Call for lonewolves



Any chance to see you in 7.0?

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Hey Elfias, well i think i will probably drop by, but i read one of your post last evening and apparently bugs / lack of optimization / crash in this 7.0 ? :frowning:

Do you think PVP will be better / interesting than before ?

Oh its more like “currently” experimental is bugged as f. While Rexxx announced release, it must come from devs, and devs must already know how to fix it, as noone is that insane to relase experimental to public at current state.

When it was working i think it was pretty good, as Kogami said. That terrain is probably helping it, and its nicer but noone cares about that.

Question is how it all will work with much higher classes, 6.0 worked well with class 1 HV,SVs, anything bigger = unplayable lag…and there will be class 7 flying around so who knows.

My conclusion is that sanity went puff or there is something we dont know and this secret will increase performance significantly. But CV fights wont be at all unless something we dont know too will be introduced, like some way how to kill other CV most of all, which is not possible now so with class7…

So I was bothering Rexxx long enough until he said problems are solved, so it will be better :smiley:

If only we could downvote your posts to show how many people disagree with your assessments…

Oh no target of Tacoburito again.


I wonder why you even visit but if you would at least say with what you dont agree or what you think or something, now…i just dont know if that was even necessary.

Well i trust Rex but not Eleon :smiley: I guess now it’s wait and see !

Sorry but i wont be coming back! it looks like ReXxXus stole the small credits i had left… :disappointed_relieved::policeman:

Nope, you know and we know that you can keep 250k credits after a full wipe or if you upgrade your bank up to 5m credits:

Sorry mate, with 1000+ hours you have you can check these HWS basics for sure instead of rage quitting :slight_smile:

But you are always welcome nevertheless.
See you

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Look a perfect target for you Thranir :stuck_out_tongue:

That does it, I’m not coming back either.

Till I get home.

In an hour. But damn is this a long hour. Or 60 minutes. I’m not getting back on, for 60 minutes. Not listing seconds.

II pay 100 dollars for the one who sell me 100 mil :wink: