Can you reduce respawn time (or have it increase after each time?)

I was a PvP planet and found a ship to attack. There was guy defending it and I killed him. Then he kept respawning in every 10s and I had to kill him each/every time. Then he had 2 buddies do the same thing. It was impossible to collect any loot, and felt like I was being spammed. This seems like quite an exploit and makes it near impossible to successful capture someones ship/base or anything.

I suggest recording your gameplay, especially when entering PvP areas.
If they kept choosing the “respawn nearby” option over and over then it could technically be classified as ammo draining and would be against the rules.
They should have respawned back at base instead of respawning nearby over and over. If no base respawn was available then they should have respawned at the closest public respawn or chosen to fresh start and went back to starter.

2.4 Do not ammo drain enemies!

  • anything over 10 deaths within a short time frame is considered excessive and is ammo draining.

it takes a bit longer than 10 seconds to respawn. ammo draining doesn’t really count for manual fire weapons. we have the choice to pull the trigger or not. it sounds like someone was just trying to get their stuff back and failed a few times. u have to be on ur toes in PvP zones. not seeing an issue here.

I don’t agree with that at all, nor does the definition of ammo draining as it has always been used.
They aren’t rearming and then returning to the scene, they are using respawn nearby option over and over just hoping to grab their stuff and log out or kill you.
Ammo draining has always been specified as being an unarmed player (or player drone) and using it over and over without risk to try to cause the player to run out of ammo. It has never been specified as turrets only (that’s just where it has typically mattered).

The OP also never specifically said manual fire weapons either. We do have turrets for all vessel types now, so they could have been killing them with SV turrets for example.

Either way, even if it was manual fire weapons it should still be a possible definition of ammo draining.
It is PvP after all. You can’t just allow another player to keep respawning over and over (with no risk to the respawnee) to collect their loot so they can use it to kill you on the spot.

What we don’t know though is the exact amount of times they tried to do this.

is their side of the story. we can only guess. speculation doesn’t solve anything.

PvP is an “anything goes” area that has been the center of many time wasting discussions on fairness. they usually lead to rules and forum complaints that kill many aspects of the game because one person did something another doesn’t agree with. too many times has the game been changed due to salt from one player or another without proper communication. far too much has been changed in the battle zones to appease one side or another. my apologies but i feel the admins have much more important things to do than play arbitration.

the ammo draining rule was created because of those who would constantly drop on a base to empty the turrets. it’s a poor excuse to use this rule on a manual fire weapon. i wouldn’t blame them for trying to recover what was just lost. i don’t blame the killer for trying to stop them. that is the whole idea of PvP. ur not safe at all and anyone can come and take what u have stolen. take the win and gtfo. or be prepared for company. these are not NPCs we are up against here.

I’m not speculating anything.

If they choose the “respawn nearby” option more than 10 times in a row it is considered ammo draining.
Only the OP can say if it was that many or not.

This shouldn’t matter if it was against a base or not. If they do this repeatedly over and over more times than the rule allows it is by definition ammo draining.

If it is against my base or against my HV turrets shouldn’t matter one bit. Ammo draining is ammo draining.
They are forcing you to use your ammo over and over when they are risking nothing at all, which is what the ammo draining rule is all about.

Yes, when the rule was originally conceived it was mostly geared towards bases and turrets.
But the game has evolved since then and we have turrets on all structure types. The rule should cover all of them.

we are always too quick to grab the pitchforks these days. there is not enough information here to make any judgement call one way or another. we do not know how embelished these numbers may be. we do know it is impossible to respawn in 10 seconds on any computer/internet connection. we do not know how many times they respawned or how long it took to loot the ship. like many of the rules, ammo driaining has been a blanket to hide under for many that try to weaponize rules rather than learn from their misakes. i do not consider it ammo draining when u get ganked and try to get ur ship back, then call for someone to help u get it back. i see zero evedience of rule beaking here. all i see is a huge waste of time in this post.

let me be clear, i am not defending any actions. i just feel public shaming/judegments are no help to anyone. claims of exploits and demands for punishments have wasted a lot of the creator’s time. time that should be spent on improving server performance and bug fixing. we have the ability to communicate with each other without the need for involving an adult for every skinned knee. i for one feel there should be zero posts on “fairness” in PvP zones. it is a battlefield for killing each other, not a trip to a theme park. Think of Star Trek. private space cannot be touched by the enemy, PvE is the “Neutral Zone” and PvP is a war zone. there is no “good form” in battle. dirty tatics are always subjectable, but also can be worked around in many cases wihtout drawing lines in the sand. I honestly think the need for PvP body cams to catch rule brerakers is a joke in itself. we do not need the admins to play judge and jury. we can settle our differences without the need for a digital parenting figure :frowning:

There was 3 guys and I killed one about 6 times the other two about 4 times. They kept rushing until my laser gun had no ammo. It was starter PvP planet so tbh I didn’t lose much but it was annoying to see this rush tactic.

annoying yes but not seeing anything that would require intervention/persecution. u never know what to expect from the opposition. be sure to loot and dip as fast as u can. sharks will quickly swarm once there is blood in the water…