Cant play my saved game

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What happened?
=> Cant join my old game. start everytime from the beginning
my playername is : SpielBa
i play at: RE EU

in the morning i played the last time. i have 2 bases.
One in haven ,next to the start and one haven space, next to Polaris trader station.

Did i something wrong? Is the Update the evel?
whot happend?! :frowning:

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)

Server? (EU or NA or RE EU or RE NA)

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)

On which Playfield?

Structure Name(s)?

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now?

Hi, let me have a look.

In the future, please fill out the entire template, but I might have enough info for now.

I see no structures belonging to you on RE EU. Also no deleted ones.
Did you check if you maybe accidentally logged into RE NA yesterday, and your structures are there??

hi, thank you for the fast answer. i will check, but i dont think so

You could also perhaps have joined HWS+ EU. Please check there as well.

i am realy sure it was RE EU. when i checkt the webpage, i saw my stukture an ships.
10 mins ago i tryed to loged in… i come sthe start with the crash. i leaved the game…

now i watched to the webpage and all my struktures an shipes are gone.

@RexXxuS or @Jascha can one of you check, please?

just looked. the station on heaven is still there and the ships. I just don’t have access to it anymore!

I remembered that I logged off yesterday while I was drilling underground. is this maybe the problem?

Basename: 420 , StarLink
Spaceships: Nemo, Nano, Luna (or Nugget)

Can you please find the IDs?

unfortunately can’t find any ID’s. With the new login, I got a new ID and with it the links to the objects.

where else can i look?

If you open your console and write DI, you just need to look at the structures, and the IDs will be up in right corner.

you mean in the game?! which console do you mean?

Yes, ingame.

You open console by either pressing the key left of 1, or ö or æ on some keyboards.

thank you… the id´s for 420 is:

10096566´420 and 13061096

and for one ship NEMO

Okay, I set all the vessels except the last one back to you.

The Luna vessel… the game says it was decored (the core was removed). Did you do that?

great! what happend o.O
i dont removed that core

but i not sure… i change the names a bit… sorry

It was deleted 4 days ago which means it’s too late. The backup of the non-decored version is gone.
Please make tickets as soon as possible if you lose ships.

Also, I can see it only had something like 4 blocks and 4 devices. Please don’t request restoration of anything that isn’t essential to you, since restoring is pretty time-consuming.

But the other ships were set back to your ownership*. Luna is lost sadly.