Calendar? Timeline?


I’ve been here off and on over the years but I never thought to ask if there is a calendar that displays events or the beginning of the new season. I usually look at the post that shows the new season’s universe map to be reminded of the general start date but maybe something could be created to give newer and existing players a visual timeline?

Maybe even an interactive live timeline? That would probably take quite a bit more time and resources to design though.


good idea. Hmm… have to think how to make it technically possible.

For now I announce it as text in Discord or Forum.
I will make a new ticket for HWS Connect :slight_smile:

So just to be clear: HWS 12 will start, as soon as Alpha 12 is being released.
No final date known and it will be released after our common 3 month season (7th April would the season end normally)
(that is by the way the reason such a timeline could be hard to implement)