part 2. Patch notes say that only faction leaders may make or break alliances, but currently any member of the faction may ACCEPT the alliance request. On the subject of alliances though, we need a button to send alliance requests to ALL factions of a particular origin.
3r: Hover Boosters. The boost does not work when moving in any direction. You only get a hop if you stop pressing w, or any other movement key. This is counterproductive for how I view its intent, hopping over obstacles. At the moment, it is more of a bunny hop than a vertical boost.
3s: Hovers in space. Currently HV can move in any direction along a plane in space, but regardless of thrusters, may not lift or descend. If you try to dock back in space, you are likely to bump, and slowly drift off in the opposite direction from the ship you are docking. I think making it so hv can move in space, but only VERY slowly, or possibly not mobile at all would be better than this inconsistency.
3t: Dancing Ships. Spawning in ships, deconstructing ships, and sometimes even just landing them, on planets can cause them to spaz out and flop about. Sometimes they float straight up, sometimes they will sit still til someone tries to run up to it, then it will fly away from the person as if they were pushing into a force field with a LOT of force. Only resolution I have found is to park a sv on it near the cockpit (doesn’t run from SV) and then get out and try to get in cockpit before it flies away.
3u: Disappearing Home Option. If you set your “home” to a CV, then that CV is moved by you or a faction mate, you cannot spawn there next time you die. The option is greyed out.
3v: A player in an open cockpit on a breathable atmo planet will still use up oxygen. This is very disorienting for new players, and breaks immersion.
3w: Trouble with Turrets. A few issues with the turrets remaining, larget among them obviously being the lag they have been shown to induce. After that we come to turrets not firing at all when the playfield becomes active, Turrets that place with no ammo indicator and can never fire, Turrets only firing when manually controlled, even when enemies are in range, Turret hits while manually controlling flipping the view around away from the enemy, and finally the way that the game breaks when you are controlling a turret that gets destroyed.
3x: Clone Bay Confusion. If you respawn at nearest medbay, there is no guarantee that it is yours. Very frequently, you can spawn inside someone elses cv or base.


In an SV in third person view you can press Pg Down over and over while landed on the ground until your camera is underground and you are then able to see all underground tunnels and bases.

Added, forgot about that one.

Everyone keeping quiet about things is how these have gone on this long. None of these will absolutely decimate another player. But they do need to be patched.

If you reload while pressing ‘V’ to change 1st/3rd POV, the reload messes up and you lose your ammo.

yup. seen that one, forgot about it. adding to the list.[quote=“mujahaderp, post:10, topic:3192, full:true”]
If you reload while pressing ‘V’ to change 1st/3rd POV, the reload messes up and you lose your ammo.

I’ve seen an issue while refueling fuel tanks where shift left clicking on the stack of fuel only puts 1 unit of fuel in the tank but still uses the full amount it would consume if all charges were placed in the tank. This effect is fixed if you you exit out of p menu and try again.

I haven’t been able to replicate it and it seems to happen randomly.

LOL. Its the most stupid Topic of year. Tell everyone about all exploits of game. If big and serious factions know about them, and try dont use them, what do u think gonna do solo-players, which didnt grow from using Artmoney???

P.S.: w8 more conflicts and exploit users, after such…

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I think I got most of that. But here is the thing. We are not playing a full game. These bugs are long standing BECAUSE no one posts them or reports to devs. And if we all start funneling all bugs through rex, he is gonna get a thousand copies of reports for each bug, all the way up until they are patched. Like I said before, nothing in here is going to destroy another player, get you free stuff, or anything of the sort. Keeping bugs private in an Alpha is, in my opinion, far more “most stupid…of year”. Just look at the waypoint bug we all thought everyone knew about, and was just a quirk of the game. Devs hear about it, and all of the sudden it is being emergency patched.


U would be surprised, but almost all bugs reported to devs, via PM. No Topics, no posts, only PM.

Btw, some of those bugs, are rly annoying exploits in PvP. So this wouldnt be so good, if everyone start use them all =\

(Good, that u didnt post any dupe-bugs here…)

Did you even read the post?

Apparently there are a lot of people angry that they got duped by this.


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Ya I have found two of them and forwarded them directly to Eleon.
I would love to believe that bugs people find are being reported. And I did up until today. But after the reaction to the waypointing thing, no one can say that all things are reported. And a big part of making bug reporting effective is to avoid duplication. With this post I can pick through incoming ones, and add new ones to the list at top once they are verified and unique.

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Rly? Why u ask? U know how to make 100500 items from one? I hope u report it to devs?

I was making a pun on the word “dupe”



Now you’ll have to explain what a pun is

There is always that other exploit where you can stop all guns firing on you, wonder if devs have fixed that yet…

If you’re talking about empty center of ship then the fix for that was one of the main features in 5.0.

If it still exists I haven’t seen it.

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There is one that prevents Homing missiles from locking right… but I am working on documenting that on in a creative server before I directly report it to eleon. It presents as the missile getting close, then just circling before it gets there.

I talking about duplicating… In Ru we make it shorter to “dup”… Forgot that I speak with EU/US players =\

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Dupe here means both. English is not always the most direct language.