Building Base on Atlantis not possible?

Is the limit at the planet atlantis reached, or what is the reason that´s impossible to build a base there? Old bases of players are present - so i think it was allowed. But now - not possible. Always get the message “in diesem Spielfeld dürfen keine basen erzeugt werden” (english: no bases are allowed in this field).


if you fly around Atlantis / Binomi you see bases.

What you experience is something I called “Elite Builder League”. Searching the forum:

That means you can’t spawn a blueprint but you have to build it yourself — block by block.
After PvP was quite successful with it, I also implemented it on some special PvE planets.
So far many like it, cause they have to be creative again.


Ahhh ok, i understand! Thank you very much!

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Reviving a very old thread sorry. But is relevant to this discussion so thought best to continue here.

I have just had the same thing, I took days getting enough resources for my blueprint and now can not spawn it. Is there a list anywhere of planets I can spawn a base blueprint or is there a way to get all my resources back as I put everything into the blueprint.

Hello @LFFPicard

getting resources back is not possible but you can visit each planet and press M.
Check then the description at bottom right

Everywhere it says “Elite Builders League” means you must build it by hand and can’t spawn it.

I try to have a dedicated place to mention this in the guide.

I am running out of fuel to jump around :slight_smile: Have you got a quick list of systems I can spawn a base so I can get back up and running?

Eden, Sanctuary, Zion, Paragon, HQ planets

HQ planets wipe every 7 days dont they? If so I best grind some rep for Eden/Sanctuary


Wipe? HWS has no conventional wipe anymore.
Terrain might wipe but everything near your base stays untouched. Only Atlantis has “hardcore” terrain wipes.

Phew! I just dug out my base as it placed sunk a bit so glad terrain around base stays untouched at least I wont have to dig out my base every 7 days :smiley: