"Cannot connect to dedicated server anymore" error

So… anyone else getting this issue? I get massive ammounts of desyncs (if i udnerstand the issue right) from totally non related actions.

When mining i get in i 3 to 5 mins interval.
When flying my CV i get lost connection in random intervals of 5 to 20 mins. As when i lsot it, the ship position keeps updating, but not my characters i often en up stranded inspace 3 or so km from my CV. Even worse when happen during warp.
For flyin SV its the same as above.
Happened a few time whne idling also.

I had to reconnect over 50 times today because of that, often in risky situation (such as black hole present).

I’m desperate for a solution, is there anyone else having trouble with that?

While drilling an asteroid with a HV, it got to the absurd level of repetitive desync every half a minute.

Edit: Just beat the record - 7 seconds between reconnect and new desync.

I have also been having this very same issue. While im flying, drilling, or one common one is when im accessing inventory like in a constructor or cargo box.

Did you have the trouble before. Devs already fixed something to make it less for many players, but it looks like many still have the trouble. Would be good to know who all has the problem.

We will try to see if our hoster has some kind of problem.

Also please give us a few example times (servertime cb:time) when it happend, so we could check it again.

Trouble started a little under 2 weeks ago, with the introduction o 5.2. Started slow, but escalated. Few dozens more desyncs today… Here’s a few example i noted time is GMT +1 (Germany, Poland, etc…):

17:25 - mining asteroid
17:40 - mining asteroid
18:09 - mining asteroid
there was some more in that time range - just didn’t write down.

23:35 - trying to add ammo into SV
23:40 - trying to add ammo into SV, every time i was reapearing inside my CV that was close
23:44 - trying to add ammo into SV, every time i was reapearing inside my CV that was close
23:46 - trying to add ammo into SV, every time i was reapearing inside my CV that was close
23:48 - trying to add ammo into SV, every time i was reapearing inside my CV that was close
0:18 - flight in atmosphere
0:28 - refueling CV
0:30 - refueling CV
0:31 - guns settings
0:36 - guns settings
0:45 - dogfight with another CV
1:05 flight in space

There was way more but didn’t note all. The game is actually unplayable :confused:

Thanks a lot.

Can you please check if its also on our NOVA Test Server?

I’ll drop by the test server to see if i can recreate this.

Mamanged to reproduce 5 times over the 10 last minute a desync, by opening a single concret chest. Game would disconnect right as i open it.

Can send the given chest and location of base by PM to you if needed to check jascha.

Edit: after some more testing (and desyncs that go with it) i found at that this cargo box desyncs only if i put something into the chest. Bug seems to be gone once i refreshed the chest by taking its contents and putting them back.

Edit2: Getting it with multiple chests so far, sadly disconnects while updating the chest don’t update the inventory. Lost 20 stacks of gold, 15 stack of iron, 10 of promethium and 3 of large fuel packs. Guess some could use this to abuse duplicate resources, i’m almost sure i accidently duplicated a few stacks of neodymium (the number seems to high after a disconnect :confused: )

Hey. was that test on the Nova Server? Did you had disconnects there?

No, it was main, not nova test, didn’t have time to go there yet, sorry.

Got alot of desync and dcs as well.

While i haven’t been able to test on Nova yet, here is the log from WinMTR when sending packets to the sever IP, maybe this will be of some help…

There seems to be losses on the vac2-3-n7.fr.eu and vl101.rbx-97-n7.fr.eu servers…
net2.TXT (2.0 KB)

Thanks Fulgrim,

I contacted our provider and they said it is everything ok.
What you see in the log is that one proxy couldn’t get pinged by you - that is normal. For that reason you have the 10+ others. It is like a mesh network. In case one router is offline the other can transmit the data.
Nothing unusual so far.

In case I missed it: from where are you comming from? Austria?

Messing around with different configuration, admin runs, ways of turning on EAC, even switched my router… no joy so far :frowning:

Hmm well to be really sure as Jascha said - please play a bit on HWS Nova (it is a different provider).
Remember you have there infinite donation res + bp packs so just do what you did on the EU server and see if you can reproduce it

Thia issue it is old for me,about three weeks ago,all the time.Today,only for this game,I take a new Internet provider for verify this problem.I had extensive discussions on the mail and on the forum(here and here) with Jascha about this problem.It’s strange,because this happen only to some players(included me).I do many professional tests like: UDP packets,MTU,ping,trace route,windows services,and so on,everything, absolutely everything was tested.All was ok.Last chance was to take another Internet provider.I will keep you updated with functioning.But,if with this provider the game will work perfectly,in my opinion can be a firewall which detect DDOS attack and blocked some IP classes for a little time.Another peculiarity is that only on this server have this problem.I played on differed servers,with some location,and all it is good.This message “cannot send to dedicated server anymore” it is new,in last version only EAC kicked me ,but at long time after problem appeared.
Liviu Dan

Hey Liviu,

thank you very much for your report.
We are really worried by the fact that some people have so many disconnects but we can’t reproduce and find the problem.
What we did is contact our provider and checked all proxy servers, pings, MTU, DDOS, etc. Nothing. All good.
We also played around with some internal test builds from Eleon.

Now what we need to test is if the HeartbeatClient was the reason. At the beginning it was buggy, then the devs told us we should activate it again but then your problems started.

Quick info about HeartBeatClient:

Timeout in seconds after which a client will be disconnected if it
does no longer send heartbeat messages to the dedi (0 = feature disabled)

So with the next restart on EU and NA I turned it off again. It has pros and cons I believe… so please test it during the weekend and come back to us on Monday if it was better or worse.

was away from home for a few das, i’ll start testing that right away :slight_smile:

Nope, not working, already did get a couple of disconnects just afte ri started looking into boxes.