Cannot connect to dedicated server anymore?

Hi is there anyway to insure this error stops ?
I Get it like 3 times in a 1 hour. Mostly on Elysium planet.
Getting a bit tired of re logging all the time.
Any solution ?
My internet connection is fine. My ping is stabil

Hey bud I had issue a while back. I was using a WiFi dongle at the time although it was connected fine it was like the signal dropped out every so often for a split second but long enough to cause the error I had lost connection. Try connecting your pc to your router via cable if your wireless and see how it goes. If it solves the prob you need to update ur wi-fi card as I done :wink: hope this helps bud

What country are you from?

Blackvortex Thx for the advise i am connection with cable have tried replacing it. And restart router nothing helped . card is brand new so is the rest of my computer. So i dont hope is that :wink:

Jascha Im from Denmark. Seems like its a bit better today, i have only lost it 2 times so far in 1 hour ^^
Ps no idea why my font size i´s huge edit 2 found it ^^

Np it could have helped. Another thing to try if possible. Diagnosing faults on the PC itself or withing the network are easier but if the router or beyond is providing the problem that’s harder to determine what I do here is I revert to mobile data I’m unlimited so I just set up usb tethering, it will allow u to test your connection via another method :slight_smile:

Black Again thx a ton for the help.
I still get them .
"Cannot connect to dedicated server anymore" error But im just gonna follow this. and start to take notices when this happens.
Maybe it will help locating the problem :wink:

Np bud. Yeah seems abit more to it if that’s the case. You can send your log files also Rex and jascha n check them over and also forward them to the Devs :slight_smile:

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