5. Examples & Tips



Here are a few of the more common instances of rule-breaking, ignoring in-game warnings, or just good practices to employ to be safe ‘just in case’:

1.1 Your Structures are seized by the “HWS” faction or gone for “no” reason!?

The reason for that are on the previous pages explained but you have basically two options:

  1. Create a Get Help ticket if you are unsure why and what

  2. You are in front of “your” ships but it says HWS? Type


    The cost for that are:

    (Blocks * Devices) / 2 credits + RP* (in Starter system 1000 credits + RP*)
    *RP cost = Class size of structure

1.2 Ingame warnings

  • Player: I visited a planet and was warped off and lost my ship!

  • There is normally no way to lose your ships in that situation except you didn’t read the Map description before you jumped / entered a planet and left your cockpit.
    Heed warnings!

  • Consequence: Ask your faction members or other guys to help you. We assist only in edge cases

1.3 How to get the ID of a structure / better tracking

1.4 Warp camping

  • You have 3 mins to get 1.5k m away out of the warp zone. No exceptions.

  • Consequence: If caught, you will lose your ship and possibly more if it’s a repeat offense.

1.5 Server Warnings

  • Even though they are not always easy to read, make sure to read all red ingame warnings! You can always re-read them by pressing , (comma) or . (period).

  • Consequence: the red warning that Black Hole wipes every 24 hours is one example where we maybe don’t help you anymore.

1.6 Faction Thief

  • This can lead to accusations of stealing which can lead to bigger problems for you AND your new faction. Griefing / Sabotage is not allowed!

  • Tip: If you leave a faction - don’t take what doesn’t belong to you!

1.7 Ammo draining

This can be done in several ways. It can be a valuable tactic if used correctly. (ie. if you are attacking and are dodging the incoming rounds) Most of the time it is done illegally. It has to be fair and will be dealt with when solid evidence is presented.

This is an example of the most common type of ammo drain:

  • You’ve decided you want to attack/grief/spy/visit an enemy structure
  • You are killed by automatic turret fire
  • You are presented with options to respawn and choose “Current location”
  • You are killed by the automatic turret fire again
  • You repeat steps 3 and 4 until there is no ammo left / too much ammo wasted

This situation is always considered ammo draining and is NEVER considered to be griefing against the ‘trapped victim’ because the invading player has 3 alternatives when dying. Not setting a spawn point is no excuse, and turrets are, of course, automatic-fire. The invading / ammo-draining player has the power of choice.

Keep also our own option of setting a “Home” spawn point in mind.
Read more about it at the Command Page

Consequence: anything over 10 deaths within a short time frame is considered excessive and is ammo draining. It is punishable by a sentence to Elemental Prison, loss of property and/or a Ban.

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